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Fiber Optic Smart Structures and Skins IV

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Volume Number: 1588
Date Published: 1 December 1991

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Low-profile fibers for embedded smart structure applications
Author(s): Ashish M. Vengsarkar; Kent A. Murphy; Michael F. Gunther; Angela J. Plante; Richard O. Claus
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Analysis of macro-model composites with Fabry-Perot fiber-optic sensors
Author(s): Brian R. Fogg; William V. Miller III; John J. Lesko; Gregory Paul Carman; Ashish M. Vengsarkar; Kenneth L. Reifsnider; Richard O. Claus
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Phase-strain-temperature model for structurally embedded interferometric optical fiber strain sensors with applications
Author(s): James S. Sirkis
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Role of adhesion in optical-fiber-based smart composite structures and its implementation in strain analysis for the modeling of an embedded optical fiber
Author(s): Celene DiFrancia; Richard O. Claus; T. C. Ward
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Damage detection in woven-composite materials using embedded fiber-optic sensors
Author(s): Philippe Bonniau; Jean Chazelas; Jerome Lecuellet; Francois Gendre; Marc J. Turpin; Jean-Pierre Le Pesant; Michele Brevignon
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Composite damage assessment employing an optical neural network processor and an embedded fiber-optic sensor array
Author(s): Barry G. Grossman; Xing Gao; Michael H. Thursby
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Microinteraction of optical fibers embedded in laminated composites
Author(s): Hemant Singh; James S. Sirkis; Abhijit Dasgupta
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Thermal plastic metal coatings on optical fiber sensors
Author(s): James S. Sirkis; Abhijit Dasgupta
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Optical coatings to reduce temperature sensitivity of polarization-maintaining fibers for smart structures and skins
Author(s): Feng Zhang; John W.Y. Lit
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Method for embedding optical fibers and optical fiber sensors in metal parts and structures
Author(s): Chung E. Lee; Jorge J. Alcoz; William N. Gibler; Robert A. Atkins; Henry Fuller Taylor
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Sapphire fiber interferometer for microdisplacement measurements at high temperatures
Author(s): Kent A. Murphy; Brian R. Fogg; George Z. Wang; Ashish M. Vengsarkar; Richard O. Claus
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Cooperative implementation of a high-temperature acoustic sensor
Author(s): S. Eric Baldini; Edward Nowakowski; Herb G. Smith Jr.; E. Joseph Friebele; Martin A. Putnam; Robert S. Rogowski; Leland D. Melvin; Richard O. Claus; Tuan A. Tran; Milford S. Holben Jr.
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Fabry-Perot fiber-optic sensors in full-scale fatigue testing on an F-15 aircraft
Author(s): Kent A. Murphy; Michael F. Gunther; Ashish M. Vengsarkar; Richard O. Claus
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Parallel coherence receiver for quasidistributed optical sensor
Author(s): Pierre Sansonetti; Jean-Jacques Guerin; Michel Lequime; J. Debrie
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Minimum detectable changes in Rayleigh backscatter from distributed fiber sensors
Author(s): Brian K. Garside; R. E. Park
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Photofluidics for integrating fiber sensors with high-authority mechanical actuators
Author(s): Richard O. Claus; Kent A. Murphy; Brian R. Fogg; David Sun; Ashish M. Vengsarkar
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Interferometric signal processing schemes for the measurement of strain
Author(s): Timothy A. Berkoff; Alan D. Kersey
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Embedded fiber-optic sensors in large structures
Author(s): Eric Udd
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Smart civil structures: an overview
Author(s): Dryver R. Huston
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Intelligent composites containing measuring fiber-optic networks for continuous self-diagnosis
Author(s): Pierre Sansonetti; Michel Lequime; D. Engrand; Jean-Jacques Guerin; Roger Davidson; Scott S. J. Roberts; B. Fornari; Mario Martinelli; Priscilla Escobar Rojo; Valeria Gusmeroli; Pierre Ferdinand; J. Plantey; Margaret F. Crowther; Brian Culshaw; W. Craig Michie
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Optical sensors embedded in composite materials
Author(s): Jean Claud Bocquet; Pierre Lecoy; Didier Baptiste
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Neural control of smart electromagnetic structures
Author(s): Michael H. Thursby; Kisuck Yoo; Barry G. Grossman
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Investigation of optical fibers as sensors for condition monitoring of composite materials
Author(s): Peter Louring Nielsen
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Model of an axially strained weakly guiding optical fiber modal pattern
Author(s): Claudio Oliveira Egalon; Robert S. Rogowski
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Strain sensing using a fiber-optic Bragg grating
Author(s): Serge Melle; Kexing Liu; Raymond M. Measures
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Study of an opto-ultrasonic technique for cure monitoring
Author(s): Andrew Davis; Myo Myint Ohn; Kexing Liu; Raymond M. Measures
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Application issues of fiber-optic sensors in aircraft structures
Author(s): Zhuo Jun Lu; Franz A. Blaha
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Composite-embedded fiber-optic data links and related material/connector issues
Author(s): Robert E. Morgan; Sandy L. Ehlers; Katharine J. Jones
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Real-time structural integrity monitoring using a passive quadrature demodulated, localized Michelson optical fiber interferometer capable of simultaneous strain and acoustic emission sensing
Author(s): Edward Tapanes
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Fiber optic sensor considerations and developments for smart structures
Author(s): Raymond M. Measures
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Development of a fiber Fabry-Perot strain gauge
Author(s): W. Dayle Hogg; Doug Janzen; Tomas Valis; Raymond M. Measures
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Demodulation of a fiber Fabry-Perot strain sensor using white light interferometry
Author(s): Gary Zuliani; W. Dayle Hogg; Kexing Liu; Raymond M. Measures
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Activities at the Smart Structures Research Institute
Author(s): Peter T. Gardiner
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Mechanical properties of composite materials containing embedded fiber-optic sensors
Author(s): Scott S. J. Roberts; Roger Davidson
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Fiber optic technique for simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature variations in composite materials
Author(s): W. Craig Michie; Brian Culshaw; Scott S. J. Roberts; Roger Davidson
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