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Infrared Detectors: State of the Art
Editor(s): Wagih H. Makky

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Volume Number: 1735
Date Published: 10 December 1992

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Assessment of HgCdTe and GaAs/GaAlAs technologies for LWIR infrared imagers
Author(s): Roger E. DeWames; Jose M. Arias; Lester J. Kozlowski; G. M. Williams
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Uncooled thermal imaging at Texas Instruments
Author(s): Charles M. Hanson; Howard R. Beratan; Robert A. Owen; Mac Corbin; S. McKenney
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Recent improvements of IRFPAs at LIR
Author(s): Daniel Amingual; Jean-Paul Chamonal; Jacques Cluzel; Giovanni Destefanis
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Selective IR photodetectors using surface plasmon resonance
Author(s): Olga M. Sreseli; Ludvig V. Belyakov; D. N. Goryachev; B. L. Rumyantsev; Ilya D. Yaroshetskii
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Intersubband transitions and IR hot-electron transistors
Author(s): Kwong-Kit Choi; Monica Alba Taysing-Lara; Peter G. Newman; Wayne H. Chang
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Monolithic lead-chalcogenide IR-diode arrays on silicon: fabrication and use in thermal imaging applications
Author(s): Jiri Masek; Taizo J. Hoshino; Clau Maissen; Hans Zogg; Stefan Blunier; Jan P. Vermeiren; Cor L. Claeys
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Author(s): Jean-Pierre Chatard; Louis-Pascal Angebault; Philippe M. Tribolet
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Consideration of a new two-color infrared detector on the basis of Two Peak Effect
Author(s): Shu-Xing Gong; Bo-Liang Chen; Shixin Yuan
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Recent developments in MOCVD of Hg1-xCdxTe
Author(s): Stuart J. C. Irvine
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Investigation of surface-related electrical crosstalk in Hg1-xCdxTe photodiode arrays
Author(s): Henry X. Yuan; Fei Ming Tong
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State of the art of Hg-melt LPE HgCdTe at Santa Barbara Research Center
Author(s): Tse Tung; L V. DeArmond; R. F. Herald; P. E. Herning; Murray H. Kalisher; D. A. Olson; R. F. Risser; Andrew Stevens; S. J. Tighe
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Study of effect of surface fixed positive charges on HgCdTe photoconductive detectors
Author(s): Xiaomin Xu; Xierong Hu; Jiaxiong Fang
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Current status of the growth of HgCdTe by molecular beam epitaxy on (211)B CdZnTe substrates
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Faurie; Sivalingam Sivananthan; Priyalal S. Wijewarnasuriya
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640 x 480 PACE HgCdTe FPA
Author(s): Lester J. Kozlowski; Robert B. Bailey; Scott A. Cabelli; Donald E. Cooper; Gail D. McComas; Kadri Vural; William E. Tennant
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Pseudomorphic p-GexSi1-x/Si quantum-well infrared photodetectors for normal incidence operation between 20K and 77K
Author(s): Roosevelt People; J. C. Bean; Sharon K. Sputz; Clyde G. Bethea; Larry J. Peticolas; Gary R. Weber
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Si-based quantum-well intersubband detectors
Author(s): Kang Lung Wang; R. P. Gamani Karunasiri
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Infrared imaging using a 128x128-pixel array of GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs quantum-well infrared photodetectors
Author(s): Clyde G. Bethea; Barry F. Levine
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GaAs/AlGaAs multi-quantum-well far-infrared photodetectors grown by the MOVPE process
Author(s): Erwang Mao; Zhenghao Lu; Byoung-Whi Kim; Tamsin McCormick; Eung-gie Oh; Arnoldo Majerfeld; Kwong-Kit Choi; Kenneth A. Jones
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GaAs quantum-well infrared detectors grown on 3-inch GaAs and silicon substrates
Author(s): Deepak K. Sengupta; Timothy U. Horton; Peter J. Apostolakis; Cynthia A. Rowe; Peter Mares; Milton Feng; Gregory E. Stillman; M. Dodd; S. Lance Cooper; Wen I. Wang
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Increased responsivity and detectivity in asymmetric quantum-well infrared detectors
Author(s): Abraham Fraenkel; A. Brandel; Gad Bahir; Elieser Finkman; Gabriela Livescu; Moses T. Asom
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Surface plasmons on PtSi for visible and infrared Schottky-barrier-enhanced detection
Author(s): Azzouz Sellai; Patrick G. McCafferty; Paul Dawson; Syed H. Raza; Harold S. Gamble
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Infrared internal emission detectors
Author(s): Freeman D. Shepherd
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Nonlinear behavior of photovoltage in Al/n-Si Schottky-barrier detector under IR laser radiation
Author(s): Steponas P. Asmontas; Dalius Seliuta; Edmundas Sirmulis
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Optically controlled MIS-like InP-based FETs for photodetection and switching
Author(s): B. L. Sharma; M. B. Dutt
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Monolithic focal-plane cell in InSb
Author(s): Avishai Kepten; Yosef Y. Shacham-Diamand; S. E. Schacham
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512- and 1024-element linear InGaAs detector arrays for near-infrared (1-3um) environmental sensing
Author(s): Abhay M. Joshi; Vladimir S. Ban; S. M. Mason; M. Kazakia; Walter F. Kosonocky
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Comparison of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum-well IR detectors fabricated on GaAs and Si substrates
Author(s): Elliott R. Brown; F. W. Smith; George W. Turner; K. Alexander McIntosh; M. J. Manfra
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Method for optimizing the design of photodetector circuitry
Author(s): Edward H. David Jr.; Hai V. Tran
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Studies of high temperature superconductors as radiation detectors
Author(s): A. Qiu; Amal R. Bhattarai; E. Dan Dahlberg; Mohamed Asif Khan; Katerina Moloni; James M. Van Hove

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