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Medical Imaging VI: Image Capture, Formatting, and Display
Editor(s): Yongmin Kim

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Volume Number: 1653
Date Published: 1 May 1992

Table of Contents
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Integrated presentation of 3-D data derived from multisensor imagery and anatomical atlases using a parallel processing system
Author(s): Peter E. Undrill; George G. Cameron; M. J. Cookson; Chris Davies; Neil L. Robinson; Andrew Hill; Tim F. Cootes; Christopher J. Taylor; Ann Thornham; J. Wysocki; Heather M Liddell; Dennis J. Parkinson
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Generating a linear octree from voxel data for a connected object
Author(s): Renben Shu; Mohan S. Kankanhalli
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Methodology for three-dimensional reconstruction of intravascular ultrasound images
Author(s): Eric Maurincomme; Isabelle E. Magnin; Gerard Finet; Robert Goutte
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Shell rendering: fast volume rendering and analysis of fuzzy surfaces
Author(s): Jayaram K. Udupa; Dewey Odhner
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Performance characteristics of asymmetric zero-crossover screen-film systems
Author(s): Phillip C. Bunch
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Radiographic equalization using computer-controlled filter wheels
Author(s): John M. Boone
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CCD array for measuring spread functions
Author(s): James Anthony Seibert; John M. Boone; Steven M. Burns
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Three-dimensional distortion model for magnetic resonance images
Author(s): Larry A. DeSoto; David R. Haynor; Yongmin Kim
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Preprocessing functions for computed radiography images in a PACS environment
Author(s): Michael F. McNitt-Gray; Ewa Pietka; H. K. Huang
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Radiology quality assurance: a clinical perspective
Author(s): Ronald L. Arenson
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Automated quality assurance of a CT scanner video frame grabber
Author(s): Alan H. Rowberg; Jing Lian
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Image quality issues with viewing and printing in a network environment
Author(s): Maria A. Durkin; Herman J. Oosterwijk; James E. Przybylowicz
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PACS software testing
Author(s): Sheel Kishore; Satjeet S. Khalsa; Eric R. Feingold; Sridhar B. Seshadri; Ronald L. Arenson
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Optimizing the display function of display devices
Author(s): Tinglan Ji; Hans Roehrig; Hartwig R. Blume; Jose Guillen
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Test of radiologist performance in interpreting bedside chest examinations on a workstation
Author(s): Matthew T. Freedman M.D.; Shih-Chung Benedict Lo; Martha C. Nelson M.D.; Kathleen Reagan M.D.; Steven C. Horii M.D.; Seong Ki Mun
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Simultaneous and sequential display of ICU AP-chest images
Author(s): David Gur; Walter F. Good; Jill L. King
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Comparison of clinical findings between intensity-windowed versus CLAHE presentations of chest CT images
Author(s): Bradley M. Hemminger; Richard Eugene Johnston; Keith E. Muller; D. Taylor; J. Matthew Mauro; M. Schiebler; Etta D. Pisano
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Medical facial surface scanner
Author(s): Michael W. Vannier M.D.; Gulab H. Bhatia; Paul K. Commean; Thomas K. Pilgram; Barry S. Brunsden
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3DVIEWNIX: a data-, machine-, and application-independent software system for multidimensional data visualization and analysis
Author(s): Jayaram K. Udupa; Hsiu-Mei Hung; Dewey Odhner; Roberto J. Goncalves
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Effect of vector quantization on ultrasound tissue characterization
Author(s): Brian Krasner; Shih-Chung Benedict Lo; Brian S. Garra; Seong Ki Mun
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Subband directional vector quantization in radiological image compression
Author(s): Nabil M. Akrout; Chaouki Diab; Remy Prost; Robert Goutte; Michel Amiel
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Combined vector quantization and adaptive histogram equalization
Author(s): Pamela C. Cosman; Eve A. Riskin; Robert M. Gray
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Image coding for archiving mammograms
Author(s): Atilla M. Baskurt; Isabelle E. Magnin; Alain Bremond
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Subjective evaluation of compressed image quality
Author(s): Heesub Lee; Alan H. Rowberg; Mark S. Frank M.D.; Hyung-Sik Choi M.D.; Yongmin Kim
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Effect of block size on image quality for compressed chest radiographs
Author(s): Ji Chen; Michael J. Flynn
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Toward multidimensional medical image coding
Author(s): Virginie Chameroy; Robert Di Paola
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Time and motion studies of medical imaging workstations
Author(s): Michael W. Vannier M.D.; Ronald K. Walkup; Thomas K. Pilgram; Charles F. Hildebolt D.D.S.; Wolfgang Rueger
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Adaptive image workstation based on explicit models of diagnostic information requirements
Author(s): Thomas Wendler; R. Grewer; K. J. Moennich; J. Schmidt; H. Svensson
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Use of invisible windows for PACS workstation menus
Author(s): Alan H. Rowberg; Judith A. Ramey; Scott L. Heyano
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Intelligent interface to model the radiologist's requirements for primary image interpretation
Author(s): Kris Maloney; Theron W. Ovitt; Miguel V. Parra
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Remote consultation with a multiple-screen FilmPlane radiology workstation
Author(s): David Volk Beard; Bradley M. Hemminger; P. Brown; R. N. Perry; Bob G. Thompson
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High-resolution diagnostic workstation development: initial clinical experience
Author(s): Meryll M. Frost; Janice C. Honeyman; David Siker; Edward V. Staab
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Streamlined design of a radiology workstation for clinical applications
Author(s): Arturo Gamboa-Aldeco; Linda L. Fellingham; Christopher G. Ullrich M.D.
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Development of a prototypical PACS workstation based on the IBM RS6000 and the X window system
Author(s): David K. Yee; David R. Haynor; Hyung-Sik Choi M.D.; Stuart W. Milton; Yongmin Kim
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Integrated diagnostic support system
Author(s): Yasuhiro Imamura; Yasuo Imai
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Comparison of detectability in pulsed versus continuous fluoroscopy: a simulation study
Author(s): Richard Aufrichtig; Cecil W. Thomas; Grover W. Gilmore; David L. Wilson
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Applying a visual language for image processing as a graphical teaching tool in medical imaging
Author(s): James J. Birchman; Steven L. Tanimoto; Alan H. Rowberg; Hyung-Sik Choi M.D.; Yongmin Kim
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Parallel disk arrays provide an architecture for high-performance acquisition and archival storage for medical imaging
Author(s): Ronald J. Clouthier
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Video comparator system for early detection of cutaneous malignant melanoma
Author(s): Eric R. Craine; Brian L. Craine M.D.
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Design of user interface in medical imaging: lessons of 3-D application definition
Author(s): Pierre Jannin; G. Mevel; Yves Gandon; Emmanuel Cordonnier
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UWGSP4: an imaging and graphics superworkstation and its medical applications
Author(s): Jing-Ming Jong; Hyun Wook Park; Kilsu Eo; Min-Hwan Kim; Peng Zhang; Yongmin Kim
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Applications of 2-D and 3-D compression algorithms to ultrasound images
Author(s): Ja-Il Koo; Heesub Lee; Yongmin Kim
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Appearance of bony lesions on 3-D CT reconstructions: a case study in variable renderings
Author(s): Nicholas J. Mankovich; Stuart C. White
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Automatic removal of unexposed background in digital radiographs
Author(s): Michael F. McNitt-Gray; Sandra Lee Eldredge; James Tagawa; H. K. Huang
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Cost-effective programmable display controller for medical imaging
Author(s): Douglas A. Ortendahl; Minaise Minaise; Michael A. Thompson; Andrew Li; Victor Gold
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Ongoing evaluation of PACS in a clinical setting
Author(s): Martin Trefler; Edward Russell M.D.
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Realistic display of volumes
Author(s): Roni Yagel
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Imaging characteristics of CRT multiformat printers
Author(s): Kwok Leung Yip
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Effect of data compression on diagnostic accuracy in digital hand and chest radiography
Author(s): James W. Sayre; Denise R. Aberle; Maria Ines Boechat; Theodore R. Hall M.D.; H. K. Huang; Bruce Kuo Ting Ho; Payam Kashfian; Guita Rahbar
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Hybrid coding for split gray values in radiological image compression
Author(s): Shih-Chung Benedict Lo; Brian Krasner; Seong Ki Mun; Steven C. Horii M.D.
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Wavelet-based tool for medical image compression
Author(s): Armando Manduca
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