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Submolecular Glass Chemistry and Physics
Editor(s): Phillip Bray; Norbert J. Kreidl

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Volume Number: 1590
Date Published: 1 November 1991

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Sol-gel overview: transparent, microporous silica, its synthesis and characterization
Author(s): Lisa C. Klein
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Gradient-index fiber-optic preforms by a sol-gel method
Author(s): Mark A. Banash; J. Brian Caldwell; Tessie M. Che; Robert M. Mininni; Paul R. Soskey; Victor N. Warden; Edward J. A. Pope
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Experimental and theoretical investigation of surface- and bulk-induced attenuation in solution-deposited waveguides
Author(s): Ronald L. Roncone; James J. Burke; Lori Weisenbach; Brian J.J. Zelinski
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Waveguide formation by laser irradiation of sol-gel coatings
Author(s): Thomas C. Zaugg; Brian D. Fabes; Lori Weisenbach; Brian J.J. Zelinski
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Development of optical waveguides by sol-gel techniques for laser patterning
Author(s): Helmut K. Schmidt; Herbert Krug; Reiner Kasemann; Frank Tiefensee
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Low-temperature ion exchange of dried gels for potential waveguide fabrication in glasses
Author(s): William M. Risen Jr.; Theodore F. Morse; George Tsagaropoulos
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Influence of processing variables on the optical properties of SiO2-TiO2 planar waveguides
Author(s): Lori Weisenbach; Brian J.J. Zelinski; John O'Kelly; Jeanne Morreale; Ronald L. Roncone; James J. Burke
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Supported sol-gel thin-film glasses embodying laser dyes II: three-layered waveguide assemblies
Author(s): Yair Haruvy; Adam Heller; Stephen E. Webber
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Photosensitivity in optical fibers: detection, characterization, and application to the fabrication of in-core fiber index gratings
Author(s): Bernard Malo; Francois Bilodeau; Derwyn C. Johnson; Iain M. Skinner; Kenneth O. Hill; Theodore F. Morse; Arnd Kilian; Lawrence J. Reinhart; Kyunghwan Oh
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Evaluation of parameters in stimulated backward Brillouin scattering
Author(s): C. A. S. de Oliveira; Cheng-Kuei Jen
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Acoustic characterization of optical fiber glasses
Author(s): Cheng-Kuei Jen; Christian Neron; Alain Z. Shang; Koichi Abe; Lee J. Bonnell; J. Kushibiki; Costas Saravanos
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Mixed-convection effects during the drawing of optical fibers
Author(s): Haris Papamichael; Ioannis N. Miaoulis
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Mechanisms of UV-laser-induced absorption in fused silica fibers
Author(s): Vjacheslav G. Artioushenko; Vitali I. Konov; Nikita Yu. Konstantinov; Vladimir P. Pashinin; Alexander S. Silenok; Gerhard J. Mueller; Brita J. Schaldach; R. Ulrich; Wolfgang Neuberger; Jose L. Castro
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Optical effects induced in oxide glasses by irradiation
Author(s): Roger J. Araujo; Nicholas F. Borrelli
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Thermal relaxation of tellurium-halide-based glasses
Author(s): Hong Li Ma; Xhang Hua Zhang; Jacques Lucas
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Glasses including quantum dots of cadmium sulfide, silver, and laser dyes
Author(s): Renata Reisfeld; Marek Eyal; Valery Chernyak; Christian Klixbull Jorgensen
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Fatigue-resistant coating of SiO2 glass
Author(s): Minoru Tomozawa; Won-Taek Han; Kenneth M. Davis
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Fluorescence properties of Cu+ ion in borate and phosphate glasses
Author(s): P. Boutinaud; C. Parent; Gilles Le Flem; Bernard Moine; Christian Pedrini; Erik Duloisy
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Application of statistical design in materials development and production
Author(s): G. Pouskouleli; T. A. Wheat; A. Ahmad; Sudhanshu Varma; S. Eswar Prasad
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Scattering properties of ZrF4-based glasses prepared by the gas film levitation technique
Author(s): Adolphe R. Lopez; Pascal Baniel; Pascal Gall-Borrut; Jean E. Granier
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Possibility of a "lithium glass" state appearance in the Li3Sc2-xFex(PO4)3 superionic solid solutions
Author(s): Vladimir I. Michailov; Sergei E. Sigaryov; Vladimir G. Terziev
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XPS, IR, and Mossbauer studies of lithium phosphate glasses containing iron oxides
Author(s): Guomei Wang; Jiaheng Lei; Huaishun Yun; Liping Guo; Baohui Jin
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Synthesis and properties of sol-gel-derived AgClxBr1-x colloid containing sodium alumo borosilicate glasses
Author(s): Martin Mennig; Helmut K. Schmidt; Claudia Fink-Straube
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Melt processing of calcium aluminate fibers with sapphirelike infrared transmission
Author(s): Frederick T. Wallenberger; J. A. Koutsky; Sherman D. Brown
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Spectroscopic characteristics of Eu-doped aluminosilicate optical fiber preform
Author(s): Kyunghwan Oh; Theodore F. Morse; Lawrence J. Reinhart; Arnd Kilian
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