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Chemical and Medical Sensors
Editor(s): Otto S. Wolfbeis

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Volume Number: 1510
Date Published: 1 September 1991

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Fiber optic biosensors: the situation of the European market
Author(s): Anna Maria Verga Scheggi; Anna Grazia Mignani
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Flow injection analysis with bioluminescence-based fiber-optic biosensors
Author(s): Loic J. Blum; Sabine Gautier; Pierre R. Coulet
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Langmuir-Blodgett films of immunoglobulin G and direct immunochemical sensing
Author(s): Illarion V. Turko; Irene A. Pikuleva; Igor S. Yurkevich; Vadim L. Chashchin
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Portable and very inexpensive optical fiber sensor for entero-gastric reflux detection
Author(s): Francesco Baldini; Riccardo Falciai; Paolo Bechi; Franco Cosi; Andrea Bini; Francesco Milanesi
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Fiber optic measurement of intracellular pH in intact rat liver using pH-sensitive dyes
Author(s): Franz Felberbauer; Juerg Graf
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Fiber optic liquid crystalline microsensor for temperature measurement in high magnetic field
Author(s): Andrzej W. Domanski; Stanislaw Kostrzewa
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Co-immobilization of several dyes on optodes for pH measurements
Author(s): Gilbert Boisde; Bernard Sebille
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Enantio-selective optrode for optical isomers of biologically active amines using a new lipophilic aromatic carrier
Author(s): Huarui He; Georg Uray; Otto S. Wolfbeis
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Fiber optic fluorescence sensors based on sol-gel entrapped dyes
Author(s): Brian D. MacCraith; Vincent P. Ruddy; C. Potter; John F. McGilp; Brendan O'Kelly
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Biochemical measurement of bilirubin with an evanescent wave optical sensor
Author(s): Patrick Poscio; Christian D. Depeursinge; Y. Emery; Olivier M. Parriaux; Guy Voirin
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Optical quantification of sodium, potassium, and calcium ions in diluted human plasma based on ion-selective liquid membranes
Author(s): Ursula E. Spichiger-Keller; Kurt Seiler; Kemin Wang; Gaby Suter; Werner E. Morf; Wilhelm Simon
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Polarimetric optical fiber sensor for biochemical measurements
Author(s): Rene G. Heideman; Albert Blikman; Rients Koster; Rob P. H. Kooyman; Jan Greve
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Gas sensor based on an integrated optical interferometer
Author(s): Albrecht Brandenburg; Rainer Edelhaeuser; Frank Hutter
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Progress in fiber-remote gas correlation spectrometry
Author(s): John P. Dakin; Henry O. Edwards
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Optoelectronic LED-photodiode pairs for moisture and gas sensors in the spectral range 1.8-4.8 um
Author(s): Yury P. Yakovlev; Alexej N. Baranov; Albert N. Imenkov; Maya P. Mikhailova
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Chlorine sensing by optical techniques
Author(s): S. A. Momin; Ramaier Narayanaswamy
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LEAF: a fiber-optic fluorometer for field measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence
Author(s): Piero Mazzinghi
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Fiber optic sensor for nitrates in water
Author(s): Brian D. MacCraith; J. Maxwell
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Advanced portable four-wavelength NIR analyzer for rapid chemical composition analysis
Author(s): Jouko Malinen; Timo S. Hyvarinen
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Fiber optic based chemical sensor system for in-situ process measurements using the photothermal effect
Author(s): Karl-Heinz Walker; Heinz Sontag
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On-line optical determination of water in ethanol
Author(s): Manfred A. Kessler
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Optical sensors for process monitoring in biotechnology
Author(s): F. Ploetz; Carsten Schelp; K. Anders; F. Eberhardt; Thomas-Helmut Scheper; F. Bueckmann
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New developments in the field of chemical infrared fiber sensors
Author(s): Robert A. Kellner; Karim Taga
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Fiber optic evanescent wave biosensor
Author(s): Gert L. Duveneck; Markus Ehrat; H. Michael Widmer
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Distributed optical fiber sensing
Author(s): Alan J. Rogers
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Applications of high-Tc superconductors in optoelectronics
Author(s): Roman Sobolewski
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