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International Conference on Monitoring of Toxic Chemicals and Biomarkers
Editor(s): Tuan Vo-Dinh; Karl Cammann

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Volume Number: 1716
Date Published: 9 March 1993

Table of Contents
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Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for detection of heavy metals in environmental samples
Author(s): Richard W. Wisbrun; Israel Schechter; Reinhard Niessner; Hartmut Schroeder
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Substrate effect on the enhanced biodegradation of carbon tetrachloride
Author(s): Shian Chee Wu; Rueyan Doong
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Monoclonal antibody-based enzyme immunoassays for the sensitive detection of s-triazines in water
Author(s): Bertold Hock; Thomas Giersch; Karl-Josef Kramer
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Laser-based fiberoptic immunosensors
Author(s): Tuan Vo-Dinh; Jean Pierre Alarie; Michael J. Sepaniak
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Development of an enzyme immunoassay for the determination of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene: probing the influences of humic acids
Author(s): Claudia Keuchel; Ludwig Weil; Reinhard Niessner
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Flue gas analysis with a multicomponent IR-spectrometer
Author(s): Annika Johansson; Christer Brunstrom
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Optical fiber sensor systems for forest protection in Canada
Author(s): Andrzej W. Domanski; Tomasz R. Wolinski; Artur Dybko; Tomasz P. Sosin; Wojtek J. Bock
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Use of combined GC/CIMS-EIMS-FTIR for the automated analysis of complex mixtures
Author(s): Roger J. Leibrand
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Monitoring of industrially relevant organic gases by CO2 laser radiation
Author(s): Michael Fiedler; Robert Lange
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Air monitoring in chemical plants with emphasis on sulphuric acid aerosol using a specially designed monitor
Author(s): Cor de Ruiter; Rene W.M. Jansen; Theo H. Visser; Niek R. Eijkman
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Laser photoacoustic trace detection of C2H4 revealing adverse environmental effects of atmospheric pollution on plant material
Author(s): Frans J. M. Harren; Luciana Petruzzelli
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Development of a long-path Fourier transform infrared instrument for measurements of diffuse VOC emissions from the automobile industry
Author(s): Hakan Axelsson; Scott Maclaren; Bo Galle; Johan M. Mellqvist; Henrik Kloo; Urban Svedberg
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Fluorescent response of fuels in soils: insights into fuel-soil interactions
Author(s): Sabine E. Apitz; Lisa M. Borbridge; Kim Bracchi; Stephen H. Lieberman
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Methodological aspects and some results of urban pollution monitoring by remote and local sensing
Author(s): Shepa D. Fridman; Leonid O. Volkov; Alexander I. Nakhutin; Anatolyi N. Nikolayev
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Enzyme and microbial sensors for environmental monitoring
Author(s): U. Wollenberger; B. Neumann; Frieder W. Scheller
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Biosensor systems for pesticide determination in water
Author(s): Ursula Bilitewski; Frank F. Bier; Baerbel Beyersdorf-Radeck; Petra Rueger; Frank Zischkale; Rolf D. Schmid
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Use of biomarkers to assess environmental health
Author(s): Lee R. Shugart; Richard S. Halbrook
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Heavy metals biomonitoring in the Mexico City metropolitan area
Author(s): M. Carmen Gonzalez; M. Antonio Tenorio
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Biomonitoring of carcinogenic substances: enzymatic digestion of globin for detecting alkylated amino acids
Author(s): Michael Bader; Dankwart Rauscher; Kurt Geibel; Juergen Angerer
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Monitoring benzo(a)pyrene exposure using laser-excited Shpol'skii spectroscopy of benzo(a)pyrene metabolites
Author(s): Freek Ariese; S. J. Kok; M. Verkaik; Gerard Ph Hoornweg; Cees Gooijer; Nel H. Velthorst; Johannes W. Hofstraat
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Immunologic methods for monitoring carcinogen exposure
Author(s): Regina M. Santella; Frederica P. Perera; Yu Jing Zhang; Chen Jen Chen; Tie Lan Young
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Exposure to propylene- and diethylene glycol ethers: analytical methods and biological monitoring
Author(s): Bernd Huebner; Karl Heinz Schaller; Juergen Angerer
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Evaluation of 1-hydroxypyrene as a biological marker of industrial exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Author(s): Francisco Mercado Calderon
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Microspectrofluorometric analysis of drug phototoxicity in single living cells
Author(s): Patrice Morliere; Rene C. Santus; J. C. Maziere; Marc Geze; M. Bazin; Elli Kohen
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Perchloroethylene detection in air: a comparative study using polymer sensor elements and catalyst/sensor systems
Author(s): Klaus-Dieter Schierbaum; S. Vaihinger; M. Haug; Wolfgang Goepel
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Surface acoustic wave sensor array system for trace organic vapor detection using pattern recognition analysis
Author(s): Susan L. Rose-Pehrsson; Jay W. Grate; Mark Klusty
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Chemical resonant sensors
Author(s): Peter R. Hauptmann
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Chemical sensors in water protection control
Author(s): Karl Cammann; Uwe Karst; J. Sander; Monika Wortberg
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Design of a sulfur dioxide-selective optode membrane based on the fluorescence quenching of anthracene
Author(s): Kemin Wang; Huihui Zeng; Zhen Qin; Ruqin Yu
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Optodes for environmental chemical monitoring of lead
Author(s): Markus Lerchi; Wilhelm Simon
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Nitrogen dioxide thin film gas sensors for environmental control
Author(s): Klaus-Dieter Schierbaum; H. D. Wiemhoefer; Wolfgang Goepel
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Chemical monitors based on surface-enhanced raman scattering
Author(s): Tuan Vo-Dinh; Jean Pierre Alarie; W. S. Sutherland; David L. Stokes; Gordon H. Miller
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Analytical chemistry: feeding the environmental revolution?
Author(s): Jeannette G. Grasselli
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Developing Raman spectroscopy for in-situ determinations
Author(s): Thomas J. Vickers; Charles K. Mann
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Subsurface screening of petroleum hydrocarbons in soils via laser-induced fluorometry over optical fibers with a cone penetrometer system
Author(s): Stephen H. Lieberman; Sabine E. Apitz; Lisa M. Borbridge; Gregory A. Theriault
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Site and soil characterization of hazardous waste sites using an expert system guide
Author(s): Roy E. Cameron
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Waste incineration: estimation of the workers' internal exposure to PCB, PAH chlorophenols and other relevant agents
Author(s): Juergen Angerer; B. Heinzow; D. O. Reimann; W. Knorz; G. Lehnert
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Studies of the mutagenic effects of styrene to man: conclusions for the surveillance of styrene-exposed workers
Author(s): Roland Rothe; P. Schmidt; T. Grummt; H. J. Grummt; N. Kersten; Hans-Juergen Weigmann
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Use of BET for the estimation of the exposure of inhabitants of the North Moravian region to noxious chemical compounds
Author(s): Jaroslav Volf; Jana Kubackova
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Evaluation of possible health risk associated with occupational exposure to formaldehyde
Author(s): Maria Vargova; Stanislav Janota; Jarmila Karelova; Maria Barancokova; Margita Sulcova
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Lung function, atopy, and chronic exposure to air pollution in schoolchildren living in two cities of different air quality
Author(s): Eugen S. Gurzau M.D.; Anca Gurzau; Marius Muresan; Ecaterina Bodor; Zoe Zehan; Nicolae Radulescu
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Occupational glycol ether exposure: examinations to the evaluation of a limit value for biological monitoring of 2-ethoxyethanol and 2-ethoxyethyl acetate
Author(s): Birgit Soehnlein; Karl Heinz Schaller; Juergen Angerer
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CO2 monitoring with solid state electrolyte devices based upon Na2CO3/BaCO3
Author(s): H. D. Wiemhoefer; H. Keller; S. Brosda; Ulrich Guth; Wolfgang Goepel
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Rapid field-screening method for PCBs
Author(s): Tuan Vo-Dinh; Wendi Watts; Gordon H. Miller; A. Pal; DeLyle Eastwood; Russell L. Lidberg
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Determination of platinum in blood and urine as a tool for the biological monitoring of internal exposure
Author(s): Karl Heinz Schaller; Juergen Angerer; Friedrich Alt; Juergen Messerschmidt; Andreas Weber
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Detection of PAH-aerosols by time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Frank Lewitzka; Reinhard Niessner
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In-situ measurements on carbon aerosols with photoacoustic spectroscopy
Author(s): Andreas Petzold; Reinhard Niessner
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Photometric sensors based on sol-gel porous glass doped with organic reagents
Author(s): Ovadia Lev; B. I. Kuyavskaya; Y. Sacharov; Claudio Rottman; A. Kuselman; David Avnir; M. Ottolenghi
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Correlations between cadmium concentration in urine and exposure variables
Author(s): Elmar Schwarz; Martina Chutsch; Christian M. Krause; Christine Schulz; Wolfgang Thefeld
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New method for the determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and halogenorganic compounds in air samples
Author(s): W. Kleiboehmer; Norbert Huesers; Michael Arnold; Karl Cammann
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Development and application of human cell lines engineered to metabolically activate structurally diverse environmental mutagens
Author(s): C. I. Crespi; Robert Langenbach; Frank J. Gonzalez; Harry V. Gelboin; B. W. Penman
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Screening and characterization of pollution potential from solid industrial waste dumps
Author(s): Irena Twardowska; Jadwiga Szczepanska
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Influence of Cr(VI) on enzymatic activity of soil
Author(s): Jerzy Pacha
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Cytochrome P450s and molecular epidemiology
Author(s): Frank J. Gonzalez; Harry V. Gelboin
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In-situ measurements of volatile toxic organics in indoor air using long-path Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Martina Green; James N. Seiber; Heinz W. Biermann
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Measurement of traces of ammonia in flue gas with laser Stark spectrometry
Author(s): Adriaan J. L. Verhage; Rudy A. Rooth; Leo W. Wouters
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