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Infrared Fiber Optics III

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Volume Number: 1591
Date Published: 1 January 1992

Table of Contents
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Crystalline and hollow infrared fiber optics
Author(s): James A. Harrington
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Use of microgravity for investigating phase separation and crystallization in a heavy metal fluoride glass
Author(s): Sudhanshu Varma; S. Eswar Prasad; Ian Murley; T. A. Wheat
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Mechanical properties of aluminum fluoride glass fibers
Author(s): James Colaizzi; M. John Matthewson; Tariq Iqbal; Mahmoud R. Shahriari
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Chalcogenide glass optical fibers
Author(s): Albert Ray Hilton Sr.
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New IR glass fibers based on tellurium halide
Author(s): Xhang Hua Zhang; Hong Li Ma; Jacques Lucas
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Attenuated total reflection spectroscopy with chalcogenide bitapered fibers
Author(s): Aharon Bornstein; Moti Katz; Asher Baram; Dan Wolfman
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Mechanical resistance of silver halide infrared fibers
Author(s): Nitzan Barkay; Abraham Katzir
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CO2 laser-induced breakdown in AgClxBr1-x crystals, polycrystalline samples, and fibers
Author(s): Lev Nagli; Abraham Katzir
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Properties of silver halide core-clad fibers and the use of fiber bundles for thermal imaging
Author(s): Idan Paiss; Frank Moser; Abraham Katzir
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Mechanisms of optical losses in polycrystalline fibers
Author(s): Vjacheslav G. Artioushenko; Alexander A. Lerman; E. G. Litvinenko; A. O. Nabatov; Vitali I. Konov; Andrian I. Kouznetsov; Victor G. Plotnichenko; I. L. Pylnov; V. A. Shtein-Margolina; A. A. Urusovskaja; V. V. Vojtsekhovsky; N. D. Zaharov; Wolfgang Neuberger; Kelly B. Moran
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Water adsorption and desorption on silver halide IR fibers
Author(s): Yael Karari-Barak; Abraham Katzir
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Single-crystal fibers for laser power delivery
Author(s): Glenn N. Merberg; James A. Harrington
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Fabrication of thin dielectric-coated square waveguides for CO2 laser light transmission
Author(s): Hisatada Machida; Atsushi Nishimura; Hitoshi Ishikawa; Mitsunobu Miyagi
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Investigation of the deposited metallic and the dielectric layers in plastic hollow fiber
Author(s): Reuben Dahan; Jacob Dror; M. Alaluf; Israel Gannot; Nathan I. Croitoru
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Buffer coatings and cable assembly techniques for infrared fiber
Author(s): Robert Jay Burger; David J. McEnroe; Lubos J. B. Vacha; Nel Farland; J. R. Clark
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Evanescent-wave spectroscopy down infrared transmitting optical fibers
Author(s): Richard D. Driver; James N. Downing; Garett M. Leskowitz
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Spectroscopy of gases using IR fibers
Author(s): Vincent P. Ruddy
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Liquid and gas fiber optic evanescent-wave spectroscopy by tunable lasers
Author(s): Avi Messica; Abraham Katzir; U. Schiessl; Maurus Tacke
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Application of infrared fibers in diode laser trace gas analysis
Author(s): Roland Grisar; Joachim Anders; Manfred Knothe; Wolfgang J. Riedel
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Infrared diode laser chemical sensors with multipass cell based on silver halide and chalcogenide fibers
Author(s): Vjacheslav G. Artioushenko; Victor G. Plotnichenko; Eugene V. Stepanov; Alexander I. Nadezhdinskii; Andrian I. Kouznetsov; Konstantin L. Moskalenko
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Chalcogenide glass fibers for remote spectroscopic chemical sensing
Author(s): Monica Rodrigues; George H. Sigel Jr.
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Evanescent-wave spectroscopy using chalcogenide glass fiber: theoretical analysis and experiments
Author(s): Moti Katz; Aharon Bornstein; Itzhak Schnitzer; Abraham Katzir
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Remote spectroscopy using mid-IR fiber-coupled laboratory apparatus
Author(s): Robert Jay Burger; Peter J. Melling; William R. Moser; Joseph R. Berard
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Infrared delivery systems for Er:YAG laser
Author(s): Uichi Kubo; Yuichi Hashishin; Hiroyuki Tanaka; Takayasu Mochizuki
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Multiplexed sensor systems in quantitative FTIR process spectroscopy
Author(s): Richard D. Driver; M. L. Brubaker; James N. Downing; Garett M. Leskowitz; John D. Stark
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ZnSe-coated Ag waveguide for CO2 laser light transmission
Author(s): Yuji Matsuura; Mitsunobu Miyagi
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Plastic hollow waveguides as transmitters and filters in mid-IR radiation
Author(s): M. Alaluf; Jacob Dror; Nathan I. Croitoru
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Intermodal interference in the middle-IR waveguides
Author(s): Vjacheslav G. Artioushenko; Karen I. Kalaidjian; Michael M. Mirakian
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Applications of remote fiber optic spectroscopy using IR fibers and Fourier transform infrared spectrometers
Author(s): Mark A. Druy; Paul J. Glatkowski; William A. Stevenson
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High-excitation-density luminescence as probe of mixed silver halides
Author(s): Donats K. Millers; Larisa Grigorjeva; Eugene A. Kotomin; E. Krivads; R. I. Eglitis
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