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Thermosense XIV: An Intl Conf on Thermal Sensing and Imaging Diagnostic Applications
Editor(s): Jan K. Eklund

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Volume Number: 1682
Date Published: 1 April 1992

Table of Contents
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Role of comparative and qualitative thermography in predictive maintenance
Author(s): Richard Norman Wurzbach; Robert G. Hammaker
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Developing operational protocol for thermographic inspection programs
Author(s): John R. Snell Jr.; Robert W. Spring
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Infrared Research Services versus $$$: the bottom line
Author(s): James M. Garner
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Development of a comprehensive IR inspection program at a large commercial nuclear utility
Author(s): Neal A. MacNamara; Albert E. Hammett
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Predictive maintenance for the '90s: an overview
Author(s): Ronald D. Lucier
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Thermographic inspection and heat flow simulation of midspan joints
Author(s): Marit I. Forssander
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Renovation concepts for private houses: the use of thermography as a supporting method
Author(s): Timo T. Kauppinen; Anne Hakkila; Martti Hekkanen
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Metal cladding envelope problems, retrofit solutions, and quality control investigations
Author(s): Antonio Colantonio
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Case study of commercial building envelope air leakage detection using infrared imaging
Author(s): Phillip C. McMullan
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Thermographic inspections of air distribution systems
Author(s): William T. Morgan
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Predictive maintenance of district heating networks by infrared measurement
Author(s): Lasse Koskelainen
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Using infrared thermography as a tool to analyze curling and cockling of paper
Author(s): Harri T. Kiiskinen; Pekka I. Pakarinen; Matti Luontama; Anna-Leena Laitinen
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Conical-cavity fiber optic sensor for temperature measurement in a steel furnace
Author(s): Paolo G. Cielo; Jean-Claude Krapez; M. Lamontagne; J. G. Thomson; Michael G. Lamb
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Evaluation of feedback parameters for weld process control
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Fuchs; L. A. Bertram; A. E. Bentley; S. J. Marburger
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Thermographic imaging of cracks in thin metal sheets
Author(s): K. Elliott Cramer; William P. Winfree; Patricia A. Howell; Hazari I. Syed; Keith A. Renouard
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Processing infrared images of aircraft lapjoints
Author(s): Hazari I. Syed; William P. Winfree; K. Elliott Cramer
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Inversion of pulsed thermal-wave images for defect sizing and shape recovery
Author(s): Lawrence D. Favro; D. J. Crowther; Pao-Kuang Kuo; Robert L. Thomas
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Automatic defects recognition in composite aerospace structures from experimental and theoretical analysis as part of an intelligent infrared thermographic inspection system
Author(s): Denis G. F. David; J. Y. Marin; Herve Rolland Tretout
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Dynamic thermal tomography: new promise in the IR thermography of solids
Author(s): Vladimir P. Vavilov; Xavier P. Maldague
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Detection of failures in plastic composites using thermography
Author(s): Arto J. Laine
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Evaluation of moisture content in porous material by dynamic energy balance
Author(s): Ermanno G. Grinzato; Chiara Bressan; Paolo Giulio Bison; Andrea Mazzoldi; Paolo Baggio; Cesare Bonacina
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Infrared thermography of fatigue in metals
Author(s): Minh Phong Luong
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Thermography evaluation of metal bonding materials
Author(s): Morteza Safai
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Thermographic field-inspection study on M1 main battle tank track systems
Author(s): Charles G. Pergantis
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Source patterning in time-resolved infrared radiometry of composite structures
Author(s): Jane W. Maclachlan Spicer; W. D. Kerns; Leonard C. Aamodt; John C. Murphy
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Full-spectrum multiwavelength pyrometry for nongray surfaces
Author(s): Daniel Ng; Wallace D. Williams
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Experimental analysis of Goertler vortices in hypersonic wedge flow
Author(s): Luigi de Luca; Gennaro Cardone
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Infrared detection of free-field and cavity perturbations of electromagnetic probe measurements
Author(s): John D. Norgard; Ronald M. Sega; Michael F. Seifert; John C. Cleary; Michael G. Harrison
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Infrared imaging of microwave sources
Author(s): Milton R. Seiler; John L. Haselwood; Larry A. Stockum
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Comparison of optomechanical and focal plane array methods for enhanced temporal resolution
Author(s): Steven M. Shepard; Thomas P. Imirowicz; David T. Sass
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Desirable features of an infrared imaging system for aerodynamic research
Author(s): Robert E. Wright Jr.; Chith K. Puram; Kamran Daryabeigi
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Directional emittance corrections for thermal infrared imaging
Author(s): Kamran Daryabeigi; Robert E. Wright Jr.; Chith K. Puram; David W. Alderfer
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Infrared air flow studies of chemical hood performance
Author(s): Henry H. Schmalz
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Forecasting of tools' wear resistance by measurement of their thermal diffusivity
Author(s): Vladimir P. Vavilov; M. F. Poletika; V. A. Pushnykh; A. V. Shipulin; V. V. Reino
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Infrared thermographic detection of buried grave sites
Author(s): Gary J. Weil; Richard J. Graf
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Contactless measurement of the spectral emissivity and temperature of surfaces with a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer
Author(s): Erwin Lindermeir; Volker Tank; Peter Haschberger
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Thermography: an often misused term
Author(s): Charles C. Roberts Jr.
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ASNT thermographic certification update
Author(s): George S. Baird; Russell T. Mack
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Applying ANSI/IEEE/NEMA temperature standards to infrared inspections
Author(s): Paul E. Grover
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