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Liquid Crystal Materials, Devices, and Applications
Editor(s): Paul S. Drzaic; Uzi Efron

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Volume Number: 1665
Date Published: 15 June 1992

Table of Contents
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Video microscopy of NCAP films: the observation of LC droplets in real time
Author(s): Robert H. Reamey; Wayne Montoya; Abraham Wong
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Surface anchoring, polymer glass transition, and polymer-dispersed liquid crystal electro-optics
Author(s): John L. West; Keith Jewell; James J. Francl; Yimin Ji; Jack R. Kelly
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Electro-optic performance of a PDLC film utilizing dual-frequency addressing
Author(s): Zeyong Lin; Scott D. Heavin; Bing M. Fung; James J. Sluss Jr.; Theodore E. Batchman
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Polymer/(liquid crystal) composite systems for novel electro-optical effects
Author(s): Tisato Kajiyama; Hirotsugu Kikuchi; Atsushi Takahara
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Light-scattering properties and mechanisms in nematic dispersions
Author(s): Paul S. Drzaic; Anne M. Gonzales
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Light scattering studies of liquid crystal dispersions
Author(s): Richard S. Stein; Mohan Srinivasarao; Shuichi Kita
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Characterization of light scattering in nematic droplet-polymer films
Author(s): Naoki Kinugasa; Yuichi Yano; Akio Takigawa; Hideo Kawahara
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Influence of anchoring energy on orientation order and phase transition temperature in nematic droplets in polymer matrix
Author(s): Igor P. Pinkevich; Victor Yu. Reshetnyak; Leonid G. Grechko; Vladimir M. Ogenko
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Surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals: a promising technology for high-resolution displays (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Claus Escher; G. Illian; A. Kaltbeitzel; J. Manero; D. Ohlendorf; H. Rieger; N. Roesch; H. Schlosser; P. Wegener; R. Wingen
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High-contrast SSFLC display utilizing naphthalene-base liquid crystal materials and conductive orientation films (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Akihiro Mochizuki; Katsusada Motoyoshi; Masakatsu Nakatsuka
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New fluorinated heterocyclic compounds for improved FLC mixtures
Author(s): Axel E. Pausch; Thomas Geelhaar; Eike Poetsch; Ulrich Finkenzeller
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Ferroelectric liquid crystals possessing a novel fluorinated chiral moiety
Author(s): Toshihiro Hirai; Atsushi Yoshizawa; Nobuyuki Shiratori; Akihisa Yokoyama; Christopher Sherman; Laura A. Pagano-Stauffer; Rohini T. Vohra; Michael D. Wand
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Fluorinated liquid crystals: an update
Author(s): Eugene P. Janulis; Dave W. Osten; Marc D. Radcliffe; J. C. Novack; Miguel Tristani-Kendra; K. A. Epstein; M. Keyes; G. C. Johnson; Pat M. Savu; T. D. Spawn
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Ferroelectric liquid crystalline polymers for display devices (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Kimihiro Yuasa; Shunji Uchida; Takashi Sekiya; Kenji Hashimoto; Kenji Kawasaki
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Electro-optic properties of ferroelectric liquid crystalline polymers
Author(s): Sebastian Pfeiffer; Ranganathan Shashidhar; Jawad W. Naciri; Stephane Mery
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Easily aligned deformable-helix ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture and its use in devices
Author(s): Michael D. Wand; Rohini T. Vohra; Michael J. O'Callaghan; Beth Roberts; Claus Escher
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Surface-mediated alignment of liquid crystals with polarized light (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Wayne M. Gibbons; Paul J. Shannon; S. T. Sun
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Orientation of materials onto thin highly-ordered PTFE films (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Farshad Motamedi; Kyo Jin Ihn; David Fenwick; Jean Claude Wittmann; Paul Smith
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New routes to large optical nonlinearities (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Linda S. Sapochak; Malcolm R. McLean; Mai Chen; Larry Raymond Dalton; Luping Yu
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Photopolymerization of oriented monomeric liquid crystals
Author(s): Charles E. Hoyle; Tsuyoshi Watanabe; Joe B. Whitehead Jr.
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Photochemical image storage in polymer liquid crystals (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Tomiki Ikeda
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Electro-optic switch using a liquid crystal Fabry-Perot filter (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Jayantilal S. Patel
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Advances in high-speed nematic liquid crystal modulators (Invited Paper)
Author(s): ChiungSheng Wu; Shin-Tson Wu
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Dynamic IR scene projection using the Hughes liquid crystal light valve
Author(s): Richard Alan Forber; Anson Au; Uzi Efron; Keyvan Sayyah; Shin-Tson Wu; George C. Goldsmith II
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NCAP projection displays: key issues for commercialization
Author(s): Akira Tomita; Philip J. Jones
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Effect of thickness on PDLC electro-optics
Author(s): Robert B. Akins; John L. West
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High-performance CdSe TFT's as drive circuits in A.M. liquid crystal cells
Author(s): Michael J. Lee; S. W. Wright; C. P. Judge; P. Y. Cheung; R. Wyman
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Two-dimensional adaptive micro-optic devices based on spatial light modulators (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Abdellatif Marrakchi; Sarry F. Habiby; John R. Wullert II
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Nonlinear-joint-transform-correlator-based optical pattern recognition using liquid crystal light valves (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Bahram Javidi
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Fiber optic compact crossbar switch using holographic couplers in planar geometry
Author(s): Eva M. Strzelecki; Guoda Xu; Freddie Shing-Hong Lin
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LC cell response time improvement for polarization control application
Author(s): Sylvie Le Bras; Michel Lehaitre
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Benzocyclobutene as a planarization resin for flat panel displays
Author(s): Donald J. Perettie; Mike F. McCulloch; Phil E. Garrou
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Total internal reflection liquid crystal device
Author(s): Simeon C. Sainov; Dimitar A. Tontchev
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Electro-optic properties for liquid crystal phase gratings
Author(s): Hideya Murai; Tomohisa Gotoh; Masayoshi Suzuki; Etsuo Hasegawa; Katsuhiro Mizoguchi
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Active backplane spatial light modulators using chiral smectic liquid crystals (Invited Paper)
Author(s): William A. Crossland; Martin J. H. Birch; A. B. Davey; David G. Vass
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Electrical properties of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films
Author(s): Nuno A. Vaz; G. Paul Montgomery Jr.
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Ferroelectric liquid crystal cell having gray scale for high-speed spatial light modulator
Author(s): Yoshihiko Toyoda; Takeshi Mori; Noboru Mikami; Masahiro Nunoshita; Tatsuo Masumi
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Hysteresis effect of cholesteric to nematic phase transition and its application in liquid crystal displays
Author(s): Zenon Y. Gotra; L. J. Gresko; Zenoviy M. Mykytyuk; Maria V. Vistak
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