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Active and Adaptive Optical Systems
Editor(s): Mark A. Ealey

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Volume Number: 1542
Date Published: 1 December 1991

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Adaptive optics: a progress review
Author(s): John W. Hardy
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Comparisons of deformable-mirror models and influence functions
Author(s): Hoyt Rodney Hiddleston; Dwight David Lyman; Eric L. Schafer
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Adaptive optical transfer function modeling
Author(s): Jean-Paul Gaffard; Guy Ledanois
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Adaptive optics, transfer loops modeling
Author(s): Corinne Boyer; Jean-Paul Gaffard
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Measuring phase errors of an array or segmented mirror with a single far-field intensity distribution
Author(s): Robert K. Tyson
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Atmospheric turbulence sensing for a multiconjugate adaptive optics system
Author(s): Dustin C. Johnston; Byron M. Welsh
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Imaging performance analysis of adaptive optical telescopes using laser guide stars
Author(s): Byron M. Welsh
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Anisoplanatism and the use of laser guide stars
Author(s): Larry E. Goad
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Laser guide stars for adaptive optics systems: Rayleigh scattering experiments
Author(s): Laird A. Thompson; Richard M. Castle; David L. Carroll
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Algorithms for wavefront reconstruction out of curvature sensing data
Author(s): Nicolas A. Roddier
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Fitting capability of deformable mirror
Author(s): Wenhan Jiang; Ning Ling; Xuejun Rao; Fan Shi
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Adaptive optics using curvature sensing
Author(s): Fred F. Forbes; Nicolas A. Roddier
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Neural network adaptive optics for the multiple-mirror telescope
Author(s): Peter L. Wizinowich; Michael Lloyd-Hart; Brian A. McLeod; D'nardo Colucci; Richard G. Dekany; David M. Wittman; James Roger P. Angel; Donald W. McCarthy Jr.; William G. Hulburd; David G. Sandler
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Solar astronomy with a 19-segment adaptive mirror
Author(s): D. Scott Acton; Robert C. Smithson
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Johns Hopkins adaptive optics coronagraph
Author(s): Mark Clampin; Samuel T. Durrance; David A. Golimowski; Robert H. Barkhouser
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Active optics system for a 3.5-meter structured mirror
Author(s): Larry M. Stepp; Nicolas A. Roddier; David M. Dryden; Myung K. Cho
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Solar feature correlation tracker
Author(s): Thomas R. Rimmele; Oskar von der Luehe; P. H. Wiborg; A. Lee Widener; Richard B. Dunn; G. Spence
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Alignment and focus control of a telescope using image sharpening
Author(s): Peter A. Jones
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Prototype high-speed optical delay line for stellar interferometry
Author(s): M. Mark Colavita; Braden E. Hines; Michael Shao; George J. Klose; B. V. Gibson
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Analysis and testing of a soft actuation system for segmented-reflector articulation and isolation
Author(s): Louise Jandura; Michael L. Agronin
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Primary mirror control system for the Galileo telescope
Author(s): Fabio Bortoletto; Andrea Baruffolo; Carlotta Bonoli; Maurizio D'Alessandro; D. Fantinel; G. Giudici; Roberto Ragazzoni; L. Salvadori; P. Vanini
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Moving M2 mirror without pointing offset
Author(s): Roberto Ragazzoni; Fabio Bortoletto
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University of Hawaii adaptive optics system: I. General approach
Author(s): Francois J. Roddier; J. Elon Graves; Daniel L. McKenna; Malcolm J. Northcott
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University of Hawaii adaptive optics system: II. Computer simulation
Author(s): Malcolm J. Northcott
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University of Hawaii adaptive optics system: III. Wavefront curvature sensor
Author(s): J. Elon Graves; Daniel L. McKenna
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Progress report on a five-axis fast guiding secondary for the University of Hawaii 2.2-meter telescope
Author(s): Charles P. Cavedoni; J. Elon Graves; Andrew J. Pickles
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Adaptive optics for the European very large telescope
Author(s): Fritz Merkle; Norbert N. Hubin
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Latest developments of active optics of the ESO NTT and the implications for the ESO VLT
Author(s): Lothar Noethe; G. Andreoni; Francis Franza; Paul Giordano; Fritz Merkle; Raymond N. Wilson
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Come-on-plus project: an upgrade of the come-on adaptive optics prototype system
Author(s): Eric Gendron; Jean Gabriel Cuby; Francois J. Rigaut; Pierre J. Lena; Jean-Claude Fontanella; Gerard Rousset; Jean-Paul Gaffard; Corinne Boyer; Jean-Claude Richard; M. Vittot; Fritz Merkle; Norbert N. Hubin
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Adaptive optics system tests at the ESO 3.6-m telescope
Author(s): Fritz Merkle; G. Gehring; Francois J. Rigaut; Pierre J. Lena; Gerard Rousset; Jean-Claude Fontanella; Jean-Paul Gaffard
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MARTINI: system operation and astronomical performance
Author(s): Andrew Peter Doel; Colin N. Dunlop; John Victor Major; Richard M. Myers; Ray M. Sharples
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Need for active structures in future large IR and sub-mm telescopes
Author(s): Donald Rapp
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Optical pathlength control in the nanometer regime on the JPL phase-B interferometer testbed
Author(s): Michael C. O'Neal; John T. Spanos
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MIT multipoint alignment testbed: technology development for optical interferometry
Author(s): Gary H. Blackwood; Robert N. Jacques; David W. Miller
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Implementation issues in the control of a flexible mirror testbed
Author(s): Eric H. Anderson; Jonathan P. How
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Adaptive structures technology programs for space-based optical systems
Author(s): Robert S. Betros; Allen J. Bronowicki; Raymond A. Manning
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Deformable-mirror concept for adaptive optics in space
Author(s): Chin-Po Kuo
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Wavefront control model of a beam control experiment
Author(s): Amy Jo Cielinski
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Astigmatic unstable resonator with an intracavity deformable mirror
Author(s): Daniel R. Neal; Pat McMillin; Robert Bruce Michie
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Real-time wavefront correction system using a zonal deformable mirror and a Hartmann sensor
Author(s): J. Thaddeus Salmon; Erlan S. Bliss; Theresa W. Long; Edward L. Orham; Robert W. Presta; Charles D. Swift; Richard L. Ward
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Performance tests of a 1500 degree-of-freedom adaptive optics system for atmospheric compensation
Author(s): Edward Louis Cuellar; Paul A. Johnson; David G. Sandler
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Partially compensated speckle imaging: Fourier phase spectrum estimation
Author(s): Michael C. Roggemann; Charles L. Matson
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Self-referencing Mach-Zehnder interferometer as a laser system diagnostic
Author(s): Mark Feldman; Daniel J. Mockler; R. Edward English Jr.; Jerry L. Byrd; J. Thaddeus Salmon
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New wavefront sensor for metrology of spherical surfaces
Author(s): Stefan Goelz; Jeffrey J. Persoff; Groff D. Bittner; Junzhong Liang; Chi-Fu T. Hsueh; Josef F. Bille
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Optical figure testing of prototype mirrors for JPL's precision segmented-reflector program
Author(s): Eric B. Hochberg
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Fiber coupled heterodyne interferometric displacement sensor
Author(s): Noble M. Nerheim
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Quantitative evaluation of optical surfaces using an improved Foucault test approach
Author(s): Donald E. Vandenberg; William D. Humbel; Alan Wertheimer
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Hartmann-Shack sensor as a component in active optical system to improve the depth resolution of the laser tomographic scanner
Author(s): Junzhong Liang; Bernard Grimm; Stefan Goelz; Josef F. Bille
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