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Applications of Artificial Intelligence X: Knowledge-Based Systems
Editor(s): Gautam Biswas

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Volume Number: 1707
Date Published: 1 March 1992

Table of Contents
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Using Dempster-Shafer's belief-function theory in expert systems
Author(s): Prakash P. Shenoy
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Exponential growth rate of Dempster-Shafer belief functions
Author(s): Shijie Wang; Marco Valtorta
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Knowledge acquisition and refinement with end-user knowledge manipulation systems
Author(s): Stella M. O'Brien; Linda Candy; Ernest A. Edmonds; Trevor J. Foster
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Cognitive mapping as a knowledge engineering tool
Author(s): David G. Schwartz
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Inconsistency checking: an approach based on satisfiability
Author(s): Ram Mohan Bharadwaj; N. Parameswaran
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Extending the GDE paradigm to physiology
Author(s): Keith L. Downing
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Abductive signal interpretation for nondestructive evaluation
Author(s): Paul O'Rorke; Steven Morris
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Probabilistic model-based diagnosis system
Author(s): Jiah-Shing Chen; Sargur N. Srihari
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Hypothetico-deductive diagnoses
Author(s): Pierre Marquis
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Knowledge-based diagnostic problem solving and learning in the test area of electronics assembly manufacturing
Author(s): S. Narayanan; Ashwin Ram; Sally M. Cohen; Christine M. Mitchell; T. Govindaraj
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Programming environment for distributed applications design in artificial intelligence
Author(s): Olivier Baujard; Sylvie Pesty; Catherine Garbay
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Relationships between network parameters and the performance of distributed adaptive-routing algorithms using learning automata in packet-switched datagram networks
Author(s): Soon Lye Lim; Richard E. Newman-Wolfe
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SIMD approach to IDA* search
Author(s): Gary Lyons; Dianne J. Cook
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Parallel architecture for a multiple-input fuzzy logic controller
Author(s): Marian S. Stachowicz; Janos Grantner; Larry L. Kinney
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Parallel backward-chaining inference engine for production systems
Author(s): Saleh M. Abu-Suod; Mehmet R. Tolun
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Fuzzy concept formation
Author(s): James Powell; Lawrence O. Hall
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Task learning from instruction: an application of discourse processing techniques to machine learning
Author(s): John D. Lewis; Bruce Alexander MacDonald
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Hybrid of (ID3 extension + backpropagation) hybrid and (case-based reasoner + Grossberg net) hybrid with economics modeling controlled by genetic algorithm
Author(s): Chiharu Sano
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Self-learning system for knowledge-based diagnoses of drill condition in fully automatic manufacturing system
Author(s): Shane Y. Hong
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Learning to construct pushdown automata for accepting deterministic context-free languages
Author(s): Sandip Sen; Janani Janakiraman
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Knowledge-based engineering approach for problem specification
Author(s): Mary Lou Dorf
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Conceptual design aid from software engineering aspect
Author(s): Takao Ichiko; Kenji Takeuchi; Nobuhito Nango
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Case-associative mobile robot planning system
Author(s): C. L. Philip Chen
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Exploring creative activity: a software environment for multimedia systems
Author(s): Peter W. Farrett; David A. Jardine
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Compiling knowledge of different kinds for diagnosis of traffic congestion
Author(s): Stefan Fleischmann
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Integration of domain problem solving with natural language dialog: the missing axiom theory
Author(s): Ronnie W. Smith
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Homographs with pronominal reference
Author(s): Didier Baltazart; Philippe Trigano; Benedicte Talon; Susan Parker
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Lexical architecture based on a hierarchy of codes for high-speed string correction
Author(s): Francois de Bertrand de Beuvron; Philippe Trigano
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Automatic natural acquisition of a semantic network for information retrieval systems
Author(s): Chantal Enguehard; Pierre Malvache; Philippe Trigano
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Object-oriented knowledge representation in a natural language understanding system of economic surveys
Author(s): Jean-Christophe Planes; Philippe Trigano
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Symbolic planning with metric time
Author(s): T. Richard MacMillan
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Model-based diagnosis of a carbon dioxide removal assembly
Author(s): David R. Throop; Ethan A. Scarl
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Acquisition of teleological descriptions
Author(s): David W. Franke
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Heterogeneous hierarchical models
Author(s): Victor Todd Miller; Paul A. Fishwick
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TOM: a framework for temporal object management
Author(s): Kirk A. Dunkelberger
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Experiment on using genetic algorithms to learn scheduling heuristics
Author(s): Stephen P. Smith
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School bus routing using genetic algorithms
Author(s): Sam R. Thangiah; Kendall E. Nygard
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Use of dynamical networks for pattern recognition
Author(s): Subramania I. Sudharsanan; Malur K. Sundareshan
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Realization of high-quality production schedules: structuring quality factors via iteration of user-specification processes
Author(s): Takashi Hamazaki
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Using diagnostic experiences in experience-based innovative design
Author(s): Sattiraju Prabhakar; Ashok K. Goel
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Automated AI-based designer of electrical distribution systems
Author(s): Zarko Sumic
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Development and introduction of a knowledge-based system for mechanical engineering
Author(s): Norbert Laudwein; Axel Brinkop
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DeBuMAII: a monitor/database-centered approach for building intelligent CAD systems
Author(s): Claudia Frydman; Norbert Giambiasi; Marta Gatumel
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