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Reflective and Refractive Optical Materials for Earth and Space Applications
Editor(s): Max J. Riedl; Robert R. Hale; Thomas B. Parsonage

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Volume Number: 1485
Date Published: 1 September 1991

Table of Contents
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Beryllium galvanometer mirrors
Author(s): Harold M. Weissman
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Design and optical performance of beryllium assessment mirrors
Author(s): Brigham B. Thomas; L. Curt Maxey; Arthur C. Miller Jr.
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Design of lightweight beryllium optics, factors effecting producibility, and cost of near-net-shape blanks
Author(s): Thomas P. Clement II
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Fabrication of a fast, aspheric beryllium mirror
Author(s): Roger A. Paquin; George J. Gardopee
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Lessons learned in recent beryllium-mirror fabrication
Author(s): James A. Wells; Calvin M. Lombard; George B. Sloan; Wally W. Moore Jr.; Claude E. Martin
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Creation of aspheric beryllium optical surfaces directly in the hot isostatic pressing consolidation process
Author(s): Donald A. Gildner; James M. Marder
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Control of thermally induced porosity for the fabrication of beryllium optics
Author(s): Harry A. Moreen
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Investigation of process sensitivity for electron-beam evaporation of beryllium
Author(s): Charles M. Egert; D. D. Schmoyer; C. W. Nordin; A. Berry
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Advanced broadband baffle materials
Author(s): Roland D. Seals
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Light-absorbing, lightweight beryllium baffle materials
Author(s): Brian W. Murray; Dennis R. Floyd; Eric Ulph Sr.
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Development of beryllium-mirror turning technology
Author(s): Jones B. Arnold
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Thick, fine-grained beryllium optical coatings
Author(s): Brian W. Murray; Eric Ulph Sr.; Peter N. Richard
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Manufacture of fast, aspheric, bare beryllium optics for radiation hard, spaceborne sensor systems
Author(s): Michael N. Sweeney
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Catalog of infrared and cryo-optical properties for selected materials
Author(s): James B. Heaney; Phillip W. Alley; Scott E. Bradley
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Radiation-resistant optical glasses
Author(s): Alexander J. Marker III; Joseph S. Hayden; Burkhard Speit
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Manufacturing and reproduction of holographic optical elements in dichromated gelatin films for operation in the infrared
Author(s): Christo G. Stojanoff; Stephan Tropartz; Olivier Brasseur; Ruediger Kubitzek
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Design of an IR non-lens, or how I buried 100 mm of germanium
Author(s): David M. Aikens
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Heat capacity of MOS field-effect devices of optical materials in the presence of a strong magnetic field
Author(s): Kamakhya Prasad Ghatak; Shambhu Nath Biswas
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New thermistor material for thermistor bolometer: material preparation and characterization
Author(s): P. Umadevi; C. L. Nagendra; G. K. M. Thutupalli; K. Mahadevan; G. Yadgiri
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High-reflective multilayers as narrowband VUV filters
Author(s): Muamer Zukic; Douglas G. Torr
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Metal sulfide thin films on glass as solar control, solar absorber, decorative, and photographic coatings
Author(s): Padmanabhan Karunakara Nair; M. T. Nair; A. M. Fernandez; Victor M. Garcia; Antonio Hernandez Barosio
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Durable, nonchanging, metal-dielectric and all-dielectric mirror coatings
Author(s): Karl H. Guenther; K. Balasubramanian; X. Q. Hu
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Broadband, antireflection coating designs for large-aperture infrared windows
Author(s): K. Balasubramanian; Tom Van Le; Karl H. Guenther; Vas Kumar
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Analysis and design of binary gratings for broadband, infrared, low-reflectivity surfaces
Author(s): M. G. Moharam
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Design optimization of optical filters for space applications
Author(s): M. N. Annapurna; C. L. Nagendra; G. K. M. Thutupalli
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Optical stability of diffuse reflectance materials in space
Author(s): Robert R. Hale
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Beryllium and titanium cost-adjustment report
Author(s): John Owen; Eric Ulph Sr.
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