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Spectroscopic Characterization Techniques for Semiconductor Technology IV
Editor(s): Orest J. Glembocki

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Volume Number: 1678
Date Published: 1 July 1992

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High-resolution x-ray diffraction analysis of thin III-V layers and quantum wires (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Leander Tapfer
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Spectrally resolved luminescence of InP at low temperatures using minority carrier injection from a scanning tunneling microscope tip
Author(s): Mats-Erik Pistol; Joakim Lindahl; Lars Montelius; Lars Samuelson
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In-situ electron spectroscopy studies of interaction between P and GaAs(100) surface
Author(s): Xue Kun Lu; Xiaoyuan Hou; Xunmin Ding; Xun Wang
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Properties and structures of Fe-based metallic thin films in amorphous and crystalline forms (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Khaled J. Habib
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Optical studies of interface roughness in GaAs/AlAs quantum-well structures (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Daniel G. Gammon; Benjamin V. Shanabrook; D. Scott Katzer
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Implementation of a polarization modulation technique in a photoluminescence and photoluminescence excitation measurement setup
Author(s): Matthias Wassermeier; Helge Weman; Michael L. Miller; Pierre M. Petroff; James L. Merz
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Photoluminescence from pseudomorphically strained Si/Si1-xGex multiple quantum wells grown on silicon
Author(s): Stefan Zollner; Reuben T. Collins; Mark S. Goorsky; P. J. Wang; M. J. Tejwani; J. O. Chu; Bernard S. Meyerson; F. K. LeGoues
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Optical studies of lattice-matched and strained GaInAs/AlInAs single quantum wells
Author(s): A. Tabata; S. Moneger; Taha Benyattou; Y. Baltagi; Gerard Guillot; Alexandros Georgakilas; K. Zekentes; G. Halkias
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Luminescence properties of Al0.48In0.52As under hydrostatic pressure
Author(s): Hai-Ping Zhou; Cliva M. Sotomayor-Torres
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Raman spectroscopy of delta-doped GaAs layers and wires (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Joachim Wagner
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Systematic optical study of InxGa1-xAs on InP using photoluminescence, photoreflectance, and micro-Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Joseph P. Estrera; Walter M. Duncan; Yung Chung Kao; H. Y. Liu; Patrick D. Stevens; E. A. Beam III
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Raman scattering in InxGa1-x As/GaAs superlattices grown by molecular-beam epitaxy
Author(s): Monique T. Constant; N. Matrullo; A. Lorriaux; R. Fauquembergue; Y. Druelle
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Raman scattering characterization of processing effects on GaAs planar photoconductors
Author(s): Monique T. Constant; A. Bellarbi; A. Lorriaux; Bertrand Grimbert
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Raman spectroscopy study of interdiffusion in Si/SiGe superlattices
Author(s): Orest J. Glembocki; Sharka M. Prokes
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Raman and photoluminescence characterization of AlGaAs multiple-quantum-well structures formed by focused-ion-beam implantation
Author(s): Howard E. Jackson; Ahn Goo Choo; Bernard L. Weiss; Joseph T. Boyd; Andrew J. Steckl; Peter Chen; Robert D. Burnham; Stephen C. Smith
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Electromodulation of semiconductors and semiconductor microstructures utilizing a new contactless technique
Author(s): X. Yin; Xinxin Guo; Fred H. Pollak; G. D. Pettit; Jerry M. Woodall; Eun-He Cirlin
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Temperature dependence of the 11H photoreflectance lineshape in an (001) In0.21Ga0.79As/GaAs single quantum well
Author(s): Hao Qiang; Yufei S. Huang; Fred H. Pollak; G. D. Pettit; Jerry M. Woodall
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Photoreflectance characteristics of AlGaAs/GaAs structures
Author(s): Bernard L. Weiss; Ahn Goo Choo; Howard E. Jackson
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Application of differential photoreflectance spectroscopy in selective modulation of a layer within multilayer device structures
Author(s): Alireza Badakhshan; Michael Sydor; Kambiz Alavi; N. Teraguchi; Hadis Morkoc
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Correlation between electric field, temperature, and carrier concentration with respect to photoreflectance lineshape at the E1 transition of GaAs
Author(s): Alireza Badakhshan; C. Durbin; Robert Glosser; Kambiz Alavi; S. Nicholas; D. Dale; Kenneth Capuder
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Direct measurement of the piezoelectric field and Fermi level pinning in [111]B grown InGaAs/GaAs heterostructures
Author(s): Mitra B. Dutta; Hongen Shen; Jagadeesh Pamulapati; Wayne H. Chang; Michael A. Stroscio; Xiaoqiang Zhang; D. M. Kim; K. W. Chung; P. Paul Ruden; Marshall I. Nathan
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Effect of annealing on Fermi level pinning of low-temperature molecular-beam epitaxial GaAs
Author(s): Hongen Shen; Jagadeesh Pamulapati; Robert A. Lux; Mitra B. Dutta; F. C. Rong; Monica Alba Taysing-Lara; L. Fotiadis; L. Calderon; Yicheng Lu
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In-situ and ex-situ ellipsometric characterization for semiconductor technology (Invited Paper)
Author(s): John A. Woollam; Paul G. Snyder; H. Walter Yao; Blaine D. Johs
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In-situ characterization of thin film semiconductors by spectroellipsometry from ultraviolet to infrared
Author(s): Bernard Drevillon
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Reflectance difference for in-situ characterization of surfaces and epitaxial growth of GaAs on (001) GaAs
Author(s): Lars Samuelson; Knut Deppert; Bert Junno; Jan Joensson; Gert Paulsson
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Differential reflectance spectroscopy of GaAs
Author(s): Michael Gal; Chit Shwe; P. Kraisingdecha
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Dielectric functions and critical point transitions of single strained and relaxed InxGa1-xAs/GaAs epilayers studied by spectroscopic ellipsometry and photoreflectance
Author(s): Roger Timothy Carline; Christopher Pickering; N. S. Garawal; David Lancefield; Leslie K. Howard; M. T. Emeny
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Picosecond spectroscopy in solids with a free-electron laser (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Philippe M. Fauchet
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Magneto-optical studies of highly excited quantum wells (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Vladimir D. Kulakovskii
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Saturation spectroscopy of carriers in semiconductor multiple-quantum-well structures
Author(s): Radha Ranganathan; Jann P. Kaminski; Wei Jian Li; Jiping Cheng; Bruce D. McCombe
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New technique for obtaining the electroreflectance spectrum: vacuum electroreflectance (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Silvia L. Mioc; Paul M. Raccah; James W. Garland
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Microwave-modulated photoluminescence: technique and application to III-Vs (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Matthew C. DeLong; I. Viohl; W. D. Ohlsen; P. Craig Taylor; Ferdynand P. Dabkowski; Kathleen Meehan; Jeannie E. Williams; Mark Hopkinson
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