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Surveillance Technologies II
Editor(s): Sankaran Gowrinathan; James F. Shanley

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Volume Number: 1693
Date Published: 28 August 1992

Table of Contents
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Versatile electro-optical sensor provides feedback for controls-structures interaction
Author(s): Everett L. Coffelt; Curtis L. Schroeder
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Near-ultraviolet near-infrared image mixing
Author(s): Remi A. Fertala; Georges Couderc
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Electronically shuttered camera system for the acquisition of precise images
Author(s): Jacob K. Struck
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6032x32 time-delay and integration abuttable image sensor for use in airborne reconnaissance applications
Author(s): Stephen J. Strunk; John R.F. McMacken; Stacy R. Kamasz; William D. Washkurak; Gordon Harling; John A. Lund; William R. Pfister
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Ocean topography experiment star tracker performance data
Author(s): David J. Flynn
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Optimal placing CCD-TDI in focal plane
Author(s): Stepan M. Slobodyan; Vera S. Slobodyan
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Solution method of the effect of scattering to laser-CCD measure system
Author(s): Fuhua Gao; Min-Quan Shao; Yu-Liang Chong; Xing-Yu Wu
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Flexible design of high-speed readout electronics for astronomical detectors
Author(s): Luis Fernando Rodriguez-Ramos; A. Rodriguez-Mora; Nicolas A. Sosa; Jose J. Diaz-Garcia; Enrique Joven-Alvarez
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Performance of a high-frame-rate CCD imager
Author(s): Peter A. Levine; Donald J. Sauer; Fu-Lung Hseuh; Frank V. Shallcross; Grazyna M. Meray; Gordon Charles Taylor; Gary W. Hughes; John M. Pellegrino; Deborah R. Simon; Lorna J. Harrison; William B. Lawler
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Programmable timing generator for focal plane array testing and operation
Author(s): Thomas H. Ebben
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High-performance visible-UV CCD imagers for space-based applications
Author(s): Barry E. Burke; James A. Gregory; Robert W. Mountain; J. C. M. Huang; M. J. Cooper; Victor S. Dolat
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CCD modeling and design for enhanced-UV response
Author(s): William G. America; Robert J. Noll; Enrique Garcia; Robert M. Dixon; Richard R. Poole; James Murphy
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Design and fabrication of tin oxide gate CCD visible imaging arrays
Author(s): Alfred P. Turley; Bron R. Frias; Arlene A. Santos; Robert Thomas Tacka; Leroy C. Colquitt; Murray Polinsky; John P. Ebner; Eric S. Juergensen; Ruth Bishop; Peter A. DiFonzo
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Photography of cylindrical objects
Author(s): Arie Aperman; Noam Jungmann
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Augmentation of image resolution for law enforcement
Author(s): Rufus H. Cofer; Samuel Peter Kozaitis
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Summary of results from a foliage penetration experiment with a three-frequency polarimetric SAR
Author(s): Jack G. Fleischman; Michael F. Toups; Serpil Ayasli
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Multispectral band sharpening using pseudoinverse estimation and fuzzy reasoning
Author(s): Tim J. Patterson; Michael E. Bullock; Alan D. Wada
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Airborne minefield detection system using IR sensing
Author(s): Eugene L. Cloud; Herbert A. Duvoisin; Michael Inderhees; Gerald C. Holst; George B. Maksymonko
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Signal attenuation dependence on a segmented window structure
Author(s): Michael Bastow; Daniel A. Saylor; Carl V. Smith; Debra Wymer
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Adaptive thresholding and windowing in real-time multispectral correlation
Author(s): Gary V. Stephenson; John J. Winterberg; Bart A. Bartel; Richard L. Hedden
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Study on spectrally agile staring sensor using acousto-optic tunable filter
Author(s): Yan Cui; Minghui Zhang
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Small all-weather and all-terrain surveillance unmanned autonomous vehicle for law enforcement applications
Author(s): Bogdan T. Fijalkowski
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Thermal control design of the lightning mapper sensor narrowband spectral filter
Author(s): Martin R. Flannery; John R. Potter; Jeff R. Raab; Scott K. Manlief
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Thermal design and performance of the visible ultraviolet experiment sensor
Author(s): Timothy C. Betts; Jack T. Cragin; Richard M. Friedman; Gary T. Rosiak
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SiC lightweight telescopes for advanced space applications: 1) mirror technology
Author(s): Michael I. Anapol; Peter Hadfield
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SiC lightweight telescopes for advanced space applications: 2) structures technology
Author(s): Michael I. Anapol; Peter Hadfield; Theodore W. Tucker
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Thermal and structural design constraints for radiometers operating in geostationary orbits
Author(s): George E. Zurmehly; Robert A. Hookman
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Dimensionally stable graphite-fiber-reinforced composite mirror technology
Author(s): Shel Kulick
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Scanning mirror design considerations for a geostationary spaceborne radiometer
Author(s): Robert A. Hookman; George E. Zurmehly; Nick S. Hodgman
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Modeling the effects of IR subpixel nonuniformities on sensor performance
Author(s): James P. Karins
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Simulation of effects of particulates in the near field-of-view on spaceborne surveillance sensor performance
Author(s): Laura A. Whitlock; John Larkin Jackson
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Three-dimensional CAD design of advanced optics for an infrared surveillance sensor
Author(s): Ulf Handberg
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Preliminary study on ocean color imager
Author(s): Dunjie Cui; Zhicheng Weng; BingXi Yu; Taisheng Zhong; Mingzhu Yu
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Global vision electro-optical system
Author(s): Alexander V. Parfenov; I. L. Lindunen; O. Maximov; Igor N. Kompanets
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PC-based focal plane evaluation system
Author(s): Michael T. Duncan
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Integrated geophysical approach to the detection of buried objects and clandestine tunnels
Author(s): James W. Allen
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Expanded forensic and technical advancements to assist counternarcotics measures
Author(s): Michael E. Calvert; Ronald F. Luna
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Video-based multispectral detection of land mines: a technology applicable for use in law enforcement
Author(s): Ned H. Witherspoon; John H. Holloway Jr.
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