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Optical Scatter: Applications, Measurement, and Theory
Editor(s): John C. Stover

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Volume Number: 1530
Date Published: 1 December 1991

Table of Contents
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Optical scatter: an overview
Author(s): John C. Stover
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Stokes vectors, Mueller matrices, and polarized scattered light: experimental applications to optical surfaces and all other scatterers
Author(s): William S. Bickel; Gorden W. Videen
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Sinusoidal surfaces as standards for BRDF instruments
Author(s): Egon Marx; Thomas Robert Lettieri; Theodore V. Vorburger; Malcolm B. McIntosh
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Stray-light implications of scratch/dig specifications
Author(s): Isabella T. Lewis; Arno G. Ledebuhr; Marvin L. Bernt
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Scattering from multilayer coatings: a linear systems model
Author(s): James E. Harvey; Kristin L. Lewotsky
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Infrared window damage measured by reflective scatter
Author(s): Marvin L. Bernt; John C. Stover
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Backscattering image resolution as a function of particle density
Author(s): Paul L. Rochon; Daniel Bissonnette
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Coherence in single and multiple scattering of light from randomly rough surfaces
Author(s): Zu-Han Gu; Alexei A. Maradudin; Eugenio R. Mendez
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Optimal estimation of finish parameters
Author(s): Eugene L. Church; Peter Z. Takacs
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Comparison of low-scatter-mirror PSD derived from multiple-wavelength BRDFs and WYKO profilometer data
Author(s): Wallace K. Wong; Dexter Wang; Robert T. Benoit; Peter Barthol
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Scatter and roughness measurements on optical surfaces exposed to space
Author(s): Dirk-Roger Schmitt; Helmut Swoboda; Helmut Rosteck
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Surface roughness measurements of spherical components
Author(s): Yi-Sheng Chen; Wen-Gui Wang
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Frequency spectrum analysis and assessment of optical surface flaws
Author(s): Wenliang Gao; Xiao Zhang; GuoGuang Yang
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Solution for anomalous scattering of bare HIP Be and CVD SiC mirrors
Author(s): Cynthia L. Vernold
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Effective surface PSD for bare hot-isostatic-pressed beryllium mirrors
Author(s): Cynthia L. Vernold; James E. Harvey
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Cryoscatter measurements of beryllium
Author(s): Barret Lippey; Wilfried Krone-Schmidt
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Material characterization of beryllium mirrors exhibiting anomalous scatter
Author(s): Charles M. Egert
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Scattering from slightly rough crystal surfaces
Author(s): Eugene L. Church
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Study of anomalous scatter characteristics
Author(s): John C. Stover; Marvin L. Bernt; Timothy D. Henning
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Anomalous scattering from optical surfaces with roughness and permittivity perturbations
Author(s): J. Merle Elson
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Characterization of hot-isostatic-pressed optical-quality beryllium
Author(s): Jerry L. Behlau; Mark Baumler
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Beryllium scatter analysis program
Author(s): Jerry L. Behlau; Edward M. Granger; John J. Hannon; Mark Baumler; James F. Reilly
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Mapping of imbedded contaminants in transparent material by optical scatter
Author(s): Donald A. Rudberg; John C. Stover; Douglas E. McGary
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Experimental study of the laser retroreflection of various surfaces
Author(s): Wen Qing Liu; Rong-Xi Jiang; Ya-Ping Wang; Yu-Xing Xia
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Design considerations for multipurpose bidirectional reflectometers
Author(s): John Ternay Neu; Martin Bressler
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Helium neon laser optics: scattered light measurements and process control
Author(s): Bruce E. Perilloux
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Bidirectional reflectance distribution function raster scan technique for curved samples
Author(s): Malcolm B. McIntosh; Joseph R. McNeely
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Description and calibration of a fully automated infrared scatterometer
Author(s): Stephane Mainguy; Michel Olivier; Michel A. Josse; Michel Guidon
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Scatter and contamination of a low-scatter mirror
Author(s): Joseph R. McNeely; Malcolm B. McIntosh; M. Alfred Akerman
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Light scatter variations with respect to wafer orientation in GaAs
Author(s): Jeff L. Brown
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Stray-light reduction in a WFOV star tracker lens
Author(s): Isabella T. Lewis; Arno G. Ledebuhr; Timothy S. Axelrod; Scott A. Ruddell
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Scattering in paper coatings
Author(s): Timo S. Hyvarinen; Juha Sumen
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Infrared BRDF measurements of space shuttle tiles
Author(s): Raymond P. Young Sr.; Bob E. Wood; P. L. Stewart
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Scattering contribution to the error budget of an emissive IR calibration sphere
Author(s): John Chalupa; W. K. Cobb; Thomas L. Murdock
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Light scattering properties of new materials for glazing applications
Author(s): Mikael Bergkvist; Arne Roos
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SERS used to study the effect of Langmuir-Blodgett spacer layers on metal surface
Author(s): Bing Kun Yu; Yu Li; Yingting Wang
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Determination of thin-film roughness and volume structure parameters from light-scattering investigations
Author(s): Angela Duparre; Samer Kassam
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