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Infrared Readout Electronics
Editor(s): Eric R. Fossum

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Volume Number: 1684
Date Published: 1 July 1992

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Optimization of cryogenic CMOS processes for sub-10-kelvin applications
Author(s): Robert M. Glidden; Steven C. Lizotte; James S. Cable; Larry W. Mason; Chipaul Cao
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Low-noise 256 x 256 10-kelvin staring FPA
Author(s): Nancy A. Lum; James F. Asbrock; Rebekah White; Frank Augustine; A. Hoffman; Sven C. Nystrom
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AE 152 cascode readout for far-IR focal plane arrays
Author(s): Erick T. Young; James T. Woolaway II
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Far-infrared focal plane development for SIRTF
Author(s): Erick T. Young; Michael J. Scutero; George H. Rieke; Thomas E. Milner; Frank J. Low; William Hubbard; James T. Davis; Eugene E. Haller; Jeffrey W. Beeman
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Complementary heterostructure FET readout technology for infrared focal plane arrays
Author(s): Steven M. Baier; J. Stronczer; B. Grung; David E. Grider; A. Fraasch-Vold; Jim Nohava; Richard G. Schulze
Noise and current-voltage characterization of complementary heterojunction field-effect transistor structures below 8 K
Author(s): Thomas J. Cunningham; Eric R. Fossum; Steven M. Baier
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Cryogenic measurements of Aerojet GaAs n-JFETs
Author(s): John H. Goebel; Theodore T. Weber; Arthur D. Van Rheenen; Leon L. Jostad; Joo-Young Kim; Ben Gable
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Evaluation of GaAs FETs for cryogenic readout
Author(s): Randall K. Kirschman; Sony V. Lemoff; John A. Lipa
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2 x 64 GaAs readout for IR FPA application
Author(s): Lester J. Kozlowski; Robert E. Kezer
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InP-based heterostructure device technology for ultracold readout applications
Author(s): Sven C. Nystrom; W. R. Peterson; P. S. Nayar; Robert H. Walden; William E. Stanchina; W. W. Hooper
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Three-terminal semiconductor-superconductor transimpedance amplifier
Author(s): Thanh Pham; Michael Leung; Bruce J. Dalrymple; L. A. Abelson; J. W. Spargo; Szutsun Simon Ou; Hugo W. Chan; Arnold H. Silver
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Superconductive digital readout for IR FPA sensors
Author(s): Dale J. Durand; L. A. Abelson; Bruce J. Dalrymple; Larry R. Eaton; Lee O. Heflinger; Michael Leung; Thanh Pham; Robert D. Sandell; Arnold H. Silver; J. W. Spargo
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Unfulfilled needs in IR astronomy focal plane readout electronics
Author(s): Frank J. Low
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Radiation-hard low-background multiplexer design for spacecraft imager applications
Author(s): Craig O. Staller; Luis Ramirez; Curtiss A. Niblack; Michael A. Blessinger; William E. Kleinhans
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Low-power highly linear output buffer
Author(s): David Foley; Neal R. Butler; James A. Stobie
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High-current sinking multiplexer for monolithic TIR imaging applications
Author(s): Jan P. Vermeiren; Henk Vanderhaeghen; Cor L. Claeys; Marino Fabbricotti
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Infrared readout integrated circuit technology for tactical missile systems
Author(s): Nicholas A. Doudoumopoulos; David J. Gulbransen; J. K. Kojiro; A. E. Cosand; Colin G. Whitney; Richard Wyles; David R. Murphy; Stephen H. Black
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Buried-channel CCDs with high-charge transfer efficiency and large-charge capacity for low-temperature readout of long-wavelength infrared detectors
Author(s): Ana Lise Lattes; Bor-Yeu Tsaur
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10 x 132 CMOS/CCD readout with 25-um pitch and on-chip signal processing including CDS and TDI
Author(s): Lester J. Kozlowski; Scott A. Cabelli; Robert E. Kezer; William E. Kleinhans
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Radiation-hardened 10-bit A/D for FPA signal processing
Author(s): J. Brian Murphy; Eric Kim; Michael M. Liou; John W. Yang
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All-digital monolithic scanning readout based on sigma-delta analog-to-digital conversion
Author(s): William J. Mandl; Carl M. Rutschow
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Implementation of a noise-reduction circuit for spaceflight IR spectrometers
Author(s): Luis Ramirez; Roger Hickok; Bedabrata Pain; Craig O. Staller
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Real-time processor for staring receivers
Author(s): Brian R. Hanzal; Andrzej Peczalski; James C. Schwanebeck; Richard B. Sanderson; Eric R. Fossum
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Distributed predetection of moving-point targets with analog VLSI
Author(s): Thomas J. Bartolac
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Fiber optic link design for INMOS transputers
Author(s): Roger W. Luce; Nick C. Buchholz
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