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Lidar for Remote Sensing

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Volume Number: 1714
Date Published: 17 December 1992

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European Space Agency lidar development programs for remote sensing of the atmosphere
Author(s): Errico Armandillo
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NASA laser remote-sensing program
Author(s): Frank Allario; William E. Miller; Leo Staton; Martin M. Sokoloski
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Remote sensing of air pollution over large European cities by lidar
Author(s): Hans J. Koelsch; Juergen Kolenda; Patrick Rairoux; Bernhard Stein; Dirk Weidauer; Jean-Pierre Wolf; Ludger H. Woeste; Klaus Fritzsche
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Differential absorption lidar monitoring of atmospheric atomic mercury
Author(s): Hans Edner; Paer Ragnarsson; Sune Svanberg; Eva Wallinder
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ARGOS: a vanborne system for remote air pollution measurements
Author(s): Robert G. Buschner; Manfred Kolm; Uta-Barbara Goers; Klaus C. H. Weitkamp
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Performance of a mobile CO2-laser-based DIAL sensor for range-resolved measurements of organic trace gases
Author(s): Robert Lange; Michael Fiedler
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Laser-induced chlorophyll fluorescence induction kinetics of metal-stressed and nonstressed Norway spruce needles for forest damage assessment
Author(s): Cliff Banninger; Guido Schmuck
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Initial phase of the chlorophyll fluorescence induction kinetics as an indicator of the degree of forest decline
Author(s): Bernhard Ruth
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Airborne laser bathymetry: a novel technique for shallow-water monitoring
Author(s): Gilles Kervern; Andre Le Gall; Bernard Toullec
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Imaging through scattering media: performances and technical concerns of range-gated equipment
Author(s): Gilles Kervern; Andre Le Gall
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Determination of aquatic parameters by a time-resolved laser fluorosensor operating from a helicopter
Author(s): C. Koechler; Jean Verdebout; G. Bertolini; A. Gallotti; Eugenio Zanzottera; Guglielmo Cavalcabo; Lorenzo Fiorina
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Experimental evaluation of an airborne depth-sounding lidar
Author(s): Ove K. Steinvall; Kurt R. Koppari; Ulf C. M. Karlsson
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Laser remote sensing of phytoplankton pigments
Author(s): Sergey M. Babichenko; Larissa Porovkina; Seppo Kaitala
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Remote sensing of the sea by tunable multichannel lidar
Author(s): Sergey M. Babichenko; Juri Lapimaa; Larissa Porovkina; Alexander E. Dudelzak
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Remote sensing of aquatic PAHs with a fiber optical sensor based on time-resolved fluorescence
Author(s): Ulrich Panne; Reinhard Niessner
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Doppler lidar for tropospheric wind measurements
Author(s): Enrico Galletti; Emanuele S.E. Stucchi; Alberto Marzorati
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WIND: an airborne Doppler lidar for atmospheric applications developed in French-German cooperation
Author(s): Claude Loth; Alain M. Dabas; Pierre H. Flamant; D. Oh; J. Delume; B. Romand; Jacques R. Pelon; Didier Bruneau; J.-L. Zarader; Christian Werner; Friedrich Koepp; H. Herrmann; Michael Klier; W. Nagel; Stephan Rahm; Juergen Streicher; J. Wildgruber
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Recent developments in lidar techniques to measure the wind in the middle atmosphere
Author(s): Anne Garnier; Jacques Porteneuve
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CASOAR: an infrared active wavefront sensor for atmospheric turbulence analysis
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Cariou; Agnes Dolfi-Bouteyre
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New method for the measurement of the structure function constant in turbulent atmosphere with a cw Doppler lidar
Author(s): Nikolay N. Kurochkin; Vyacheslav M. Gordienko; Alexander V. Priezzhev
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Recent stratospheric aerosol measurements with a combined Raman elastic-backscatter lidar
Author(s): Albert Ansmann; Christoph Schulze; Ulla Wandinger; Klaus C. H. Weitkamp; Wilfried Michaelis
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Development of an eyesafe infrared aerosol lidar
Author(s): Walter Carnuth; Thomas Trickl
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Simulation of a laser radar to improve visiblity measurements in dense fog
Author(s): Juergen Streicher
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Aerosol size distribution measurements using a multispectral lidar system
Author(s): Juergen Kolenda; Bernd Mielke; Patrick Rairoux; Bernhard Stein; Dirk Weidauer; Jean-Pierre Wolf; Ludger H. Woeste; Francesco Castagnoli; Massimo Del Guasta; Marco Morandi; V. M. Sacco; Leopoldo Stefanutti; V. Venturi; L. Zuccagnoli
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Study of the atmospheric optical characteristics by spectral polarization laser probing
Author(s): Anatoly P. Chaikovsky
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Airborne DIAL remote sensing of the arctic ozone layer
Author(s): Martin Wirth; Wolfgang Renger; Gerhard Ehret
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LIRA: a transportable Rayleigh lidar system
Author(s): Michel Detaille; Christian du Jeu; Patrick Robert
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Temperature measurement by rotational Raman lidar
Author(s): M. L. Chanin; Alain Hauchecorne; Dusan Nedeljkovic
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Tropospheric water-vapor profiling using an airborne DIAL system: results from the EFEDA '91 experiment
Author(s): Christoph Kiemle; Gerhard Ehret; Wolfgang Renger
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Water vapor, temperature, and wind velocity measurements from space using 2 um Tm:Ho;YAG
Author(s): Jean-Bernard Ghibaudo; Rodolphe Krawczyk
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Ti:sapphire-laser-based lidar systems
Author(s): Harald Kneipp; Juergen Kolenda; Patrick Rairoux; Bernhard Stein; Dirk Weidauer; Jean-Pierre Wolf; Ludger H. Woeste
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New concepts for an environmental lidar
Author(s): Alberto Marzorati; Eugenio Zanzottera
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Analysis of optical amplifiers applied to short-wavelength Doppler lidars using direct detection
Author(s): Christian Werner; Eamonn Murphy; Ronald L. Schwiesow
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Pump-and-probe lidar for in-situ probing of atmospheric chemistry
Author(s): A. Clericetti; Bertrand Calpini; E. Durieux; Hubert van den Bergh; Michel J. Rossi
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Solution method for the lidar equation
Author(s): Fritz Falk; Robert Lange
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Electronic system for lidar sensing of the atmosphere
Author(s): Vladimir Alexandrov Mitev
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Nonconventional coherent differential absorption lidar
Author(s): I. Peczeli; Peter I. Richter; Sz. Borocz; L. Halasz; R. C. Herndon
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Multicanal data acquisition system for lidar measurements
Author(s): Vassily Nikolaevit Naboko; Stojan Marinov Marinov
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Use of GPIB in microcomputer-controlled data acquisition systems for lidar measurements
Author(s): Stojan Marinov Marinov
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