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Dry Etch Technology
Editor(s): Deepak Ranadive

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Volume Number: 1593
Date Published: 1 February 1992

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Evaluation of silicon surface damage induced by plasma radiation
Author(s): Masahiro Yoneda; K. Kawai; Hiroshi Miyatake; Nobuo Fujiwara; K. Nishioka; Haruhiko Abe
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Wafer charging in different types of plasma etchers
Author(s): Takashi Namura; Hirofumi Uchida; Hiroyuki Okada; Atsushi Koshio; Satoshi Nakagawa; Yoshihiro Todokoro; Morio Inoue
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In-situ auto ash: a key to reducing process-generated particles
Author(s): Zia Hasan; Joseph A. Maher; James E. Nulty; Larry Krynski
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Characterization of silicon damage during LDD oxide spacer etch with the use of thermal-wave-modulated reflectance
Author(s): Karen A. Reinhardt; Francois M. Dumesnil
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Surface contamination control during plasma etching
Author(s): Hiroshi Miyatake; K. Kawai; Nobuo Fujiwara; Masahiro Yoneda; K. Nishioka; Haruhiko Abe
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Consideration on the resolution limit of the resist silylated process
Author(s): Keisuke Tanimoto; Hiroyuki Komeda; Daisuke Takehara; Ryohei Kawabata; Hikou Shibayama
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Mathematical model of the plasma etching of resists containing silicon
Author(s): Dan V. Nicolau; Gheorghita Jinescu; Florin Fulga; Mircea V. Dusa
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Interferometric monitoring and control of silicon incorporation in the diffusion-enhanced silylated resist process
Author(s): Maureen A. Hanratty; Ajit P. Paranjpe; Steven A. Henck; Rhett Barry Jucha
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ECR plasma and etch characterization of photoresist dry etch processes
Author(s): Kyoung Youn Cho; Dong Won Im
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Study of relationship between silylated profile and resist profile through variation in the process condition and resist materials in the DESIRE process
Author(s): Kazuo Taira; Junichi Takahashi; Kazunori Kato; Kenji Yanagihara
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Application-specific integrated processing for ULSI
Author(s): James E. Nulty; Joseph A. Maher
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Correlation of real-time-monitored process module parameters and wafer results
Author(s): Terry R. Turner
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Etching of copper at high rates via generation of volatile copper species
Author(s): Kai-Ming Chi; Janos Farkas; Toivo T. Kodas; Mark J. Hampden-Smith
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Mechanisms of silicon oxide etching in a highly polymerized fluorocarbon plasma
Author(s): Naokatsu Ikegami; Nobuo Ozawa; Yasuhiro Miyakawa; Jun Kanamori
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Chemically assisted ion beam etching of GaAs and GaSb using reactive flux of iodine and Ar+ beam
Author(s): Lalit M. Bharadwaj; P. Bonhomme; J. Faure; G. Balossier; Ram P. Bajpai
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Reactive sputtering of Si/SiNx quarter-wave dielectric mirrors using in-situ laser reflectometry
Author(s): Dubravko I. Babic; Thomas E. Reynolds; Evelyn L. Hu; John Edward Bowers
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Photochemical etching and oxidation of GaSb stimulated by pulsed UV laser irradiations
Author(s): Etienne J. Petit; Y. Caudano; A. Gouskov; Georges Bougnot
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In-situ monitoring of GaAs MBE by low-energy ion scattering
Author(s): Minoru Kubo; Tadashi Narusawa
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Relationship between DUV lithography and etch for pattern transfer
Author(s): Joyce Z. Witowski; Elliott Sean Capsuto; Satyendra S. Sethi; John Kochan
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Studies of low-pressure helical resonator discharges for advanced etching
Author(s): Dale E. Ibbotson; Chorng Ping Chang
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Protection of aluminum alloy films from after corrosion using H2O down stream ashing
Author(s): Fukashi Harada; T. Kondo; J. Konno; Shuzo Fujimura; K. Shinagawa; T. Takada
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How to etch the optimal silicon trench: profile development and process discussion
Author(s): Wolfgang Pilz; K. Graendorff; Joachim Janes; Joachim Pelka
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