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Optical Data Storage
Editor(s): Donald B. Carlin; David B. Kay; Alfred A. Franken

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Volume Number: 1663
Date Published: 13 August 1992

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High-speed/high-density magneto-optic recording
Author(s): Hirofumi Sukeda; Hiroyuki Tsuchinaga; Satoshi Tanaka; Toshio Niihara; Shigeru Nakamura; Seiichi Mita; Yukinori Yamada; Norio Ota; Mitsugi Fukushima
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1.3-GByte 130-mm direct-overwritable MO disk system using light-intensity modulation
Author(s): Masayuki Arai; Hideo Owa; Masahiko Kaneko
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200-MB direct-overwrite 86-mm MO system
Author(s): Shoei Kobayashi; Susumu Senshu; Shoji Iwasa; Shuichi Igarashi; Shigeaki Wachi; Takeshi Funahashi; Masataka Ogawa
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Integrated-optic disc pickups
Author(s): Hiroshi Nishihara; Toshiaki Suhara; Shogo Ura
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Compact optical head integrated with chip elements for CD-ROM drives
Author(s): Ryuichi Katayama; Tsuyoshi Nagano; Seijin Sugama; Yuzo Ono
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Integrated device with diffractive polarization components for a magneto-optical disk head
Author(s): Charles W. Haggans; Teruo Fujita; Raymond K. Kostuk
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Optical associative memories for sensor fusion
Author(s): Lynda M. Ralston; John H. Yoepp; Andrew M. Bardos
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Disk memory systems using one-dimensional hologram technology
Author(s): Andrei L. Mikaelian
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Perturbative integral expansion method of analyzing crosstalks in volume holographic data storage
Author(s): Hyuk Lee
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Tuning of read/write/erase processes in Electron Trapping Optical Memory media
Author(s): Daniel T. Brower; Robert E. Revay
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Optical data storage with electron trapping materials using M-ary data channel coding
Author(s): Allen M. Earman
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Optical and mechanical design of magneto-optical disk heads
Author(s): Teruo Fujita; Kenjiro Kime
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Transfer function characteristics of superresolving systems
Author(s): Tomas D. Milster; Craig H. Curtis
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Servo issues with continuous pregroove media
Author(s): Kurt W. Getreuer
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Servo technology for three-beam overwritable magneto-optical disk drive
Author(s): Kikuji Katoh; Kazuki Kudo; Ichiro Yamada
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Base design method considering stability of tracking servo system for optical disk drive
Author(s): Manabu Ogura; Kiyoshi Funai; Tetsu Yamamoto; Hiroo Shimegi; Sadao Okada
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Diffraction analysis and evaluation of several focus- and track-error detection schemes for magneto-optical disk systems
Author(s): Bruce E. Bernacki; Masud Mansuripur
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Effect of track crossing on focus servo signals: feedthrough
Author(s): Milton R. Latta; Timothy C. Strand; James M. Zavislan
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Viterbi detection of partial response on a magneto-optical recording channel
Author(s): Minoru Tobita; Tamotsu Yamagami; Tetsu Watanabe
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Carrier-to-noise ratio characterization on sample servo media
Author(s): Wai William Wang; Tzuo-Chang Lee
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Signal and noise characteristics in magneto-optical signal detection with elliptically polarized light
Author(s): Takeshi Nakao; Masahiko Takahashi; Akira Arimoto
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Investigation of magneto-optical recording media using magnetic force microscopy
Author(s): Hirofumi Sukeda; Roger A. Hajjar; Masud Mansuripur
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Simplified analysis of the readout waveform for an elliptical mark
Author(s): Takaya Tanabe; Yasuaki Tanaka; Ryoichi Arai
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Magnetic spin directions in direct-overwrite exchange-coupled MO disk
Author(s): Roger K. Malmhall; Masahiro Ojima; H. Awano; Toshio Niihara; Harukazu Miyamoto; M. Miyamoto
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Magnetically induced super resolution for high-density optical disk systems
Author(s): Atsushi Fukumoto; Shunji Yoshimura
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Measurement of the magnetic anisotropy energy constants for magneto-optical recording media
Author(s): Roger A. Hajjar; Te-Ho Wu; Hong Fu; Masud Mansuripur
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Magnetically coupled MO double layer suitable for field modulation overwriting
Author(s): Norio Ota; Katsusuke Shimazaki; Satoru Ohnuki; Hideo Fujiwara; Michiaki Hashimoto
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Physical basis of magneto-optic recording
Author(s): Dieter Mergel; Peter Hansen; Detlef Raasch
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High-density SHG laser readout with Pt/Co MO disk
Author(s): Masahiko Takahashi; Junko Nakamura; Masahiro Ojima; Kimio Tatsuno
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Magnetic properties and microstructure in (Fe,Co)/Pt multilayer films
Author(s): Takao Suzuki; H. Notarys; S. S. Parkin; S. Iwata; D. Dobbertin
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Instrumentation of the variable-angle magneto-optic ellipsometer and its application to m-o media and other nonmagnetic films
Author(s): Andy Feng Lei Zhou; James Kevin Erwin; Masud Mansuripur
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High-density overwrite recording for a phase-change medium using a visible-light laser diode
Author(s): Hiroharu Sato; Toyoki Taguchi; Kei Shimura; Toshihiro Sugaya
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Ultrahigh-density recording using overwritable phase-change optical disk
Author(s): Isao Morimoto; Kazuyuki Furuya; Kazuhiro Nishimura; Masaru Suzuki; Masafumi Nakao
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Phase-change media for high linear velocity and high recording density
Author(s): Tatsunori Ide; Norikazu Ohshima; Shuichi Ohkubo; Mitsuya Okada; Osamu Okada
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Effect of multilayer structure and laser pulse width on the reversible cycling of phase-change optical storage media
Author(s): Kurt A. Rubin; Dunbar P. Birnie III; Martin Chen
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Computer simulation of material flow induced by thermal deformation in phase-change recording films
Author(s): Shigenori Okamine; Shigeki Hirasawa; Motoyasu Terao; Yasushi Miyauchi
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Continuous manufacturing of thin cover sheet optical media
Author(s): Warren Dennis Slafer; Milford B. Kime; Marinus J. Monen; William G. Horton; William C. Robinson; Leonard C. Wan
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Evaluation of photolithographic processes for high-density optical disc mastering
Author(s): Paul L.M. Put; P. A. Kraakman; Robert D. Morton; Jan H.T. Pasman
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Characteristics of optical read-only media with PWM recording
Author(s): Hideharu Takeshima; Masae Kubo; Yoshimitsu Kobayashi; Takeo Nakamura; Akira Nakajima
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Magneto-optic multilayers
Author(s): Samuel D. Bader
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Fundamentals of nucleation and growth
Author(s): Frans Spaepen
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Oxidation processes in magneto-optic and related materials
Author(s): Paul A. Lee; Neal R. Armstrong; James L. Danziger; Craig D. England
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Corrosion chemistry of magneto-optic data storage media
Author(s): Peter C. Searson; Karl Sieradzki
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Higher capacity optical disk subsystem using a sampled servo format
Author(s): Shigetaro Iwatsu; Yasuhide Nishida; Toru Takeda
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Research on methods for determining optical disk media life expectancy estimates
Author(s): Fernando Luis Podio
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Flexible storage medium for write-once optical tape
Author(s): Andrew J.G. Strandjord; Steven P. Webb; Donald J. Perettie; Robert A. Cipriano
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Study of phase-change erasable sample-servo optical disk with bit-capsule groove
Author(s): Hiromichi Ishibashi; Mitsuro Moriya; Takeo Ohta
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Signal measurements of multilayer refractive write-once data storage media
Author(s): James H. Strickler; Watt W. Webb
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Optical recording in the blue using a frequency-doubled diode laser
Author(s): William J. Kozlovsky; Anthony G. Dewey; A. Juliana; Jerry Elden Hurst; Milton R. Latta; D. A. Page; R. N. Payne; Harald W. Werlich
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Three-beam magneto-optical disk drive with overwrite function
Author(s): Toshitaka Iwamoto; Hidenori Saitoh; Shigeru Arai; Masateru Sasaki
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Effect of laser pulse width on overwrite cycle characteristics of phase-change disk media
Author(s): Takeo Ohta; Kazuo Inoue; Tetsuya Akiyama; Kazumi Yoshioka
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Recording process of recordable compact disc
Author(s): Emiko Hamada; Toru Fujii; Y. Takagishi; Tsutomu Ishiguro
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High-performance three-beam magneto-optical disk drive
Author(s): Shigenori Yanagi; Shigeru Arai; Masateru Sasaki
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