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Optical Materials Technology for Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy Conversion XI: Chromogenics for Smart Windows

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Volume Number: 1728
Date Published: 25 November 1992

Table of Contents
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All-solid electrochromic system for smart window application
Author(s): Pandurang V. Ashrit; Kamel Benaissa; George Bader; Fernand E. Girouard; Vo-Van Truong
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Smart window using a proton-conducting polymer as electrolyte
Author(s): Jean-Claude Lassegues; Doris Rodriguez
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Study of potassium-ion-conducting electrolytes for electrochromic windows
Author(s): Jean-Guy Beraud; Daniel Deroo
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Solid polyorganodisulfide electrodes as ion storage layers for electrochromic devices
Author(s): Marca M. Doeff; Carl M. Lampert; Steven J. Visco; Yan-Ping Ma
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Electrochromic properties of MnO2 thin films
Author(s): Susana Ines Cordoba de Torresi; Annette Gorenstein
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Study on the electrochromic mechanism of rf diode sputtered nickel oxide films
Author(s): Xingfang Hu; Xiaofeng Chen; Michael G. Hutchins
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New electrochromic thin-film materials
Author(s): P. A. Gillet; J. L. Fourquet; Odile Bohnke
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Redox processes in polyaniline thin films studied by optical multichannel analysis
Author(s): Anne Hugot-Le Goff; Marie-Claude Bernard
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Conductive polymers as electrochromic material in solid state electrochromic devices
Author(s): J. Catarina Gustafsson; Olle Inganaes; Anne M. Andersson
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Electrochemical and mirage investigations on films of Prussian blue and its analogs
Author(s): Vincent Plichon; M. Bardin; J. P. Delboulbe; C. Galland; B. Zaid
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PVD materials for electrochromic all-solid-state devices
Author(s): Clemens R. Ottermann; Johannes G. Segner; Klaus Bange
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Recent development in electrochromic glazings (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Junichi Nagai
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Large-scale electrochromic devices for smart windows and absorbers
Author(s): Thomas Meisel; Ruediger Braun
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Transmission variation using scattering/transparent switching layers
Author(s): Helen Rose Wilson; Wolfgang Eck
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Structural and physical properties of electrochromic WO3 films prepared by CVD or thermal vaporization
Author(s): Albert Donnadieu; Mohammed Regragui; Bernard Ducourant; Robert Fourcade; Odile Bohnke
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Electrochromic and optical properties of mixed WO3-TiO2 thin films produced by sputtering and the sol-gel technique
Author(s): J. F. Goettsche; Andreas Hinsch; Volker Wittwer
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Microstructure and stoichiometry effects in electrochromic sol-gel deposited tungsten oxide films
Author(s): David C. Green; John M. Bell; Geoffrey B. Smith
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Degradation of electrochromic film of amorphous tungsten oxide after coloration
Author(s): Zhongkuan Luo
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Electroreflectance and photoresponse of NiOx thin films
Author(s): Marcia C.A. Fantini; Annette Gorenstein; Wu-Mian Shen; Micha Tomkiewicz
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Electrogravimetric and stress measurements of ion intercalation in NiOx thin films
Author(s): I. C. de Faria; R. M. Torresi; Annette Gorenstein
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Infrared analysis of electrochromic nickel oxide coatings
Author(s): Michael G. Hutchins; Graham McMeeking; Zorica Crnjak Orel
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Sputtered NiOx thin films as electrochromic materials
Author(s): Yueyan Shi; Yimin Yang; Zhiqiang Yin
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W oxide/polymer laminate/V oxide electrochromic smart windows: recent advances
Author(s): Andris Azens; A. Talledo; Anne M. Andersson; Gunnar A. Niklasson; B. A. Stjerna; Claes-Goeran Granqvist; James R. Stevens
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Ta2O5 electrolyte films and solid-state EC cells
Author(s): Michihiko Kitao; H. Akram; H. Machida; Kazuo Urabe; S. Yamada
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Optical and electrochemical properties of CeO2 and CeO2-TiO2 coatings
Author(s): Urska Lavrencic Stangar; Boris Orel; I. Grabec; B. Ogorvec
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New solid electrolytes for electrochromic smart windows
Author(s): G. Frand; C. Rousselot; Odile Bohnke
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Proton-vacancy-conducting polymers based on anion-grafted ormosils synthesized via sol-gel process
Author(s): Veronica de Zea Bermudez; Daniel Baril; Jean-Yves Sanchez; Michel Armand; Christiane Poinsignon
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Thermochromic effect of VO2 thin films made by electron beam deposition
Author(s): Nguyen Nang Dinh; Pham Duy Long; Nguyen Van Hung; Nguyen Quoc Bao; M. Khairul Al Khan
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Solid polymer electrolyte suitable for large-area electrochromic applications
Author(s): G. R. Davies; T. S. Mann; S. P. McNeeney; D. Platt
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Electrochromism with colloidal WO3 and IrO2
Author(s): Franck Michalak; L. Rault; Pierre Aldebert
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