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Adaptive Signal Processing
Editor(s): Simon Haykin

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Volume Number: 1565
Date Published: 1 December 1991

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Numerical stability issues in fast least-squares adaptive algorithms
Author(s): Phillip A. Regalia
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Finite-precision error analysis of a QR-decomposition-based lattice predictor
Author(s): Mushtaq A. Syed; V. John Mathews
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Recursive total-least-squares adaptive filtering
Author(s): Eric M. Dowling; Ronald D. DeGroat
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Adaptive beamforming using recursive eigenstructure updating with subspace constraint
Author(s): Kai-Bor Yu
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Architecture for adaptive eigenstructure decomposition based on systolic QRD
Author(s): Simha Erlich; Kung Yao
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Decision-directed entropy-based adaptive filtering
Author(s): Harley R. Myler; Arthur Robert Weeks; Michelle Van Dyke-Lewis
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Design and performance analysis of optoelectronic adaptive infinite-impulse response filters
Author(s): Anjan K. Ghosh
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Blind equalization
Author(s): John G. Proakis; Chrysostomos L. Nikias
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Blind equalization and deconvolution
Author(s): Sandro Bellini
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Comparative performance study of several blind equalization algorithms
Author(s): John J. Shynk; Richard P. Gooch; Giridhar Krishnamurthy; Christina K. Chan
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Stop-and-go sign algorithms for blind equalization
Author(s): Dimitrios Hatzinakos
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Adaptive deconvolution based on spectral decomposition
Author(s): Anders Ahlen; Mikael Sternad
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Super-exponential methods for blind deconvolution
Author(s): Ofir Shalvi; Ehud Weinstein
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Existing gap between theory and application of blind equalization
Author(s): Zhi Ding; C. R. Johnson Jr.
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Blind equalization based on cepstra of power spectrum and tricoherence
Author(s): Anthony G. Bessios; Chrysostomos L. Nikias
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Effects of constellation shaping on blind equalization
Author(s): E. Zervas; John G. Proakis; Vedat Eyuboglu
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Maximum-likelihood blind equalization
Author(s): Monisha Ghosh; Charles L. Weber
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Bayesian iterative method for blind deconvolution
Author(s): Alessandro Neri; Gaetano Scarano; Giovanni Jacovitti
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Adaptive filters and blind equalizers for mixed-phase channels
Author(s): Jitendra K. Tugnait
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Application of a blind-deconvolution restoration technique to space imagery
Author(s): Tom R. Lewis; Sunanda Mitra
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Signal processing for nonlinear systems
Author(s): David S. Broomhead
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Nonlinear prediction and the Wiener process
Author(s): K. C. Nisbet; S. McLaughlin; Bernard Mulgrew
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Time series prediction with a radial basis function neural network
Author(s): Michael A. S. Potts; David S. Broomhead
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Quantifying predictability for applications in signal separation
Author(s): William W. Taylor
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Neural network modeling of radar backscatter from an ocean surface using chaos theory
Author(s): Henry Leung; Simon Haykin
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Systematic treatment of order-recursive least-squares algorithms
Author(s): Fuyun Ling; John G. Proakis; Ke. Zhao
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Schur RLS adaptive filtering using systolic arrays
Author(s): Peter Strobach
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Noise tolerance of adaptive resonance theory neural network for binary pattern recognition
Author(s): Yong Soo Kim; Sunanda Mitra
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Self-organizing leader clustering in a neural network using a fuzzy learning rule
Author(s): Scott C. Newton; Sunanda Mitra
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Signal enhancement in noise- and clutter-corrupted images using adaptive predictive filtering techniques
Author(s): Tarun Soni; James R. Zeidler; Bhaskar D. Rao; Walter H. Ku
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Zak transform as an adaptive tool
Author(s): Richard Tolimieri; Michael Conner
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Fast RLS adaptive algorithms and Chandrasekhar equations
Author(s): Guy Demoment; Roger Reynaud
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Wavelets and adaptive signal processing
Author(s): Howard L. Resnikoff
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Computation and meaning of Gabor coefficients
Author(s): Myoung Hee An; Michael Conner; Richard Tolimieri; Richard S. Orr
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Adaptive chirplet: an adaptive generalized wavelet-like transform
Author(s): Steve Mann; Simon Haykin
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Parallel computation of the continuous wavelet transform
Author(s): Izidor Gertner; Richard L. Peskin; Sandra S. Walther
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Existence of cross terms in the wavelet transform
Author(s): Shubha L. Kadambe; G. F. Boudreaux-Bartels
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Dimensionality of signal sets
Author(s): Richard S. Orr
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What have neural networks to offer statistical pattern processing?
Author(s): David Lowe
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Learning in linear feature-discovery networks
Author(s): Todd K. Leen
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Neural network approach to multipath delay estimation
Author(s): Stephen T. Welstead; Michael J. Ward; Christopher W. Keefer
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Artificial neural networks and Abelian harmonic analysis
Author(s): Domingo Rodriguez; Jairo Pertuz-Campo
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Feature trajectory reduction of integrated autoregressive processes based on a multilayer self-organizing neural network
Author(s): Joerg Klose; Oliver Altena
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Hierarchical network for clutter and texture modeling
Author(s): Stephen P. Luttrell
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Signal processing with radial basis function networks using expectation-maximization algorithm clustering
Author(s): Andrew M. Ukrainec; Simon Haykin
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Backward consistency concept and a new decomposition of the error propagation dynamics in RLS algorithms
Author(s): Dirk T. M. Slock
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Matrix reformulation of the Gabor transform
Author(s): Rogelio Balart
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