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Fiber Optic Gyros: 15th Anniversary Conf
Editor(s): Shaoul Ezekiel; Eric Udd

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Volume Number: 1585
Date Published: 1 February 1992

Table of Contents
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Productionization of Fiber Gyros at Litton Guidance and Control Systems
Author(s): G.A. Pavlath
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Fiber optic gyro productization at JAE (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Kazuhiro Sakuma
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Fiber optic gyro productization at Hitachi (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Hiroshi Kajioka; Tatsuya Kumagai; Hisanori Nakai; Hisao Iizuka; Masashi Nakamura; Koodo Yamada
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Fiber optic gyro productization at Mitsubishi Precision Co., Ltd. (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Yoshiaki Hayakawa; Akihiro Kurokawa
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Fiber optic gyro productization at Photonetics (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Herve C. Lefevre; Philippe Martin; J. Morisse; Pascal Simonpietri; P. Vivenot; Herve J. Arditti
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Progress toward fiber optic gyro production (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Alan Malvern
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Fiber optic gyro productization at Alcatel SEL (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Wilfried Auch; Michael Oswald; Rolf A. Regener
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Development of fiber optic gyroscope with environmental ruggedness
Author(s): Aritaka Ohno; Shinji Motohara; Ryuji Usui; Yuji Itoh; Kenichi Okada
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Closed-loop fiber optic gyro triad
Author(s): Hanns Juergen Bueschelberger; Manfred W. Kemmler
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Telescope pointing and tracking with optical gyros
Author(s): Werner W. Schroeder; H. Dahlmann; B. Huber; L. Schuessele; Fritz Merkle; Martin Ravensbergen
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Drift reduction in an optical passive ring resonator gyro (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Kazuo Hotate; Koichi Takiguchi
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Single-polarization fiber optic resonator for gyro applications
Author(s): Robert P. Dahlgren; Robert E. Sutherland
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Effect on gyro drift with an in-loop polarizer in an optical passive ring resonator
Author(s): Graeme A. McRobbie; Ivan Andonovic; Brian Culshaw; Alan Malvern
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Passive ring resonator fiber optic gyro using modulatable highly coherent laser diode module
Author(s): Tohru Imai; Ken-ichi Nishide; Hideo Ochi; Motoichi Ohtsu
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Resonator fiber optic gyro employing a polarization-rotating resonator
Author(s): Lee K. Strandjord; Glen A. Sanders
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Test apparatus of distributed polarization coupling in fiber gyro coils using white light interferometry
Author(s): Philippe Martin; Gilles Le Boudec; Herve C. Lefevre
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Inertial-grade fiber gyro utilizing an advanced integrated optical circuit with beat detection
Author(s): Oldrich M. Laznicka Jr.; Paul G. Suchoski Jr.
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Novel detection scheme for low-cost all-fiber gyroscope
Author(s): H. G. Goeckler; T. Gebauer; Michael Schneider; Klaus Uwe Baron
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Single-channel phase-tracker for the open-loop fiber optic gyroscope
Author(s): Alan D. Kersey; Robert P. Moeller; Timothy A. Berkoff; William K. Burns
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Research on the phase-modulation theory in fiber optic gyro
Author(s): Senlu Xu; Gei-peng Luo; Jian Li
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Open-loop fiber optic gyroscope with wide dynamic range and source variation insensitivity
Author(s): Stephanus J. Spammer; Pieter L. Swart
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Signal processing schemes for open-loop optical fiber gyroscopes
Author(s): Shigeru Oho; Hisao Sonobe; Takao Sasayama; Hiroshi Kajioka; Tatsuya Kumagai
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Drift-compensating FOG modulation/signal processing technique
Author(s): Walter Kaegi; Frank J. Furrer; Alex van Heereveld
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Usage of dispersive effects for scale factor correction in the fiber optic gyro
Author(s): Eric Udd
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Nonreciprocal phase bias in a fiber gyro with imperfect spatial mode filters
Author(s): Valery A. Kozlov; Vassil V. Vassilev; Roman L. Shubochkin
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Test results of Honeywell's first-generation high-performance interferometric fiber optic gyroscope
Author(s): Ren-Young Liu; Tamim F. El-Wailly; Rudolf C. Dankwort
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Analysis of temperature and stress effects in fiber optic gyroscopes (Proceedings Only)
Author(s): Paul B. Ruffin; Cassie M. Lofts; Jones S. Hamilton; Chi C. Sung; Robert L. Morgan
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AM noise reduction in fiber optic rotation sensors
Author(s): Hidehiko Negishi; Yoshinori Takeuchi; Yoshihiko Honjoya; Yuko Takei; Yukio Kasahara
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Experimental results on fiber gyro coil-winding cost reduction
Author(s): Ronald H. Smith
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Miniature SLD module for fiber optic gyroscope
Author(s): Aritaka Ohno; Yutaka Ishii; Suminori Kamimatsuse; Hiroyuki Honma; Kohsuke Maezawa
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Fiber laser gyros based on stimulated Brillouin scattering (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Stephen P. Smith; F. Zarinetchi; Shaoul Ezekiel
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Multimode fiber optic gyrometer
Author(s): M. Bouamra; Patrick Meyrueis
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1.06-um all-fiber optical gyroscope
Author(s): William K. Burns; Robert P. Moeller; Carl A. Villarruel
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Medium-accuracy fiber optic gyroscope using integrated optical circuit technology
Author(s): Oldrich M. Laznicka Jr.; Andrew John Maltenfort; Karl M. Kissa
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Comparison between open-loop and closed-loop fiber optic gyroscopes with polarizing and depolarizing components
Author(s): Siegmund Schroeter; Wolfgang Ecke; Reinhardt Willsch
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Laser intensity noise in a fiber optic gyroscope system due to signal feedback
Author(s): Wei Jin; Brian Culshaw
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White light interferometry for testing FOG components
Author(s): Manfred W. Kemmler; Hanns Juergen Bueschelberger
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Developments in the characterization and performance of optical fiber polarizing devices using thin metal films
Author(s): Walter Johnstone; S. Carey; Brian Culshaw
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Broadband fiber sources for gyros
Author(s): Paul F. Wysocki; Michel J. F. Digonnet; Byoung Yoon Kim; H. John Shaw
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Performance of polarization-maintaining single-mode optical fiber for IFOG applications
Author(s): Vincent P. Martinelli; Robert M. Hawk
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High-performance Ti-indiffused LiNbO3 multifunction chip for use in fiber optic gyros
Author(s): Bogdan Szafraniec; Clarence L. Laskoskie; Dick Ang; James N. Blake
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Small-size simple configuration fiber optic gyro
Author(s): Valerii N. Logozinskii; Alexandr T. Semenov
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All-fiber closed-loop gyroscope with zero rate and scale factor self-calibration
Author(s): Wolfgang Ecke; Siegmund Schroeter; Guenter Schwotzer; Reinhardt Willsch
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Low-cost passive fiber optic gyroscope
Author(s): Engelbert Hartl; Gert F. Trommer; R. Mueller; Hans Poisel
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Rate integrating fiber optic gyro: from the theoretical concept to system mechanization
Author(s): Bernard G. Fidric; Daniel A. Tazartes; Amado Cordova; J. Mark
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Environmentally robust fiber optic gyro component development and productization
Author(s): Y. Alber Choi; Amado Cordova; Ching-Fa Chen; Chin Lung Chang
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