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Stochastic and Neural Methods in Signal Processing, Image Processing, and Computer Vision
Editor(s): Su-Shing Chen

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Volume Number: 1569
Date Published: 1 October 1991

Table of Contents
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Considering multiple-surface hypotheses in a Bayesian hierarchy
Author(s): Steven M. LaValle; Seth A. Hutchinson
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Example of a Bayes network of relations among visual features
Author(s): John Mark Agosta
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Recursive computation of a wire-frame representation of a scene from dynamic stereo using belief functions
Author(s): Arun P. Tirumalai; Brian G. Schunck; Ramesh C. Jain
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Hierarchical Dempster-Shafer evidential reasoning for image interpretation
Author(s): Keith M. Andress
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Application of Dempster-Shafer theory to a novel control scheme for sensor fusion
Author(s): Robin R. Murphy
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Bayesian signal reconstruction from Fourier transform magnitude and x-ray crystallography
Author(s): Peter C. Doerschuk
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Simulated annealing image reconstruction for an x-ray coded source tomograph
Author(s): Mohsine El Alaoui; Isabelle E. Magnin; Michel Amiel
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General method for accelerating simulated annealing algorithms for Bayesian image restoration
Author(s): Griff L. Bilbro
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Timbre discrimination of signals with identical pitch using neural networks
Author(s): Samir I. Sayegh M.D.; Carlos A. Pomalaza-Raez; E. Tepper; B. A. Beer
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Fast algorithm for a neocognitron neural network with back-propagation
Author(s): Kent Pu Qing; Robert W. Means
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Target identification by means of adaptive neural networks in thermal infrared images
Author(s): Marc P. J. Acheroy; Wim Mees
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Neural network approach for object orientation classification
Author(s): Keith K. Yeung; Pierre Zakarauskas; Allan G. McCray
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Shape discrimination using invariant Fourier representation and a neural network classifier
Author(s): Hsien-Huang Peter Wu; Robert A. Schowengerdt
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Bayesian estimation of smooth object motion using data from direction-sensitive velocity sensors
Author(s): David Yushan Fong; Carlos A. Pomalaza-Raez
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Recovering absolute depth and motion of multiple objects from intensity images
Author(s): Fan Jiang; Brian G. Schunck
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Stochastic field-based object recognition in computer vision
Author(s): Dongping Zhu; A. A. Beex; Richard W. Conners
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Robust statistical method for background extraction in image segmentation
Author(s): Arturo A. Rodriguez; O. Robert Mitchell
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Challenges of vision theory: self-organization of neural mechanisms for stable steering of object-grouping data in visual motion perception
Author(s): Jonathan A. Marshall
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Learning spatially coherent properties of the visual world in connectionist networks
Author(s): Suzanna Becker; Geoffrey E. Hinton
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Utilizing the central limit theorem for parallel multiple-scale image processing with neural architectures
Author(s): Jezekiel Ben-Arie
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Heterogeneous input neuration for network-based object recognition architectures
Author(s): John F. Gnazzo
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Mean-field theory for grayscale texture synthesis using Gibbs random fields
Author(s): Ibrahim M. Elfadel; Alan L. Yuille
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Application of neural network to restoration of signals degraded by a stochastic, shift-variant impulse response function and additive noise
Author(s): Mehmet Bilgen; Hsien-Sen Hung
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Image segmentation with genetic algorithms: a formulation and implementation
Author(s): Gunasekaran Seetharaman; Amruthur Narasimhan; Anand Sathe; Lisa Storc
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Markov random fields for texture classification
Author(s): Chaur-Chin Chen
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Statistical image algebra: a Bayesian approach
Author(s): Jennifer L. Davidson; Noel A. C. Cressie
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New inverse synthetic aperture radar algorithm for translational motion compensation
Author(s): Richard P. Bocker; Thomas B. Henderson; Scott A. Jones; B. Roy Frieden
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Some analytical and statistical properties of Fisher information
Author(s): B. Roy Frieden
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Robust regularized image restoration
Author(s): Taek-Mu Kwon; Michael E. Zervakis
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Error probabilities of minimum-distance classifiers
Author(s): Helene Poublan; Francis Castanie
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Bayesian matching technique for detecting simple objects in heavily noisy environment
Author(s): John S. Baras; Emmanuel N. Frantzeskakis
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Two-dimensional signal deconvolution: design issues related to a novel multisensor-based approach
Author(s): Nicholaos D. Sidiropoulos; John S. Baras; Carlos A. Berenstein
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Novel transform for image description and compression with implementation by neural architectures
Author(s): Jezekiel Ben-Arie; Raghunath K. Rao
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Linear feature SNR enhancement in radon transform space
Author(s): John R. Meckley
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Aperture synthesis in astronomical radio-interferometry using maximum entropy on the mean
Author(s): Guy Le Besnerais; Jorge Navaza; Guy Demoment
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Fractional Brownian motion and its fractal dimension estimation
Author(s): Peng Zhang; Andrew B. Martinez; Herbert S. Barad
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Computer-generated correlated noise images for various statistical distributions
Author(s): Holly Wenaas; Arthur Robert Weeks; Harley R. Myler
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Artificial scenes and simulated imaging
Author(s): Stephen E. Reichenbach; Stephen K. Park; Rachel Alter-Gartenberg; Zia-ur Rahman
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Frequency-based pattern recognition using neural networks
Author(s): Simon Wenfeng Lu
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Generalized neocognitron model for facial recognition
Author(s): Su-Shing Chen; Young-Sik Hong
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Fuzzy logic and neural networks in artificial intelligence and pattern recognition
Author(s): Elie Sanchez
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Application of neural networks to range-Doppler imaging
Author(s): Xiaoqing Wu; Zhaoda Zhu
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Color space analysis of road detection algorithms
Author(s): Jill D. Crisman
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Optic flow: multiple instantaneous rigid motions
Author(s): Xinhua Zhuang; Tao Wang; Peng Zhang
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Transformation from tristimulus RGB to Munsell notation HVC in a colored computer vision system
Author(s): Guofan Jin; Zimin Zhu; Xinglong Yu
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Shape-from-focus: surface reconstruction of hybrid surfaces
Author(s): Su-Shing Chen; Wu-bin Tang; Jianhua Xu
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