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Design of Optical Instruments
Editor(s): David M. Aikens; Victor L. Genberg; Gary C. Krumweide; Michael J. Thomas

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Volume Number: 1690
Date Published: 16 September 1992

Table of Contents
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Lens measurement in fundamental units of length and power
Author(s): Patrick J. Reardon; Russell A. Chipman
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Adjustable distortion correctors
Author(s): Daniel J. Reiley; Russell A. Chipman
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Beginning the design of a UV microscope objective
Author(s): David M. Aikens
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Distortion versus wavefront error in a three-mirror anastigmat
Author(s): Brian Keith Zellers
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Advanced manufacturability three-mirror telescope
Author(s): Gilbert Y. Chan; Kenneth Preston
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Optical design for the ATLAS multispectral scanner
Author(s): Anthony V. DaMommio; Shihjong Kuo
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Diffractive optical system for tracking on Floptical disks
Author(s): Stephen W. Farnsworth; Scott D. Wilson; Brian D. Cohn
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Hybrid refractive/diffractive elements in lenses for staring focal-plane arrays
Author(s): Russell M. Hudyma; Thomas U. Kampe
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Tunable solid state infrared filters for multispectral imaging
Author(s): David A. Swanson; Leo Laux
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Internal thermal emission analysis of an IR seeker
Author(s): Daniel M. Brown
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Algorithms for the prediction of radiometric performance of nondiffraction-limited optical sensors
Author(s): Carl F. Dadson
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Two-position IR zoom lens with low f-number and large format
Author(s): James W. Howard; Michael S. Garner; Edward R. Freniere; Ronald D. Stern; Karen L. Armstrong
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Actively controlled 5:1 afocal zoom attachment for common module FLIR
Author(s): Robert E. Fischer; Thomas U. Kampe
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Zoom lens with aspherical plastic lenses for video camera
Author(s): Masahiko Yatsu; Masaharu Deguchi; Kenji Kobayashi; Takesuke Maruyama
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Integrated intelligent system for optical zoom lens design
Author(s): Yuchuan Yao; Fengling He; Chunping Li; Yuan-Yuan Li; Zhicheng Weng; Yu-Hong Yang; Ren Tao; Xiaojie Cong; Zhiyong Chen
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Superfine stratified antireflection coatings for IR optics
Author(s): A. V. Kozar
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Recent developments with the Mars Observer Camera graphite/epoxy structure
Author(s): Arthur R. Telkamp
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Design of a precise and stable composite telescope structure for the ultraviolet coronagraph spectrometer
Author(s): Mark C. Kilpatrick; Joseph D. Girard; Kelly J. Dodson
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Moisture effects and control for the UVCS composite structure
Author(s): James D. Austin
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Development of zero coefficient of thermal expansion composite tubes for stable space structures
Author(s): John D. Strock
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Production of metal matrix composite mirrors for tank fire control systems
Author(s): Alan L. Geiger; Eric Ulph Sr.
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Thermally induced changes in the focal distance of composite mirrors: composites with a zero coefficient of thermal expansion of the radius of curvature
Author(s): Benjamin P. Dolgin
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Composite materials for precision space reflector panels
Author(s): Stephen S. Tompkins; Joan G. Funk; David E. Bowles; Timothy W. Towell; John W. Connell
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Thermal design optimization of a segmented GFRP primary reflector for a submillimeter telescope
Author(s): Glenn T. Tsuyuki; Eri J. Cohen
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Structural design and analysis for an ultralow-CTE optical bench for the Hubble Space Telescope corrective optics
Author(s): Douglas C. Neam; John D. Gerber
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Fiberite 954: cyanate ester systems
Author(s): G. R. Almen; P. D. Mackenzie; Vinay Malhotra; R. K. Maskell
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Moisture absorption and mechanical properties for high-modulus Pitch 75 graphite-fiber-modified cyanate ester resin laminates
Author(s): Christopher Blair; Jerry Zakrzewski
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Evaluation of high-modulus pitch/cyanate material systems for dimensionally stable structures
Author(s): Richard A. Brand; Eddy A. Derby
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Probabilistic model of the thermal dimensional stability of composite structural components
Author(s): William W. Sable
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Dynamic modeling and analysis of spinning polygon assemblies used in xerographic laser printers
Author(s): William J. Nowak; Courtney James
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Weight minimization of an active mirror
Author(s): Peter A. Jones; Robert R. Brearey
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Mirror cell design, fabrication, assembly, and test for the AXAF VETA-I optics
Author(s): Gary Matthews; Arthur Buettner; Thomas M. Casey; Clyde Drauglis; John LesVeaux
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Design of a modified Serrurier truss for an optical interferometer
Author(s): Keith B. Doyle; Daniel Vukobratovich
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Optimal support structures for chopping mirrors
Author(s): Tina M. Valente; Daniel Vukobratovich; Roy W. Esplin
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Structural mechanics of the solar-A soft x-ray telescope
Author(s): Bruce K. Jurcevich; Marilyn E. Bruner; K. F. Gowen
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Effects of thermal gradients on the Mars observer camera primary mirror
Author(s): Roger W. Applewhite; Arthur R. Telkamp
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Compliant optical mount design
Author(s): Jeffrey M. Steele; John F. Vallimont; Brian S. Rice; Gary J. Gonska
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Locating fertile starting points for reflective triplet design
Author(s): Christopher Carl Alexay
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