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Advances in Optical Information Processing V
Editor(s): Dennis R. Pape

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Volume Number: 1704
Date Published: 24 August 1992

Table of Contents
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Transition of acousto-optics into ELINT and ESM systems
Author(s): Jerry B. Wood; Mark D. Koontz
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Wideband acousto-optic processor for ESM applications
Author(s): Christopher Scott Anderson; Anthony F. Zwilling; Michael C. Zari; Andree N. Filipov; Eric D. Adler; John M. Pellegrino
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Acousto-optic range-Doppler processor design for radar insertion
Author(s): Edward A. Viveiros; Lorna J. Harrison; Michael S. Patterson; Robert J. Berinato; Kyle W. Williams; Vahid R. Riasati; Rodney A. Durrett
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Time- and space-integrating acousto-optic SAR image-formation processor
Author(s): Michael W. Haney; James J. Levy; Marc P. Christensen
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Time-integrating compact hybrid optical processor for SAR image formation
Author(s): Carl C. Aleksoff; Nikola S. Subotic; Ivan Cindrich
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Optical disk associative memory performance simulation
Author(s): William R. Beaudet; Lynda M. Ralston
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Impact of beam weighting on dynamic range and resolution of optical spectrum analyzers
Author(s): Duane Anthony Satorius; Timothy E. Dimmick
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Multichannel acousto-optical spectrometer
Author(s): James A. Carter III; Dennis R. Pape
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Multichannel optical time-integrating correlator for adaptive jamming cancellation
Author(s): Michael C. Zari; Robert J. Berinato; Michael J. Ward; Harold Gregory Andrews II
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Optical SAR processor and target recognition system
Author(s): Samuel P. Weaver; Kelvin H. Wagner
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SAR system optoelectronic compact processor with LEDs array
Author(s): Nickolay N. Evtikhiev; Vadim A. Dolgiy; Alexander N. Korolev-Korotkov; Nelly A. Esepkina; Alexander P. Lavrov
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New configuration of guided-wave electro-optic correlator for synthetic-aperture radar applications
Author(s): Mario Nicola Armenise; Vittorio M. N. Passaro; Tiziana Conese; Anna Maria Matteo
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Novel architecture for optical guided-wave recirculating delay lines
Author(s): Giovanni Barbarossa; Peter J. R. Laybourn
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Short-pulse detection by acousto-optic processing
Author(s): Anthony VanderLugt
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Five-channel acousto-optic DOA processor for rf applications
Author(s): Laszlo Jakab; Peter I. Richter; Istvan Szonyi
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Acousto-optic signal processors for air defense sensors
Author(s): Michael C. Zari; Robert J. Berinato; Anthony F. Zwilling; Dennis R. Pape
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Rapid spectral analysis using acousto-optical devices
Author(s): Milton S. Gottlieb; Nathan T. Melamed; John B. Goodell
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Integrated acousto-optic circuits for communications, signal processing, and computing
Author(s): Chen S. Tsai
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High-performance acousto-optic materials: Hg2Cl2 and PbBr2
Author(s): Anastasios P. Goutzoulis; Milton S. Gottlieb; N. B. Singh
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Generalized theory of phased-array Bragg interaction in a birefringent medium and its application to TeO2 for intermodulation product reduction
Author(s): Manhar L. Shah; Dennis R. Pape
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Advanced magneto-optic spatial light modulator device development update
Author(s): William E. Ross; Jaekyong Cho; Alan Farmer; David N. Lambeth; Tan Le; Suresh Santhanam; Daniel D. Stancil
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Integrated spatial light modulator
Author(s): Dong X. Yu; George M. Storti; Charles Y. Wrigley
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Using liquid-crystal devices as input and filter SLMs
Author(s): Natalie Clark; Kirk J. Powell; Michael K. Giles
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Live-input, live filter, liquid-crystal correlator
Author(s): Steven S. Cotariu; Stanley E. Monroe Jr.; Jerome Knopp
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Two-dimensional optical iterative processor
Author(s): Sonlinh Phuvan; Vivek Israni
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Error analysis of optical correlators
Author(s): Paul W. Ma; Max B. Reid; John D. Downie
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Image analysis by the algebraic method
Author(s): Yong-Qing Cheng; Ren Jiang; Yong-Ge Wu; Ke Liu; Jingyu Yang
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Architecture of new adaptive optical processor
Author(s): Zhao-Heng Weng; DeGui Sun; Zhenwu Lu; Na-Xin Wang
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New method of fringe pattern trace and analysis
Author(s): Guiying Wang; Aiming Sun; Jun Ren; ZhiJiang Wang
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Acousto-optics and optical information processing: what acousto-optics can and cannot do
Author(s): Sergei V. Kulakov; Victor V. Molotok; Dmitry V. Tigin; Oleg B. Gusev; Victor V. Kludzin; Vladimir S. Kulakov
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Acousto-optic signal processing technology at Tomsk
Author(s): Alexey V. Pugovkin; Anatoly Ja. Demidov; Leonid J. Serebrennikov; Stanislav M. Shandarov
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Optical image processing in Russia
Author(s): Igor N. Kompanets
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Optical data processors on the base of multichannel waveguide modulators
Author(s): Yuri A. Bykovsky; Vladimir G. Jeregi; Yuri N. Kulchin
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Adaptive acousto-optical processor for observations of radio emission from pulsars
Author(s): Nelly A. Esepkina; Alexander P. Lavrov; Michail N. Ananyev; Nickolay N. Evtikhiev
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Acousto-optic interaction of complex fields in crystals and its application to optical information processing
Author(s): V. Efanov; Anatoly S. Zadorin; Eugene S. Kovalenko; Sergey N. Sharangovich
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Optical word parallel interconnections between optical random access memories
Author(s): Alastair D. McAulay; Junqing Wang; Xin Xu
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Toward cointegration of optical interconnection networks within silicon multichip systems
Author(s): Lawrence Anthony Hornak; Stuart K. Tewksbury; Timothy W. Weidman
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Efficient routing in TDM optically interconnected multiprocessor systems
Author(s): Chunming Qiao; Rami G. Melhem; Donald M. Chiarulli; Steven Peter Levitan
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Massively parallel optical interconnect for long data stream convolution
Author(s): Yan Zhang; Yao Li; H. John Caulfield
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Application of optically reconfigurable interconnects to the dataflow parallel computing paradigm
Author(s): Miles J. Murdocca; Atul Sharma
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Butterfly interconnections and networks and their applications in intelligent optical computings
Author(s): DeGui Sun; Na-Xin Wang; Zhao-Heng Weng; Zhenwu Lu
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Low-threshold GaAlAs/GaAlAs ridge waveguide lasers with dry-etched facets
Author(s): Szutsun Simon Ou; Jane J. Yang; Michael Jansen; Moshe Sergant; Cynthia A. Hess; Chan A. Tu
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All-optical bistable switching with gain in an InGaAs/GaAs quantum-well waveguide
Author(s): Ta-Wei Kao; Patrick LiKamWa; Alan Miller; M. Ogawa; Robert M. Park; Paul W. Cooke
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Analog multiply/accumulate implementation and performance results on the DOC II platform
Author(s): Frederick F. Zeise; Richard V. Stone; Peter S. Guilfoyle
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Fully parallel optical matrix-matrix multiplier using spherical lens array
Author(s): Xiangyang Yang; Joseph Lindmayer; George M. Storti
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Dynamic range control for analog or hybrid optical algebra
Author(s): H. John Caulfield; Jacques E. Ludman; Val N. Morozov
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SIMD-parallel understanding of natural language with application to magnitude-only optical parsing of text
Author(s): Mark S. Schmalz
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Holographic-based digital optical processor for signal and data processing applications
Author(s): Robert L. Kaminski; Freddie Shing-Hong Lin; Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Thomas Taiwei Lu; Hung Chou
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Reprogrammable digital optical coprocessor
Author(s): James M. Battiato; Rebecca Jane Bussjager; Joseph M. Osman
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Comparison of optics and electronics for the calculation of matrix-vector products
Author(s): Charles K. Gary
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Fast texture segmentation by Fourier optic implementation of Gaussian smoothed fan filters
Author(s): Duncan J. Telfer; Zhongqiang Li
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Acousto-optic processor for carrier frequency and envelope modulation analysis
Author(s): David C. Hartup; William T. Rhodes
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Algorithm for controlling spatial speckle-noise parameters
Author(s): Igor V. Markhvida; Ludmila V. Chvyaleva
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