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X Rays in Materials Analysis II: Novel Applications and Recent Developments
Editor(s): Dennis M. Mills

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Volume Number: 1550
Date Published: 1 November 1991

Table of Contents
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X-ray diffraction from materials under extreme pressures
Author(s): Keith Brister
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Applications of powder diffraction in materials science using synchrotron radiation
Author(s): Michael Hart
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X-ray detector for time-resolved studies
Author(s): Brian G. Rodricks; Christine M. Brizard; Roy Clarke; Walter P. Lowe
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Polarization-state mixing in multiple-beam diffraction and its application to solving the phase problem
Author(s): Qun Shen
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Model-based flaw reconstruction using limited-view x-ray projections and flawless prototype image
Author(s): Hsien-Sen Hung; Mete Eray
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Experimental characterization of Fresnel zone plate for hard x-ray applications
Author(s): Barry P. Lai; John J. Chrzas; Wenbing Yun; Dan G. Legnini; P. James Viccaro; Richard M. Bionta; Kenneth M. Skulina
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X-ray absorption spectroscopy: how is it done? what can it tell us?
Author(s): T. M. Hayes
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Polarization-dependent x-ray spectroscopy of high-Tc superconductors
Author(s): Steve M. Heald; John M. Tranquada
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Distorted local environment about Zn and transition metals on the copper sites in YBa2Cu3O7
Author(s): Frank Bridges; Guoguang Li; James B. Boyce; Tord Claeson
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X-ray absorption fine structure of systems in the anharmonic limit
Author(s): Jose Mustre de Leon; Steven D. Conradson; I. Batistic; Alan R. Bishop; Ian D. Raistrick; W. E. Jackson; George S. Brown
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Combined x-ray absorption spectroscopy and x-ray powder diffraction
Author(s): Andrew J. Dent; Gareth E. Derbyshire; G. Neville Greaves; Christine A. Ramsdale; J. W. Couves; Richard Jones; C. Richard A. Catlow; John M. Thomas
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Kinetics of surface ordering: Pb on Ni(001)
Author(s): Peter J. Eng; Peter Stephens; Teddy Tse
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X-ray diffraction study of GaSb/AlSb strained-layer-superlattices grown on miscut (100) substrates
Author(s): Albert T. Macrander; Gary P. Schwartz; Gregory J. Gualteri; George H. Gilmer
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Studies of structures and phase transitions of Langmuir monolayers using synchrotron radiation
Author(s): Pulak Dutta
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In-situ surface x-ray scattering of metal monolayers adsorbed at solid-liquid interfaces
Author(s): Michael F. Toney; Joseph G. Gordon II; Owen R. Melroy
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Long-period x-ray standing waves generated by total external reflection
Author(s): Michael J. Bedzyk
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In-situ structural studies of the underpotential deposition of copper onto an iodine-covered platinum surface using x-ray standing waves
Author(s): G. M. Bommarito; D. Acevedo; J. R. Rodriguez; H. D. Abruna
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Pattern recognition in autoradiography of optical materials
Author(s): Mukhsin Kh. Ashurov; Delara S. Gafitullina
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