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Optical Methods for Time- and State-Resolved Chemistry
Editor(s): Cheuk-Yiu Ng

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Volume Number: 1638
Date Published: 1 April 1992

Table of Contents
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Photodissociation dynamics in crystalline solids: many-body dynamics
Author(s): Vartkess Ara Apkarian; P. Ashjian; N. Blake; A. Danylichev; Matt Hill; G. J. Hoffman; D. Imre; William G. Lawrence; E. Sekreta; Ruben Zadoyan; Jim V. Zoval
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Structural relaxation in liquids and glasses by transient hole burning
Author(s): Mark A. Berg; Jongwan Yu; Patrick Earvolino
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Solution photochemistry of OCIO: excited-state dissociation and isomerization
Author(s): Robert C. Dunn; Bret N. Flanders; John Douglas Simon
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Structure-reactivity effects in the picosecond dynamics of isolated clusters
Author(s): Jack A. Syage; Jhobe Steadman
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Size- and state-selected cluster chemistry
Author(s): Yohji Achiba; Taro Moriwaki; Haruo Shiromaru
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Photodissociation of mass-selected clusters: solvated metal ions
Author(s): James M. Farrar; Stephen G. Donnelly
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Stimulated Raman spectroscopy of complexes and clusters in supersonic molecular beams
Author(s): B. F. Henson; Gregory V. Hartland; V. A. Venturo; Patrick M. Maxton; Peter M. Felker
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Photoinduced intracluster electron transfer reactions of captured intermediates in gas-phase SN2 reactions
Author(s): Donna M. Cyr; Gregory A. Bishea; Chau-Chung Han; Lynmarie A. Posey; Mark A. Johnson
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Photo- and collision-induced dissociation of Ar cluster ions
Author(s): Tamotsu Kondow; Takeshi Nagata; Shinji Nonose
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Vibrational spectroscopy of size-selected metal-ion-solvent clusters
Author(s): James M. Lisy
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Translational spectroscopy of H atom photofragments
Author(s): Michael N. R. Ashfold; Ian R. Lambert; David H. Mordaunt; Gregory P. Morley; Colin M. Western
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Site-specific photochemistry
Author(s): Brent D. Koplitz; Jeffrey L. Brum; Subhash Deshmukh; Xiaodong Xu; Zhongrui Wang; Yu-Fong Yen
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C-H dissociation rate constants of alkylbenzenes from hot molecule formed by 158-nm (F2 laser) irradiation
Author(s): Nobuaki Nakashima; Tetsuya Shimada; Yuichi Ojima; Yasukazu Izawa; Chiyoe Yamanaka
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Primary processes involved in the photodissociation of saturated hydrocarbons at 157 nm
Author(s): Kimberly A. Prather; Yuan T. Lee
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Photodissociation dynamics of ethylene sulfide and allene at 193 nm studied by time-of-flight mass spectroscopy
Author(s): Kiyohiko Tabayashi; Kosuke Shobatake
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157-nm photodissociation dynamics of CO2 via photofragment-translational spectroscopy
Author(s): Albert Stolow; Yuan T. Lee
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High-brightness cm-1-resolution threshold photoelectron spectroscopic technique
Author(s): Katsumi Kimura; Masahiko Takahashi
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Studies of doubly charged molecular ions by means of ion photofragment spectroscopy
Author(s): Mats Larsson; Goran Sundstrom; Lars Brostrom; Sven Mannervik
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Dynamics of S production in the 193-nm photodissociation of CH3SCH3, CH3SSCH3, CH3SH, and H2S
Author(s): Chung-Lin Liao; C.-W. Hsu; Cheuk Yiu Ng
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Electronic spectroscopy of ionic clusters
Author(s): E. J. Bieske; A. M. Soliva; A. Friedmann; John P. Maier
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Experimental methods for probing structure and dynamics of gas-phase molecular dications
Author(s): Kazushige Yokoyama; Diane M. Szaflarski; Amy S. Mullin; W. Carl Lineberger
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Rotationally resolved threshold photoionization of H2S
Author(s): Ralph T. Wiedmann; Michael G. White
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Population transfer by stimulated Raman scattering with delayed pulses: the concept, some problems, and experimental demonstration
Author(s): Klaas Bergmann; S. Schiemann; Andreas Kuhn
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Orientation and molecular orbital dependences in electronic relaxation collisions studied through van der Waals complexes
Author(s): L. Lapierre; P. Y. Cheng; Shan Shan Ju; Y. M. Hahn; Hai-Lung Dai
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Advances in high-repetition-rate ultrashort gigawatt laser systems for time-resolved spectroscopy
Author(s): Louis F. DiMauro
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Ultraviolet resonance Raman spectroscopy: studies of depolarization dispersion and strong vibronic coupling
Author(s): Bruce S. Hudson
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Vibrational spectroscopy and picosecond dynamics of gaseous trienes and tetraenes in S1 and S2 electronic states
Author(s): Hrvoje Petek; Andrew I. Bell; Ronald L. Christensen; Keitaro Yoshihara
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Laser spectroscopy of radicals and carbenes
Author(s): Horst Clauberg; David W. Minsek; Peter Chen
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Vibrational energy transfer in the chemical energy regime using stimulated emission pumping
Author(s): Xueming Yang; Eunha Kim; Alec M. Wodtke
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Reactive scattering of `hot` H atoms with CO2 and OCS
Author(s): Harry E. Cartland; Scott L. Nickolaisen; Curt Wittig
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Chemiluminescent reactions of laser-generated metal atoms with oxidants
Author(s): Kuo-mei Chen
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State-to-state collision dynamics of molecular free radicals
Author(s): Robert Glen Macdonald; Kopin Liu
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State-selected ion-neutral reactive scattering
Author(s): James E. Pollard
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State-to-state studies of intramolecular dynamics
Author(s): Thomas R. Rizzo; Xin Luo; Rebecca D. F. Settle
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Photoelectron spectroscopy with cm-1 resolution: VO+, benzyl+, toluene+
Author(s): James C. Weisshaar
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Ultrafast studies on electron transfer in the betaines: evidence for local heating
Author(s): Nancy E. Levinger; Alan E. Johnson; Gilbert C. Walker; Eva Akesson; Paul F. Barbara
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CO(v,J) product state distributions from the reaction O(3P) + OCS --> CO + SO
Author(s): Scott L. Nickolaisen; Harry E. Cartland; David Veney; Curt Wittig
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How to photograph a chemical reaction
Author(s): Kenneth R. Leopold; Scott W. Reeve; Michael A. Dvorak; W. A. Burns; R. S. Ford; F. J. Lovas; Richard D. Suenram
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Intracavity laser photoelectron spectroscopy of Cr2-, Cr2H-, and Cr2D-
Author(s): Sean M. Casey; Doreen G. Leopold
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Investigation of the roles of vibrational excitation and collision energy in the ion-molecule reaction NH3+(v2) + ND3
Author(s): Lynmarie A. Posey; Robert D. Guettler; Richard N. Zare
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Laser desorption jet cooling spectroscopy of organic clusters
Author(s): Mattanjah S. de Vries; Heinrich E. Hunziker; Gerard Meijer; H. Russell Wendt
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Coherent effects in laser chemistry
Author(s): Moshe Shapiro; Paul W. Brumer
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Gas-phase study of the group VI transition metal tricarbonyl complexes by negative-ion photoelectron spectroscopy
Author(s): Ashfaq A. Bengali; Sean M. Casey; Chun-Lin Cheng; Jonathan P. Dick; P. Thomas Fenn; Peter W. Villalta; Doreen G. Leopold
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Resonant MPI spectrum of allyl radicals
Author(s): David W. Minsek; Joel A. Blush; Peter Chen
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High-resolution inner-valence UV photoelectron spectra of the O2 molecule and CI calculations of 2IIu states between 20 and 26 eV
Author(s): P. Baltzer; B. Wannberg; L. Karlsson; M. Carlsson-Goethe; Mats Larsson
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Ultrafast Raman echo experiments in the liquid phase
Author(s): Mark A. Berg; Laura J. Muller; David A. Vanden Bout
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Photophysics of rigidized 7-aminocoumarin laser dyes
Author(s): Melville R. V. Sahyun; D. K. Sharma
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