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Crystal Growth in Space and Related Optical Diagnostics

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Volume Number: 1557
Date Published: 1 December 1991

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NASA microgravity materials science program
Author(s): Robert S. Sokolowski
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Large zeolites: why and how to grow in space
Author(s): Albert Sacco Jr.
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Advantages of drawing crystal-core fibers in microgravity
Author(s): Paul J. Shlichta; Bruce A. Nerad
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Flight experiment to investigate microgravity effects on solidification phenomena of selected materials
Author(s): Carl R. Maag; Patricia A. Hansen
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Commercial crystal growth in space
Author(s): William R. Wilcox
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Measuring residual accelerations in the Spacelab environment
Author(s): William K. Witherow
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Modeling of InP metal organic chemical vapor deposition
Author(s): Linda R. Black; Ivan O. Clark; Jianming Kui; William A. Jesser
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Steady-state modeling of large-diameter crystal growth using baffles
Author(s): Vivek Sahai; John W. Williamson; Tony Overfelt
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Design and development of a transparent Bridgman furnace
Author(s): Mark E. Wells; Mary B. Groff
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Design and development of the Zeolite Crystal Growth Facility
Author(s): Michael R. Fiske
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Growth of thin films of organic nonlinear optical materials by vapor growth processes: an overview and examination of shortfalls
Author(s): Donald O. Frazier; Benjamin G. Penn; William K. Witherow; Mark Steven Paley
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Particle image velocimetry experiments for the IML-I spaceflight
Author(s): James D. Trolinger; Ravindra B. Lal; Ashok K. Batra; D. McIntosh
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In-situ observation of crystal growth in microgravity by high-resolution microscopies
Author(s): Katsuo Tsukamoto; Kazuo Onuma
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Laser beam deflection: a method to investigate convection in vapor growth experiments
Author(s): Harald Lenski; Michael Braun
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In-situ measurement technique for solution growth in compound semiconductors
Author(s): Yuko Inatomi; Kazuhiko Kuribayashi
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New optical approaches to the quantitative characterization of crystal growth, segregation, and defect formation
Author(s): D. J. Carlson; Michael J. Wargo; X. Z. Cao; August F. Witt
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HOLIDDO: an interferometer for space experiments
Author(s): Joel Mary; Yves Bernard; Francoise Lefaucheux; Francois Gonzalez
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High-resolution synchrotron x-radiation diffraction imaging of crystals grown in microgravity and closely related terrestrial crystals
Author(s): Bruce W. Steiner; Ronald C. Dobbyn; David R. Black; Harold Burdette; Masao Kuriyama; Richard D. Spal; Lodewijk Van den Berg; Archibald L. Fripp; Richard T. Simchick; Ravindra B. Lal; Ashok K. Batra; David Matthiesen; Brian M. Ditchek
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Flow-field velocity measurements for nonisothermal systems
Author(s): Edward J. Johnson Jr.; Paul V. Hyer; Paul W. Culotta; Ivan O. Clark
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Crystal separation from mother solution and conservation under microgravity conditions using inert liquid
Author(s): L. L. Regel; A. A. Vedernikov; P. Queeckers; J.-C. Legros
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Mapping crystal defects with a digital scanning ultramicroscope
Author(s): John M. Springer Jr.; Enrique Silberman; Roger L. Kroes; Don Reiss
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Refractive properties of TGS aqueous solution for two-color interferometry
Author(s): Chandra S. Vikram; William K. Witherow; James D. Trolinger
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Development of a laser Doppler system for measurement of velocity fields in PVT crystal growth systems
Author(s): O. C. Jones; M. E. Glicksman; Jen Tai Lin; Gusung T. Kim; N. B. Singh
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Simulation of optical diagnostics for crystal growth: models and results
Author(s): Michele Ruggiero Banish; Rodney L. Clark; Alan D. Kathman; Shelah M. Lawson
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Ground-based PIV and numerical flow visualization results from the surface-tension-driven convection experiment
Author(s): Alexander D. Pline; Mark P. Wernet; Kwang-Chung Hsieh
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Characterization of the Bridgman crystal growth process by radiographic imaging
Author(s): Archibald L. Fripp; W. J. Debnam; Glenn A. Woodell; Robert F. Berry; Richard T. Simchick; S. K. Sorokach; Patrick G. Barber
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Optical diagnostics of mercuric iodide crystal growth
Author(s): Arnold Burger; Steven H. Morgan; Enrique Silberman; Donald Nason
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Compact spaceflight solution crystal-growth system
Author(s): James D. Trolinger; Ravindra B. Lal; Chandra S. Vikram; William K. Witherow
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Crystal growth by solute diffusion in Earth orbit
Author(s): M. David Lind; Kenn Nielsen
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Real-time quantitative imaging for semiconductor crystal growth, control, and characterization
Author(s): Michael J. Wargo
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Ground-based experiments on the growth and characterization of L-arginine phosphate crystals
Author(s): S. M. Rao; C. Cao; Ashok K. Batra; Ravindra B. Lal; Tripty K. Mookherji
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