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Human Vision, Visual Processing, and Digital Display III
Editor(s): Bernice E. Rogowitz

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Volume Number: 1666
Date Published: 27 August 1992

Table of Contents
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Visible differences predictor: an algorithm for the assessment of image fidelity
Author(s): Scott J. Daly
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Minkowski-metrics as a combination rule for digital-image-coding impairments
Author(s): Huib de Ridder
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Secondary quantization of gray-level images for minimum visual distortion
Author(s): James R. Sullivan; Lawrence A. Ray
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Spatial nonlinearities of gray-scale CRT pixels
Author(s): Avi C. Naiman; Walter Makous
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Physical model for the contrast sensitivity of the human eye
Author(s): Peter G. J. Barten
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Objective method for measuring VDU flicker
Author(s): Russell Chaplin
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Perceptual basis of aliasing and antialiasing
Author(s): Marc Green
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Model-based halftoning using direct binary search
Author(s): Mostafa Analoui; Jan P. Allebach
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Principled halftoning based on human vision models
Author(s): Jeffrey B. Mulligan; Albert J. Ahumada Jr.
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New class of b/w halftoning algorithms
Author(s): Avideh Zakhor; Steve Lin; Farokh Eskafi
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Designing dither matrices using a human visual model
Author(s): Chee-Hung Henry Chu; W. Watunyuta
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Exploiting texture effects in dithering
Author(s): Kenneth R. Sloan Jr.; Yun Wang
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Optimized error diffusion based on a human visual model
Author(s): Bernd W. Kolpatzik; Charles A. Bouman
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Least-squares model-based halftoning
Author(s): Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas; David L. Neuhoff
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Evaluation of halftone techniques using psychovisual testing and quantitative quality measures
Author(s): Theophano Mitsa
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Image quality evaluation with a contour-based perceptual model
Author(s): Timothy A. Grogan; David P. Keene
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Relevance of human vision to JPEG-DCT compression
Author(s): Stanley A. Klein; D. Amnon Silverstein; Thom Carney
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Image sequence coding using spatial/spatial-frequency representations
Author(s): Todd Randall Reed
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Visual experiments for a subjective-based conditional-replenishment image-sequence coder incorporating texture freeze
Author(s): Thomas V. Papathomas; David Malah
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Subband video coding with a dynamic bit allocation and geometric vector quantization
Author(s): Christine I. Podilchuk; Arnaud E. Jacquin
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Enhancing images with intensity-dependent spread functions
Author(s): Greg J. Reese
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Color image coding using morphological pyramid decomposition
Author(s): Lori A. Overturf; Mary L. Comer; Edward J. Delp
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Adaptive image processing by means of polynomial transforms
Author(s): Jean-Bernard Martens
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Perceptually based digital processing techniques for noise reduction in computed-tomography images
Author(s): Boris Escalante-Ramirez; Jean-Bernard Martens; Huib de Ridder
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Information content of natural scenes: implications for neural coding of color and luminance
Author(s): Gavin J. Brelstaff; Tomasz Troscianko
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Color constancy: small overall and large local changes
Author(s): John J. McCann
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Zone theory, multiplexing model, and psychophysical data
Author(s): Eugenio Martinez-Uriegas
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Color matrix display simulation based on luminance and chromatic contrast sensitivity of early vision
Author(s): Russel A. Martin; Albert J. Ahumada Jr.; James O. Larimer
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Role of colorimetry and context in color displays
Author(s): Walter R. Bender; Alan Blount
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Bit stealing: how to get 1786 or more gray levels from an 8-bit color monitor
Author(s): Christopher W. Tyler; Hoover Chan; Lei Liu; Brennan McBride; Leonid L. Kontsevich
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Luminance-model-based DCT quantization for color image compression
Author(s): Albert J. Ahumada Jr.; Heidi A. Peterson
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Visual sensitivity to color-varying stimuli
Author(s): Sarah A. Rajala; H. Joel Trussell; B. Krishnakumar
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Color spatial acuity control of a screen subdivision image synthesis algorithm
Author(s): Gary W. Meyer; Aihua Liu
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Can machine vision be helped from insights into human vision?
Author(s): Theo Pavlidis
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Test of Wilson's human spatial vision model for complex `real-world` detection and discrimination
Author(s): Shari R. Thomas; James C. Brakefield; Norman Barsalou
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Constraints on Fourier models of human pattern recognition
Author(s): Lynn A. Olzak; Thomas D. Wickens; James P. Thomas
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Identifying high-level features of texture perception
Author(s): A. Ravishankar Rao; Gerald L. Lohse
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Computer image studies of Rembrandt self portraits
Author(s): John F. Asmus
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Studies of the field-of-view/resolution tradeoff in virtual-reality systems
Author(s): Thomas P. Piantanida; Duane K. Boman; James O. Larimer; Jennifer Gille; Charles Reed
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Objective evaluation of 3-D wide-field effect by human postural control analysis
Author(s): Toshihiro Shimizu; Sumio Yano; Tetsuo Mitsuhashi
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Oblique effect in stereopsis?
Author(s): Elizabeth Thorpe Davis; Robert A. King; Alana M. Anoskey
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Apparent depth and size of stereoscopically viewed images
Author(s): Hideo Kusaka
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Relationship between hovering depth and viewing position
Author(s): Chang-Ming Sun; Andrew K. Forrest
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Modeling binocular vision: loss of 3-D in the presence of rivalry requires a new approach
Author(s): Leora Amira
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Task dependence, veridicality, and preattentive vision: taking advantage of perceptually rich computer environments
Author(s): Bernice E. Rogowitz; Daniel T. Ling; Wendy A. Kellogg
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Proposed evaluation framework for assessing operator performance with multisensor displays
Author(s): David C. Foyle
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Contribution of visual images to speech intelligibility
Author(s): Olov Ostberg; Yoshinori Horie; Martin Warren
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Design of virtual spaces and virtual environments
Author(s): Stephen R. Ellis
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Depth cue interaction in telepresence and simulated telemanipulation
Author(s): Andrew M. Liu; Gregory K. Tharp; Lawrence W. Stark
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Human behavior in virtual environments
Author(s): Michitaka Hirose; Koichi Hirota; Ryugo Kijima
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Teleoperation training simulator with visual and kinesthetic-force virtual reality
Author(s): Won Soo Kim; Paul S. Schenker
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Timing considerations of helmet-mounted display performance
Author(s): Gregory K. Tharp; Andrew M. Liu; Lloyd French; Steve Lai; Lawrence W. Stark
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Visual search in virtual environments
Author(s): Lawrence W. Stark; Koji Ezumi; Tho Nguyen; R. Paul; Gregory K. Tharp; H. I. Yamashita
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Presence and distal attribution: phenomenology, determinants, and assessment
Author(s): Jack M. Loomis
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