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Free-Space Laser Communication Technologies IV
Editor(s): David L. Begley; Bernard D. Seery

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Volume Number: 1635
Date Published: 9 June 1992

Table of Contents
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Experimental determination of power penalty contributions in an optical Costas-type phase-locked loop receiver
Author(s): Dieter F. Hornbachner; Martin A. Schreiblehner; Walter R. Leeb; Arpad L. Scholtz
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Resonant laser receiver for free-space laser communications
Author(s): Robert J. Smith; Robert G. Marshalek; David L. Begley
Simple low-loss technique for frequency-locking lasers
Author(s): Edwina V. Andrews; Peter G. Wanninger; Thomas M. Shay
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Flight qualification of a wideband laser diode transmitter module
Author(s): Terry L. Holcomb; G. Stephen Mecherle
Direct phase modulation of laser diodes
Author(s): G. Stephen Mecherle
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10.6-um laser heterodyne frequency-tracking system with high stability
Author(s): Yu Hu; Xian Li; Wang Kai; Ming-zhen Lu; Yujin Huang
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Experimental results on an optical array antenna for nonmechanical beam steering
Author(s): Wolfgang M. Neubert; Walter R. Leeb; Arpad L. Scholtz
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Active alignment method for postlaunch coalignment of laser beam combiner systems
Author(s): Anthony W. Yu; J. W. Green; William L. Maynard; Peter O. Minott; Michael Anthony Krainak
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Optical pupil relay design for SILEX: optimizing wavefront error and transmit/receive beams coalignment
Author(s): Reginald P. Jonas
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Effects of the phased errors on beam combination
Author(s): Zhiping Hu; Shixiao Le; Darang Yang
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Potassium Faraday anomalous dispersion optical filter
Author(s): Bing Yin; Thomas M. Shay
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Bistable optical devices for the isotopic C13O216 laser communication
Author(s): Dayong Zhu; Zuowen Wan; Xuecai Yu; Naiqun Ye
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Optoelectronics research for communication programs at the Goddard Space Flight Center
Author(s): Michael Anthony Krainak
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Numerical simulation of a 325-Mbit/s QPPM optical communication system
Author(s): Anthony J. Martino
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Design options for an optical multiple-access data relay terminal
Author(s): Paul V. Gatenby; Michael A. Grant; Christopher I. Beard; Guy C. Baister
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System impact of the resonant laser receiver for free-space laser communications
Author(s): Robert G. Marshalek; Robert J. Smith; David L. Begley
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Survey of optical communication system technology for free-space transmission
Author(s): Christoph Noeldeke
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Laser crosslink subsystem: an overview
Author(s): Robert B. Deadrick; William F. Deckelman
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10.6-um laser heterodyne system with acousto-optic frequency modulation
Author(s): Yu Hu; Guangmin Cheng; Xian Li; Yong Zhu; Guangyong Zheng; Changgen Cheng; Minchun Li; Wang Kai
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Novel coherent-detection spatial-tracking system in free-space laser communications
Author(s): Jackie S. C. Fung
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Trial fabrication of acquisition, tracking, and pointing subsystem for intersatellite laser communication
Author(s): Hiroshi Arikawa; Shigeharu Nakamori
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Extended-source spatial acquisition process based on maximum-likelihood criterion for planetary optical communications
Author(s): Tsun-Yee Yan
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CCD-based optical tracking loop design trades
Author(s): Dana M. Southwood
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High-power master-oscillator power amplifier AlGaAs laser for intersatellite communications
Author(s): Donald M. Cornwell Jr.
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Silex beacon
Author(s): Daniel Malaise; Michel Renard
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Diffraction-limited collimating optics for high-aspect-ratio laser diode arrays
Author(s): Nelson W. Wallace; G. Stephen Mecherle
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Chaos behavior of an intracavity acousto-optic modulation system
Author(s): Darang Yang; Ru-Hua Song; Zhiping Hu; Yu Hu
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Progress on ten-meter optical receiver telescope
Author(s): Kamran S. Shaik
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100-Mbps resonant cavity phase modulator for coherent optical communications
Author(s): Chien-Chung Chen; Deborah L. Robinson; Hamid Hemmati
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100-Mbps coherent optical link demonstration using frequency-stabilized solid state lasers
Author(s): Chien-Chung Chen; Dalia Arbel; Moe Zaw Win
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Confidence range estimate of extended-source imagery acquisition algorithms via computer simulations
Author(s): Chien-Chung Chen; Elliot Hui; Garret T. Okamoto
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Gimballess multiaccess transceiver lasercom terminal development
Author(s): Ernest S. Clarke; D. D. Meyer; Monte Ross
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Spatial tracking using an electro-optic nutator and a single-mode optical fiber
Author(s): Todd E. Knibbe; Eric A. Swanson; James K. Roberge
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Improved wavelength stability of GaAs laser diodes under amplitude modulation
Author(s): William J. Gignac; Richard R. Craig; Stephen O'Brien; David G. Mehuys; David F. Welch; Donald R. Scifres
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Coherent optical homodyne receiver performance with an iron-doped indium phosphide photorefractive beam combiner
Author(s): Frederic M. Davidson; Christopher T. Field; Xiaoli Sun
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Analysis of a spatial-tracking subsystem for optical communications
Author(s): Moe Zaw Win; Chien-Chung Chen
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