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Soviet-Chinese Joint Seminar on Holography and Optical Information Processing
Editor(s): Andrei L. Mikaelian

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Volume Number: 1731
Date Published: 24 April 1992

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Optical immersion as a new way to increase information recording density
Author(s): Viacheslav V. Petrov; Semen M. Shanoylo; Andrey A. Kryuchin; V. I. Kozheshcurt; A. A. Tokar; Vladislav I. Zimenko
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Development of the library in form of holography
Author(s): Yuan Weiben
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Noncoherent double phase-conjugate mirror using Bi12TiO20
Author(s): Mikhail P. Petrov; H. John Caulfield; Elena V. Mokrushina
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Studying the performance of crystal materials for real-time holographic recording and display
Author(s): Yulin Li; Mingjun M. Zhao; Yuwen Qin
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Integrated-optical head on lithium niobate
Author(s): A. L. Belostotsky; A. S. Leonov; Dmitry V. Petrov
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Systems for data reading from optical disks on the basis of diffractive lenses
Author(s): Grigoriy I. Greisukh; Sergei A. Stepanov
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Two modified models of neural network
Author(s): Weili Zhu; Yansong Chen
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New real-time optical associative memory system
Author(s): Yimo Zhang; Wang Fan
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Recent advances in holographic data storage in SBN
Author(s): Lambertus Hesselink; Jeffrey P. Wilde
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Departing from Bragg's law of SBN crystal volume grating
Author(s): Junqing Cao; Xiaoqing Shen; Xiafang Lu; Liangying Xu
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Making multifacet holographic arrays and optical implementation of associative memory
Author(s): Yingbai Yan; James Zhiqing Wen; Minxian Wu; Guofan Jin
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Optical pattern recognition system based on WTA model of neural networks
Author(s): Jinyuan Shen; YanXin Zhang
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Dichromated-gelatin holographic optical elements
Author(s): Yaguang Jiang; Linsen Chen; Jianhong Wu; Zhuyuan Hu; Yuan Hu
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Fabrication of holographic optical elements for the near-infrared based on polymer materials
Author(s): Roger A. Lessard; Nadia Cappolla; Rupak Changkakoti; Gurusamy Manivannan
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Optimal design of a holographic field lens for the infrared
Author(s): Linsen Chen; Jianhong Wu; Yaguang Jiang
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Experimental studies of wide-angle eye holographic recording
Author(s): Shuxiang Xu; Zhenkun Luo; Zhongming Xie; Weining Li; Ping Ma
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Several considerations of computer-generated hologram for optical interconnection of VLSI
Author(s): Pin Long; Huafeng Zhang; Dahsiung Hsu
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Phase diffraction grating for the integral transforms of coherent light fields
Author(s): Eveline Balashova; M. Neofitnyi; V. Svich
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Recent developments on holography applications in China
Author(s): G Mu; K Chin; Yimo Zhang; Dahsiung Hsu
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Study of holographic optical pixel
Author(s): Ben Wang; Shuqun Shen; Mojun Chang; Jiang Zhu; Dahsiung Hsu
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Methods and uses of polarization holography
Author(s): Shermazan D. Kahkichashvily
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Molecular photo-CT complexes based on dynamic holographic media
Author(s): Yuri A. Cherkasov; Elena Lvovna Alexandrova
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Antihumidity dichromated gelatin and its sensitized characteristics
Author(s): Lurong Guo; Chaoming Dai; Te Quan Chai
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Red-sensitive photopolymer for holography
Author(s): Guang-yong Zhang; He-ling Zhang; Yong-lu Ren
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Holographic recording with operated sensitivity and stability in chalcogenide glass layers
Author(s): Alexander A. Kikineshy; Alexander Mishak; Attila Sterr
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Progress in quantum optical computing
Author(s): H. John Caulfield
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Implementation of optical logic gates using programmable LCTV
Author(s): Tianji Wang; Shining Yang; Yaotang Li; Shaowu Fan; Shichao Zhang; Huanrong Wen; Wingon Yu
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Compact optical logic processor and its applications
Author(s): Dazeng Feng; Huanqin Zhao; Shao-Feng Xia
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Associative memory of new generation supercomputers based on optical information processing principles
Author(s): Vsevolod S. Burtsev; Vyatcheslav B. Fyodorov
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New design of the correlation filter for distortion-invariant optical pattern recognition
Author(s): Aiming Li; ChunKan Tao; SongLing Bian; Jiawang Wang; Shouping Nie
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Hybrid optical system for computing invariant moments of images
Author(s): Yansong Chen; Shi-hai Zheng; Dehuan Li
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Dactyloscopy with the optical-digital hybrid system
Author(s): Wei-Shi Huang; Jun Zhou; Liang Zhou; Jia-Rong Guo
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Spatial light modulators and their application for optical correlation
Author(s): Yulin Li; Mingjun M. Zhao; Yuwen Qin; Zhao Wang; Yue Kong
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Optical fiber holographic interferometry
Author(s): Daoyin Yu; Ji Du; Yuankun Sun; Yimo Zhang
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Effects of coherence degrees on measurement accuracy in optical information processing
Author(s): Feng-Lin Zhang; Daoyin Yu; Tiegen Liu
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Real-time image processing of F-P interference fringe pattern
Author(s): Bin Li; Jiabi Chen; Li Zhu
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Investigation on holographic correlation and its applications
Author(s): Feng-Lin Zhang; Daoyin Yu
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Electro-optical information processing for optical heterodyne interferometry profilometer
Author(s): Tao Chen; Li Zhu; Jiabi Chen
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Image information modulation and processing for fringe scanning optical profiler
Author(s): Jiabi Chen; Zhengze Zhang; Li Zhu
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Optical fiber holographic endoscope and its applications
Author(s): Yimo Zhang; Ji Du; Yuankun Sun; Zaixin Jeh He; Xijiu Liu
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Grating strain method for measuring strain field in the vicinity of a crack tip
Author(s): Xingjian Wu; Jiabi Chen
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Detecting laser illumination using holographic lens and position-sensitive device
Author(s): Huafeng Zhang; Ben Wang; ChongXiu Yu; Mojun Chang; Dahsiung Hsu
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Three-dimensional information acquiring and processing system using phase-shifting technique
Author(s): Tie Qi Chen; Ke-shu Xu
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Forward-scattering particle image velocimetry for measuring flow-field velocity at low particle density
Author(s): Ge Zhou; Yimo Zhang
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Image transmission through random media in single pass via optical phase conjugation
Author(s): Jingjiang Zhang; Qingsong Wang; Yunying Zhao; Dingyi Lin
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Acousto-optical devices using paratellurite for optical information processing systems
Author(s): Vitaly B. Voloshinov; Dimitry D. Mishin; Alexander N. Uskov
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Bistable acousto-optic devices for optical information processing systems
Author(s): Vladimir I. Balakshy; Alexandre V. Kazaryan; Vladimir Ya. Molchanov; Hai Ming
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