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Environmental and Process Monitoring Technologies
Editor(s): Tuan Vo-Dinh

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Volume Number: 1637
Date Published: 1 May 1992

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Proton-transfer laser
Author(s): Michael Kasha
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Laser optogalvanic effect in radio-frequency discharges
Author(s): Sean P. McGlynn; Devendra Kumar
Improved technique for detection of gas-phase molecular ions by laser absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): John W. Farley
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High-resolution sensitive nonlinear laser detection method for chemical analysis based on degenerate four-wave mixing
Author(s): William M. Tong
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Spectral analysis of surfaces at subwavelength resolution
Author(s): Raoul Kopelman; Steven Smith; Weihong Tan; Renato Zenobi; Klony S. Lieberman; Aaron Lewis
Time-resolved surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy: detection of short-lived species on electrode surfaces
Author(s): Chongtie Shi; Wei Zhang; Ronald L. Birke; John R. Lombardi
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Art of atmospheric monitoring
Author(s): William G. Fateley; Mark R. Witkowski; Charles T. Chaffin Jr.; Timothy L. Marshall; Robert M. Hammaker; Ray E. Carter Jr.; Dennis D. Lane; Glen A. Marotz; Billy J. Fairless; T. Holloway; Jody L. Hudson; Joseph Arello; Mark J. Thomas; D. F. Gurka
Spectroelectrochemical technologies and instrumentation for environmental and process monitoring
Author(s): Michael M. Carrabba; Kevin M. Spencer; Robert B. Edmonds; R. David Rauh; John W. Haas III
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Measurement of hydrogen chloride gas using fluorescence quenching
Author(s): Ashutosh Sharma; Zulfiqur Ali
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Monitoring by fiber optic Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Thomas J. Vickers; Charles K. Mann
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Portable long open-path FTIR applied to in-situ measurement of trace gases of ambient air pollution
Author(s): Tai-Ly Tso; Wen-Chung Liao; Shih-Yi Chang
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Determining the molecular composition of modified aluminum surfaces using vibrational spectroscopies
Author(s): Angela M. Ahern
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Near-visible Raman instrumentation for remote multipoint process monitoring using optical fibers and optical multiplexing
Author(s): Thomas M. Vess; S. Michael Angel
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Intracavity laser spectroscopy
Author(s): George H. Atkinson
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Transition saturation in ethylene observed with infrared photothermal spectrometry
Author(s): Stephen E. Bialkowski; Zhi-fang He
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Near-infrared laser diodes in monitoring applications
Author(s): Gabor Patonay; Jyh-Myng Zen; Tibor Czuppon
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Remote high-sensitivity Raman spectroscopy with fiber optics, diode lasers, and CCD spectrometers
Author(s): Richard L. McCreery
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Tomographic absorption spectroscopy of combustion gases using tunable infrared diode lasers
Author(s): Xiang Ouyang; Philip L. Varghese; John R. Howell
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Applications of remote fiber optic spectroscopy using IR fibers and Fourier transform infrared spectrometers
Author(s): Mark A. Druy; Paul J. Glatkowski; William A. Stevenson
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Portable surface-enhanced Raman toxic chemical analyzer development
Author(s): Wade E. Selph; Kimchinh K-C Tran; Michael J. Hurwitz; Jean Pierre Alarie; W. S. Sutherland; David L. Stokes; Tarasarkar Pal; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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In-situ tunable laser fluorescence analysis of hydrocarbons
Author(s): Gregory D. Gillispie; Randy W. St. Germain
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Optical monitor for microbial metabolism for hazardous waste application
Author(s): M. Ryan-Baker; Tuan Vo-Dinh; Guy D. Griffin; Gordon H. Miller; Jean Pierre Alarie; Robert S. Burlage; A. V. Palumbo; Dennis C. White; S. Herbes
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Surface-plasmon-enhanced Schottky barrier sensors
Author(s): Ian R. Tamm; Paul Dawson
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Automated spray extraction of volatile organic compounds from aqueous systems
Author(s): Goekhan Baykut; Paul Kowalski; John Wronka; Frank Laukien
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Optimization of the optical characteristics of a fiber-optic-guided laser fluorescence technique for the in-situ evaluation of fuels in soils
Author(s): Sabine E. Apitz; Gregory A. Theriault; Stephen H. Lieberman
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Laser-based microbiological assay for detection and quantification of bioactive compounds
Author(s): Ira Cecil Felkner
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Laser analysis of contaminant of Cl- in aqueous solution
Author(s): Akyhiro Iwata; Chiyoe Yamanaka; Nobuaki Nakashima; Yasukazu Izawa; Toshinobu Kitada; Eiji Murata
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Optical sensors in environmental applications
Author(s): Ashutosh Sharma
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Study on determination of micro amount oil in water by laser time-resolution fluorescence spectroscopic technique
Author(s): Yanbin Zhu; Junfu Ma
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Measurement of ammonia gas using fluorescence quenching
Author(s): Ashutosh Sharma; Zulfiqur Ali; Irving J. Higgins
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Indicators for the optical measurement of sulphur dioxide gas
Author(s): Ashutosh Sharma; Zulfiqur Ali; Daniel McStay
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Development of immunochemical personal exposure monitors for pentachlorophenol
Author(s): L. Thomas Hall; Jeanette Van Emon; Viorica Lopez-Avila
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Application of pH dyes for ammonia sensing by portable analyzer
Author(s): Sergei P. Golubkov; Nikolai A. Vasilenko; Radislav A. Potyrailo; Valerii S. Kovtun; Pavel S. Borsuk
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Measurement of hydrogen sulphide gas using fluorescence quenching
Author(s): Ashutosh Sharma; Zulfiqur Ali
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