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Cooperative Intelligent Robotics in Space II
Editor(s): William E. Stoney

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Volume Number: 1612
Date Published: 1 March 1992

Table of Contents
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Future needs for space robots for SEI
Author(s): Jon D. Erickson; Charles R. Price; Don Cooke
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Characteristics and requirements of robotic manipulators for space operations
Author(s): James F. Andary; Dennis R. Hewitt; Peter D. Spidaliere; Robert W. Lambeck
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Achieving safe autonomous landings on Mars using vision-based approaches
Author(s): Homer H. Pien
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Addressing the issue of system identification for space manipulators
Author(s): Joy H. Kelly; R. L. Glade; Thomas M. Depkovich
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Advanced processing architectures that accommodate autonomy
Author(s): Philip C. Daley
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Resolving sensor processing issues for intelligent space robotics
Author(s): Carolyn A. Vallado
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Applying neural networks in autonomous systems
Author(s): Allison L. Thornbrugh; J. Daniel Layne; James M. Wilson III
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Unsupervised learning for autonomous systems
Author(s): Adel L. Ali; Kamal Ali
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Planning under uncertainty in the NASA FTS environment
Author(s): Michael C. Moed; Robert B. Kelley
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Planning and executing visually constrained robot motions
Author(s): Armando Fox; Andres Castano; Seth A. Hutchinson
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Modeling of a nonlinear space robotic system for precision and control
Author(s): Indar L. Bhatia
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Time-optimal trajectory generation for coordinated robotic manipulators using cell-to-cell mapping method
Author(s): Fei-Yue Wang; Bing Pu
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Optimal damped least-squares methods for inverse kinematics of robot manipulators
Author(s): Arati S. Deo; Ian David Walker
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Using qualitative reasoning for robot task planning
Author(s): Phil Schaefer
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Model-based matching using simulated annealing and a minimum-representation-size criterion
Author(s): Ravi B. Ravichandran; Arthur C. Sanderson
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Efficient visual grasping alignment for cylinders
Author(s): Keith E. Nicewarner; Robert B. Kelley
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Robot path planning for space-truss assembly
Author(s): Rolf Muenger; Arthur C. Sanderson
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Representing dextrous manipulators with the spherically extended polytope model
Author(s): Gregory J. Hamlin; Josep Tornero; Robert B. Kelley
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Force regulation in multiple-manipulator systems
Author(s): John T. Wen; Steve H. Murphy
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Pose determination using point features
Author(s): Vincent S. S. Hwang; Richard L. Keizer; Thomas K. Winkert; Peter D. Spidaliere
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Accuracy of locating circular features using machine vision
Author(s): Cheryl W. Sklair; William A. Hoff; Lance B. Gatrell
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Robust image features: concentric contrasting circles and their image extraction
Author(s): Lance B. Gatrell; William A. Hoff; Cheryl W. Sklair
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Initial experiments on the end-point control of a 2-DOF long-reach elastic manipulator
Author(s): Eric Schmitz; Madison Ramey
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Vision navigator for free-flying robots
Author(s): Ali J. Azarbayejani; Harold L. Alexander
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Fiber optic coupled coherent laser radar sensing system for robotic applications
Author(s): Anthony R. Slotwinski; James J. Genova
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World model and its uncertainty in supervisory robot control
Author(s): Jong H. Park; Thomas B. Sheridan
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Emergence of telerobotic control enhancement from research in machine autonomy
Author(s): Albert G. Haddad Sr.; John Carl Adams; Peter A. Berardo; Kent O. Ohlund; David L. Van Vactor
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Virtual display aids for teleoperation
Author(s): Ravi K. Chiruvolu; Vincent S. S. Hwang; Thomas B. Sheridan
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Telerobotic virtual control system
Author(s): Shumin Zhai; Paul Milgram
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Incorporating robot vision in teleautonomous systems
Author(s): Shao Lejun; Richard A. Volz; Lynn Conway; Michael W. Walker
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Interactive scene analysis module: a sensor-database fusion system for telerobotic environments
Author(s): Eric G. Cooper; Sixto L. Vazquez; Plesent W. Goode
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Real-time proximity cues for teleoperation using model-based force reflection
Author(s): Guy Bruno; Matthew K. Morgenthaler
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Grasp synthesis for planar and solid objects
Author(s): Yu-Che Chen; Ian David Walker; John B. Cheatham, Jr.
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Intelligent robotics capabilities of the teleautonomy testbed
Author(s): Philip C. Daley; Guy Bruno
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Preliminary test results and upgrades for an automated assembly system
Author(s): Ralph W. Will; Marvin D. Rhodes; Cuong Quach
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Technology test results from an intelligent, free-flying robot for crew and equipment retrieval in space
Author(s): Jon D. Erickson; R. Goode; K. A. Grimm; Clifford W. Hess; Robert S. Norsworthy; Greg D. Anderson; L. Merkel; Dale E. Phinney
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Neutral buoyancy simulation of space telerobotics operations
Author(s): David L. Akin; Russell D. Howard
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