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Analysis of Optical Structures
Editor(s): Donald C. O'Shea

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Volume Number: 1532
Date Published: 1 December 1991

Table of Contents
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Overview of the finite element method in optical systems
Author(s): Alson E. Hatheway
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Finite element analysis of large lenses for the Keck telescope high-resolution echelle spectrograph
Author(s): Bruce C. Bigelow
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Design, analysis, and testing of a CCD array mounting structure
Author(s): John A. Sultana; Mark Brian O'Neill
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Finite element analysis enhancement of cryogenic testing
Author(s): Clare D. Thiem; Douglas A. Norton
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Generic telescope truss
Author(s): Philip Pressel
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Lightweight composite mirrors: present and future challenges
Author(s): Richard A. Brand; Karen K. Spinar
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Development and testing of lightweight composite reflector panels
Author(s): Richard G. Helms; Christopher R. Porter; Chin-Po Kuo; Glenn T. Tsuyuki
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Mechanical and thermal disturbances of the PSR moderate focus-mission structure
Author(s): Choon-Foo Shih; Michael C. Lou
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Dynamic characteristics of joint-dominated space trusses
Author(s): Choon-Foo Shih; Chin-Po Kuo
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Nonlinear finite element analysis of the Starlab 80-cm telescope primary-mirror suspension system
Author(s): William R. Arnold
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Analysis of thermal stability of fused optical structure
Author(s): William R. Powell
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Surface distortions of a 3.5-meter mirror subjected to thermal variations
Author(s): Myung K. Cho; Gary A. Poczulp
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Telescope enclosure flow visualization
Author(s): Fred F. Forbes; Woon-Yin Wong; Jack Baldwin; Walter A. Siegmund; Siriluk Limmongkol; Charles H. Comfort Jr.
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Temperature control of the 3.5-meter WIYN telescope primary mirror
Author(s): Larry W. Goble
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Rigidity test of large and high-precision instruments
Author(s): Pin-Zhong Ma
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Active optics technology: an overview
Author(s): Frank B. Ray
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Shape control of piezoelectric bimorph mirrors
Author(s): Shawn Edward Burke; James E. Hubbard Jr.
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High-bandwidth alignment sensing in active optical systems
Author(s): Stanley J. Kishner
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Absolute phasing of segmented mirrors using the polarization phase sensor
Author(s): Herbert W. Klumpe III; Barbara A. Lajza-Rooks; James D. Blum
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Optical performance of an infrared astronomical telescope with a 5-axis secondary mirror
Author(s): Eli Ettedgui-Atad; Colin M. Humphries
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Computer-aided engineering, manufacturing, and testing of extremely fast steering mirrors
Author(s): Alexis Hubert; Mark W. Hammond
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Holographic optical elements as laser irradiation sensor components
Author(s): Kenneth G. Leib; Benjamin J. Pernick
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Thermal and structural analysis of the GOES scan mirror's on-orbit performance
Author(s): George E. Zurmehly; Robert A. Hookman
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Design and manufacture of an ultralightweight solid deployable reflector
Author(s): Gary A. Tremblay; Eddy A. Derby
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