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International Conference on the Application and Theory of Periodic Structures
Editor(s): Jeremy M. Lerner; Wayne R. McKinney

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Volume Number: 1545
Date Published: 1 October 1991

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Design of spherical varied line-space gratings for a high-resolution EUV spectrometer
Author(s): Tatsuo Harada; Toshiaki Kita; C. Stuart Bowyer; Mark Hurwitz
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Blazing of transmission gratings for astronomical use
Author(s): Michel Neviere
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Investigation of fringing fields in liquid-crystal devices
Author(s): Norman J. Powell; Robert W. Kelsall; Gordon D. Love; Alan Purvis
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Diffraction by one-dimensional or two-dimensional periodic arrays of conducting plates
Author(s): Roger Petit; G. Bouchitte; Gerard Tayeb; F. Zolla
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Wavelength-dispersive and filtering applications of volume holographic optical elements
Author(s): Tomasz P. Jannson; Chris C. Rich; Lev S. Sadovnik
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Grating line shape characterization using scatterometry
Author(s): Kenneth P. Bishop; Susan M. Gaspar; Lisa-Michelle Milner; S. Sohail H. Naqvi; John Robert McNeil
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Grating efficiency theory versus experimental data in extreme situations
Author(s): Michel Neviere; Antonius J. F. den Boggende; Howard A. Padmore; K. Hollis
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Analysis of polarization properties of shallow metallic gratings by an extended Rayleigh-Fano theory
Author(s): Masato Koike; Takeshi Namioka
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Synthesis method applied to the problem of diffraction by gratings: the method of fictitious sources
Author(s): Gerard Tayeb; Roger Petit; M. Cadilhac
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Integral equation method for biperiodic diffraction structures
Author(s): David C. Dobson; J. Allen Cox
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X-ray multilayer-coated reflection gratings: theory and applications
Author(s): Michel Neviere; Antonius J. F. den Boggende
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Multiline holographic notch filters
Author(s): Alex Ning; Jon D. Masso
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Analysis of images of periodic structures obtained by Photon Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Goudonnet; Laurent Salomon; Frederique de Fornel; P. Adam; Eric Bourillot; Michel Neviere; Philippe Guerin
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Perturbation theory for optical bistability of prism and grating couplers and comparison with rigorous method
Author(s): Hassan Akhouayri; Patrick Vincent; Michel Neviere
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Deviated-plane varied-line-space grating spectrograph
Author(s): Jerry Edelstein
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Double-resonant tunneling via surface plasmons in layered gratings
Author(s): Olga M. Sreseli; Ludvig V. Belyakov; D. N. Goryachev; B. L. Rumyantsev; Ilya D. Yaroshetskii
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Scatter properties of gratings at ultraviolet and visible wavelengths
Author(s): John F. Hoose; Jeffrey L. Olson
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Polarization conversion through the excitation of electromagnetic modes on a grating
Author(s): Guy P. Bryan-Brown; S. J. Elston; J. Roy Sambles
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Reflection spectrum of multiple chirped gratings
Author(s): Jeffrey B. Shellan; Pochi Yeh
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Anomaly reduction in gratings
Author(s): John F. Hoose; Erwin G. Loewen
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Nonlinear optical processing using phase grating
Author(s): Lev S. Sadovnik; Olga Demichovskaya; Ray T. Chen
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Rigorous electromagnetic modeling of diffractive optical elements
Author(s): Eric G. Johnson; Alan D. Kathman
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Novel method to fabricate corrugation for distributed-feedback lasers using a grating photomask
Author(s): Makoto O. Okai; Tatsuo Harada
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Modal analysis of grating-induced optical bistability
Author(s): Guy Vitrant; Patrick Vincent; Raymond Reinisch; Michel Neviere
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Electron-beam-written reflection diffractive microlenses for oblique incidence
Author(s): Teruhiro Shiono; Hisahito Ogawa
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Grating beam splitting polarizer using multilayer resist method
Author(s): Shigeru Aoyama; Tsukasa Yamashita
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Multiple-beam accessor using microzone plate elements for optoelectronic integrated circuits
Author(s): Kashiko Kodate; Takeshi Kamiya
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Error transfer function for grating interferometer
Author(s): De-Fu Hao
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Analysis of moire deflectometry by wave optics
Author(s): Hai-Ling Wang; Peng Cheng Miao; Dapeng Yan; Anzhi He
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Generalized Talbot effect
Author(s): Hai-Ling Wang; Peng Cheng Miao; Dapeng Yan; Xiao-Wu Ni; Anzhi He
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New method of 3-D shape measurement by moire technique
Author(s): Anzhi He; Qun Zhang Li; Peng Cheng Miao
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Photoemission from periodic structure of graded superlattices under magnetic field
Author(s): Kamakhya Prasad Ghatak
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