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Image Processing Algorithms and Techniques III
Editor(s): James R. Sullivan; Benjamin M. Dawson; Majid Rabbani

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Volume Number: 1657
Date Published: 19 May 1992

Table of Contents
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Software implementation of an efficient image subband coder
Author(s): John Hakon Husoy; Frode Moretro
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Minimization of aliasing artifacts during partial subband reconstruction with Wiener filters
Author(s): Irene J. Shen; V. Michael Bove Jr.
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Image coding using multiresolution Markov random fields
Author(s): Michel Barlaud; Laure Blanc-Feraud; P. Charbonnier
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Progressive image transmission and reconstruction
Author(s): Michael S. V. Turner
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Multiscale image coder
Author(s): Ping Wah Wong
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Color image coding using an orthogonal decomposition
Author(s): Jonathan S. Abel; Bhaskaran Vasudev; Ho John Lee
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Image pyramid coding with multirate entropy-constrained pairwise nearest neighbor codebook design
Author(s): Diego Pinto de Garrido; William A. Pearlman; Weiler A. Finamore
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Compression gain aspects of JPEG image compression
Author(s): Manyun Chang; Glen G. Langdon Jr.; James L. Murphy
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Lossless predictive coding of color graphics
Author(s): Gregory S. Yovanof; James R. Sullivan
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Efficient vector quantization technique for images
Author(s): Wail M. Refai; N. Zaibi; Gerald R. Kane
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Nonlinear interpolative decoding of standard transform coded images and video
Author(s): Siu-Wai Wu; Allen Gersho
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Neural networks for classified vector quantization of images
Author(s): Yong Ho Shin; Cheng-Chang Lu
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DVI image compression: second generation
Author(s): Stuart J. Golin
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Efficient image compression algorithm
Author(s): Evangelos A. Yfantis; Matthew Y. Au; G. Miel
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New binary image compression scheme for various kinds of images
Author(s): Shigeru Yoshida; Yoshiyuki Okada; Yasuhiko Nakano; Hirotaka Chiba; Masahiro Mori
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Highly efficient arithmetic coding method for document images
Author(s): Nobuhito Matsushiro; Yoshihiko Yoshida; Osamu Asada; Isamu Nose
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Real-time data compression implementation based on the base-bit + overflowing-bit coding
Author(s): Shen-en Qian; Ruqin Wang; Shuqiu Li; Yisong Dai
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Edge-preserving image restoration based on robust stabilizing functionals
Author(s): Michael E. Zervakis
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Accuracy of PSF representation in image restoration
Author(s): Andreas E. Savakis; H. Joel Trussell
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Practical stopping rule for iterative image restoration
Author(s): Stanley J. Reeves; Kevin M. Perry
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Motion-adaptive weighted averaging for temporal filtering of noisy image sequences
Author(s): Mehmet K. Ozkan; M. Ibrahim Sezan; A. Murat Tekalp
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Application of a laser scanner to three-dimensional visual sensing and enhancement tasks
Author(s): Arthur M. Ryan; Lester A. Gerhardt
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Integration of the selective-deconvolution algorithm into a multiresolution scheme
Author(s): Marc Van Droogenbroeck; Luc Vandendorpe
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Low-light-level images reconstruction
Author(s): Manuel Perez Cagigal; Pedro M. Prieto
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Phase unwrapping through least-squares approximation
Author(s): Qian Lin; John F. Vesecky; Howard A. Zebker
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Restoration of mammographic images acquired by a new fast digitization system
Author(s): Farzin Aghdasi; Rabab K. Ward; Branko Palcic
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Error image in error diffusion
Author(s): Keith T. Knox
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Accurate halftoning using the Gibbs sampler
Author(s): Jon A. Webb
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New results in color image quantization
Author(s): Raja Balasubramanian; Charles A. Bouman; Jan P. Allebach
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Filter considerations in color correction
Author(s): Michael J. Vrhel; H. Joel Trussell
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Empirical study of morphological operators in color image enhancement
Author(s): Mary L. Comer; Edward J. Delp III
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Selection of small color palette for color image quantization
Author(s): Wing Ki Chau; S. K. M. Wong; Xuedong Yang; Shijie J. Wan
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High-frequency digital magnification
Author(s): Thomas R. Edwards
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Method for image interpolation based on a novel multirate filter bank structure and properties of the human visual system
Author(s): Roberto H. Bamberger
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Spatially variant filtering algorithm with adaptive gray-scale quantizer
Author(s): Mohsen Ghaderi
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High-speed template matching algorithm using contour information
Author(s): Manabu Hashimoto; Kazuhiko Sumi; Shinjiro Kawato
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Maximum-likelihood morphological granulometric classifiers
Author(s): John T. Newell; Edward R. Dougherty
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Edge detection and refinement for stereovision
Author(s): Alexandre Parodi; Rachid Gherbi
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Hierarchical Hough transform method with multiresolution cells
Author(s): Hiroshi Kamada
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Subpixel edge detector using expectation of first-order derivatives
Author(s): Gongzhu Hu; Xing Ping Cao
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Fast binary object detection using connectivity edge maps
Author(s): John Raymond Jordan III
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Reconstructable one-pass parallel thinning
Author(s): Ben K. Jang; Roland T. Chin
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Segmentation evaluation using ultimate measurement accuracy
Author(s): Yujin Zhang; Jan J. Gerbrands
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Comparison between image analysis using class 2 and class 3 dynamical systems
Author(s): Ying Liu; Hede Ma
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Image analysis using Hilbert space
Author(s): Ying Liu
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Displaying a 2 1/2-D object using an argument principle
Author(s): Jesse S. Jin; Wai K. Yeap; Brian G. Cox
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Data interpolation techniques applied to image modeling
Author(s): David R. Cok
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Static imaging of motion: motion texture
Author(s): Koichi Arimura
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Expert system modeling of a vision system
Author(s): Kamran Reihani; Wiley E. Thompson
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Syntactic approach to the segmentation and classification of morphological features of galaxies
Author(s): Alberto Accomazzi
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Minimization-pruning algorithm for finding elliptical boundaries in images with nonconstant background and with missing data
Author(s): Domingo A. Mihovilovic; Ramin Samadani
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Nanometer-size metal particle analysis in microscopic biological images
Author(s): Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin
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Shape characterization of silver halide crystals
Author(s): Jill M. McCabe; Edward R. Dougherty
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Physics and image data compression
Author(s): Adolph E. Smith; Michael J. Gormish; Martin P. Boliek
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