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Electron-Beam, X-Ray, and Ion-Beam Submicrometer Lithographies for Manufacturing II
Editor(s): Martin C. Peckerar

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Volume Number: 1671
Date Published: 9 July 1992

Table of Contents
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Advanced e-beam systems for manufacturing
Author(s): Hans C. Pfeiffer
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MEBES IV: a new generation raster-scan electron-beam lithography system
Author(s): Frank E. Abboud; John T. Poreda; Robert L. Smith
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Mix-and-match lithography in a manufacturing environment
Author(s): Warren W. Flack; David H. Dameron; Valerie J. Alameda; Ghassan C. Malek
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Electron-beam lithography system for high-precision reticle making
Author(s): Takashi Matsuzaka; Hiroya Ohta; Norio Saitou; Katsuhiro Kawasaki; Kazumitsu Nakamura; Toshihiko Kohno; Morihisa Hoga
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Study of single-layer e-beam lithography for x-ray mask making
Author(s): Yukiko Kikuchi; Yuji Takigami; Ichiro Mori; Yoshio Gomei
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E-beam lithography at low voltages
Author(s): Yuhey Lee; Raymond Browning; Roger Fabian W. Pease
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Scanning tunneling microscope lithography: a viable lithographic technology?
Author(s): Christie R. Marrian; Elizabeth A. Dobisz; John A. Dagata
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Why bother with x-ray lithography?
Author(s): Henry I. Smith; Mark L. Schattenburg
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ALF: a facility for x-ray lithography (II): a progress report
Author(s): L. Grant Lesoine; Kenneth W. Kukkonen; Jeffrey A. Leavey
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Evaluation of a laser-based proximity x-ray stepper
Author(s): George K. Celler; John Frackoviak; Richard R. Freeman; Charles W. Jurgensen; R. R. Kola; Anthony E. Novembre; Larry F. Thompson; Lee E. Trimble; David N. Tomes
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Production of x-ray mask blanks for a point source stepper
Author(s): Lee E. Trimble; George K. Celler; John Frackoviak; James Alexander Liddle; Gary R. Weber
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Design of synchrotron x-ray lithography beamlines
Author(s): James M. Oberschmidt; Robert P. Rippstein; Raymond R. Ruckel; Alek C. Chen; John C. Granlund; Alfred E. Palumbo
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X-ray optics design approach for an SXLS lithography beamline
Author(s): Argyrios Doumas; Stephen Kovacs
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Finite element analysis of dynamic thermal distortions of an x-ray mask for synchrotron radiation lithography
Author(s): Eric A. Haytcher; Roxann L. Engelstad; N. M. Schnurr
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Single-cycle lithography process for both large and sub-half-micron features (Poster Paper)
Author(s): James S. Sewell; Christopher A. Bozada; Mercy H. Styrcula; William E. Davis; Ross W. Dettmer; Robert A. Neidhart
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EB lithography for fabricating a GHz SAW filter on LiTaO3 substrate (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Takeo Nagata; Masahiro Kobayashi; Kinjiro Kosemura; Masami Satoh; Moritoshi Ando; Toshihiko Miyashita; O. Ikata
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Effect of stitching errors on the performance of DFB lasers fabricated using e-beam lithography (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Torgil Kjellberg; Richard Schatz; Stefan Nilsson; Bjoern Broberg
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Microstructural gated field emission sources for electron-beam applications (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Gary W. Jones; Ching T. Sune; Susan K. Jones; Henry F. Gray
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Computational method for the correction of proximity effect in electron-beam lithography (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Chih-Yuan Chang; Gerry Owen; Roger Fabian W. Pease; Thomas Kailath
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Electron-beam lithography of optical elements for x-ray range (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Sergey V. Babin; Alexei I. Erko
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Effects of mounting imperfections on an x-ray lithography mask (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Daniel L. Laird; Roxann L. Engelstad
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keV x-ray source based on high-repetition-rate excimer-laser-produced plasmas (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Robert Fedosejevs; Romuald Bobkowski; James N. Broughton; B. Harwood
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Spherical pinch x-ray generator (SPX II): prototype performance for x-ray lithography (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Shridar Aithal; Kenji Kawai; M. Lamari; Emilio Panarella
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Study of large-field beryllium window for SR lithography (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Kouichi Hara; Tohru Itoh
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Model and measurement of resist heating effect in EBL (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Sergey V. Babin; Ivan Kostic; A. A. Svintsov
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Focused-ion-beam repair of phase-shift photomasks
Author(s): Lloyd R. Harriott; Joseph G. Garofalo; Robert L. Kostelak
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Focused-ion-beam cross-sectioning techniques using XeF2
Author(s): Diane K. Stewart; Michael J. Vasile
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Resist cross-sectioning using focused ion beams
Author(s): Michael J. Vasile
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Chromatic and spherical aberration correction in axially symmetric electrostatic lenses
Author(s): Ivan L. Berry
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Novel surface imaging process with ion-beam lithography and dry development
Author(s): Ulrich A. Jagdhold; Wolfgang Pilz; L. M. Buchmann; M. Torkler
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Low-damage anisotropic radical-beam ion-beam etching and selective chemical etching of focused-ion-beam-damaged GaAs substrates
Author(s): Jay A. Skidmore; Guy D. Spiers; John H. English; Zheng Xu; Craig B. Prater; Larry A. Coldren; Evelyn L. Hu; Pierre M. Petroff
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Resist optimization for SOR x-ray lithography using an orthogonal experimental design
Author(s): Whitson G. Waldo; Ahmad D. Katnani; Harbans S. Sachdev
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Comparative evaluation of e-beam charge-reducing processes
Author(s): Gilles R. Amblard; Laurent A. Guerin; Frederic P. Lalanne; Jean-Pierre Panabiere; Michel E. Guillaume; Philippe Romand; Andre P. Weill
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Simulation fidelity in microlithography
Author(s): Eytan Barouch; Uwe Hollerbach; Steven A. Orszag; Martin C. Peckerar; Milton Rebbert
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Manufacturing implementation of deep-UV lithography for 500-nm devices
Author(s): Steven J. Holmes; Albert S. Bergendahl; Diana D. Dunn; J. Guidry; Mark C. Hakey; Karey L. Holland; Andy Horr; Dean C. Humphrey; Stephen E. Knight; D. Macaluso; Katherine C. Norris; Denis Poley; Paul A. Rabidoux; John L. Sturtevant; Dean Writer
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Practical evaluation of 16M-DRAMs production with i-line phase-shift lithography
Author(s): Akihiro Usujima; Ryuji Tazume; Tatsuji Araya; Yoshimi Shioya; Kazumasa Shigematsu
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Alignment and overlay accuracy of an advanced x-ray stepper using an improved alignment system (Poster Paper)
Author(s): F. Gabeli; Hans L. Huber; A. Kucinski; H.-U. Scheunemann; Klaus Simon; Elmar Cullmann
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Analysis of diffraction intensities in the Fresnel region for the x-ray lithography process optimization (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Hyung Joun Yoo
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Development of XUV projection lithography at 60-80 nm (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Brian Emerson Newnam; Vriddhachalam K. Viswanathan
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Practical tolerancing and performance implications for XUV projection lithography reduction systems (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Vriddhachalam K. Viswanathan
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Optimization of partially coherent illumination in x-ray lithography (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Franco Cerrina; Jerry Z.Y. Guo
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X-ray dose density: a new radiation damage modeling tool (Poster Paper)
Author(s): F. Baszler; Mumit Khan; Franco Cerrina
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Performances of the CXrL x-ray beamlines (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Richard K. Cole III; Paul D. Anderson; Gregory M. Wells; Eric Brodsky; Kuniaki Yamazaki; Franco Cerrina
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Implementation of two-state alignment system into CXrL aligner (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Guan-Jye Chen; D. Bodoh; John P. Wallace; Paul D. Anderson; Michael T. Reilly; Ramez Nachman; Franco Cerrina
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Impact of CD control on circuit yield in submicron lithography
Author(s): Linda Milor
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