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Laser-Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 1991
Editor(s): Harold E. Bennett; Lloyd L. Chase; Arthur H. Guenther; Brian Emerson Newnam; M. J. Soileau

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Volume Number: 1624
Date Published: 29 July 1992

Table of Contents
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Laser damage threshold measurements of AgGaSe2 crystal at 9 um
Author(s): Madhu A. Acharekar; James L. Montgomery; Ronald J. Rapp
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Broadband optical coatings for the novel high-power wide-tuning-range OPO lasers
Author(s): Donny Maladji A. Aminou
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Laser-induced functional damage to silicon CCD sensor arrays
Author(s): Michael F. Becker; Chen-Zhi Zhang; Ludovic Blarre; Rodger M. Walser
Laser-induced damage threshold comparison of reactive low-voltage ion-plated and e-beam coatings
Author(s): Robert Chow; Christopher J. Stolz; Frank Rainer; Gary E. Loomis; Karl H. Guenther; Bala Subramanian; X. Q. Hu
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Transient stress evolution and crystallization in laser-irradiated amorphous titania sol-gel films
Author(s): Gregory J. Exarhos; Nancy J. Hess; Susanne Wood
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High damage threshold mirrors and polarizers in the ZrO2/SiO2 and HfO2/SiO2 dielectric systems
Author(s): Carine Fournet; B. Pinot; Bernard Geenen; Francis Ollivier; W. Alexandre; Herve G. Floch; Andre Roussel; C. Cordillot; Danielle Billon
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Two-dimensional modeling of mechanical and thermal effects of high-power lasers on thin films
Author(s): Edward S. Gaffney; R. A. Matthews; Anthony J. Smith
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Effect of fabrication techniques on photodiode performance under 1.06-um pulsed-laser irradiation
Author(s): Austin L. Huang; Rodger M. Walser; Michael F. Becker
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Particle removal from surfaces by pulsed-laser irradiation
Author(s): J. Daniel Kelley
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Optical properties of titania films prepared by ion-assisted deposition
Author(s): M. Ghanashyam Krishna; K. Narasimharao; Sangeneni Mohan
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Laser-Hardened Materials Evaluation Laboratory testing facility
Author(s): Michael L. Lander; Marsha J. Wolf; C. R. Daniels; Robert J. Hull
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Perfluorinated copolymer coatings for high-power laser applications
Author(s): Semyon Papernov; Laurie Pedulla; V. Zandy; Ansgar W. Schmid; P. Resnick
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Absorption and damage threshold of KCl and KBr at 10.6 um
Author(s): Manfred Rahe; Reinhard Kunze; Holger Schmidt; Detlev Ristau; Herbert Welling
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Fabrication of optical surfaces with low subsurface damage using a float polishing process
Author(s): David W. Reicher; C. F. Kranenberg; R. S. Stowell; Kenneth C. Jungling; John Robert McNeil
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Laser-induced damage studies on step-index multimode fibers
Author(s): Robert E. Setchell; Paul E. Klingsporn
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Microstructural control of thin film thermal conductivity
Author(s): Lori J. Shaw-Klein; Stephen D. Jacobs; Stephen J. Burns; John C. Lambropoulos
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Near-angle transmission scattering in excimer laser components
Author(s): David T. Sheerin; David C. Emmony; Chris J. Hooker; Ian N. Ross; M. J. Shaw
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Damage test capabilities using a high-repetition-rate visible laser at LLNL
Author(s): Christopher J. Stolz; John R. Taylor; Timothy G. Sarginson
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Limits of survivability and damage for optical components used in a high-repetition-rate visible laser
Author(s): John R. Taylor; Christopher J. Stolz; Timothy G. Sarginson
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Energy dissipation during laser breakdown in solids
Author(s): Barry Ward; David C. Emmony
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Mapping of absorption in optical coatings
Author(s): Steve E. Watkins; Robert Heimlich; Robert Reis Jr.
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Observation and control of thin-film defects using in-situ total-internal-reflection microscopy
Author(s): Forrest L. Williams; Gary A. Peterson Jr.; Reed A. Schmell; Charles K. Carniglia
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Absorption and damage threshold measurements of optical coatings
Author(s): Reinhard Wolf; A. Fischer; G. Pfeifer; Bernhard Steiger; F. Wenzel; Dieter Schaefer
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Thermal diffusivity of thin films and surfaces investigated by transient thermal gratings
Author(s): Zhouling Wu; Javier Jauregui; Dieter Schaefer; Eckart Matthias
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In-situ investigation of laser conditioning of optical coatings
Author(s): Zhouling Wu; Zhengxiu Fan; Dieter Schaefer
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Thermal transport studies of diamond thin films
Author(s): Zhouling Wu; H. Gronbeck; X. Su; Zhengxiu Fan
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Defect characterization for thin films through thermal wave detection
Author(s): Zhouling Wu; Michael Reichling; Eberhard Welsch; Dieter Schaefer; Zhengxiu Fan; Eckart Matthias
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Photothermal measurement of thermal conductivity of optical coatings
Author(s): Zhouling Wu; Michael Reichling; H. Gronbeck; Zhengxiu Fan; Dieter Schaefer; Eckart Matthias
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Damage frequency measurements and optical properties of NIR coatings produced by ion-assisted deposition
Author(s): Achim Bernhardt; Andreas Starke
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Diamond windows for high-power lasers: an initial assessment
Author(s): Claude A. Klein
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Optical properties and damage thresholds of dielectric UV/VUV coatings deposited by conventional evaporation, IAD, and IBS
Author(s): Jurgen Kolbe; H. Kessler; T. Hofmann; Franz Meyer; Harald Schink; Detlev Ristau
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Examination of laser conditioning using atomic-force microscopy
Author(s): Aleta A. Tesar; Mehdi Balooch; Robert J. Tench; Christopher J. Stolz; Timothy G. Sarginson; Wigbert J. Siekhaus
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Super-lightweight mirror for laser fusion produced by porous fused silica
Author(s): Kunio Yoshida; Hidetsugu Yoshida; Shinji Motokoshi; Sadao Nakai; H. Miyazawa; Yoshiaki Okamoto
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Laser damage of optically polished KDP crystal
Author(s): Kunio Yoshida; Hidetsugu Yoshida; Sadao Nakai; Yoshimasa Katori; Takayuki Okamoto
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Low-pressure reactive dc-magnetron sputter deposition of metal-oxide thin films
Author(s): Bradley J. Pond; Tu Du; J. Sobczak; Charles K. Carniglia; Forrest L. Williams
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Diffusion-bonded composites of YAG single crystals
Author(s): Huai-Chuan Lee; Patrick L. Brownlie; Helmuth E. Meissner; Edward C. Rea Jr.
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Optical damage mechanisms in hafnia and silica thin films
Author(s): Lloyd L. Chase; Alex V. Hamza; Howard W. Lee
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Photon absorption and the decay of surface excitation on sapphire (1120)-(3x1)
Author(s): Alex V. Hamza; Robert S. Hughes Jr.; Lloyd L. Chase; Howard W. Lee
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Four-harmonic database of laser-damage testing
Author(s): Frank Rainer; L. Jeffrey Atherton; Jack H. Campbell; Frank P. De Marco; Mark R. Kozlowski; Amber J. Morgan; Michael C. Staggs
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In-situ atomic-force microscopy of laser-conditioned and laser-damaged HfO2/SiO2 dielectric mirror coatings
Author(s): Michael C. Staggs; Mehdi Balooch; Mark R. Kozlowski; Wigbert J. Siekhaus
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Processes for the elimination of fogging on KDP crystals prior to and during use in laser systems
Author(s): Ian M. Thomas; Mark R. Kozlowski; Gary J. Edwards; Kenneth A. Stanion; Baruch A. Fuchs
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Nonlinear refraction in UV transmitting materials
Author(s): Mansoor Sheik-Bahae; Richard John DeSalvo; Ali A. Said; David J. Hagan; M. J. Soileau; Eric W. Van Stryland
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Light scattering of highest damage resistant fluoride HR coating for KrF laser
Author(s): Takao Izawa; R. Uchimura; N. Yamamura; T. Yakuoh; Yoshiro Owadano; Yuji Matsumoto; M. Yano
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Influence of the laser pulse length and shape on the damage threshold of UV optics
Author(s): Klaus R. Mann; Harald Gerhardt; G. Pfeifer; Reinhard Wolf
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NASA's needs for damage-resistant optics
Author(s): Norman P. Barnes
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Laser damage results on planar high-temperature chemical vapor deposition coatings
Author(s): Raymond M. Brusasco
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