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Acquisition, Tracking, and Pointing V
Editor(s): Michael K. Masten; Larry A. Stockum

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Volume Number: 1482
Date Published: 1 August 1991

Table of Contents
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Development and test of the Starlab control system
Author(s): Douglas V. LaMont; Lim O. Mar; Jack J. Rodden
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Angular positioning mechanism for the ultraviolet coronagraph spectrometer
Author(s): Miroslaw A. Ostaszewski; Larry J. Guy
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Multiple degree-of-freedom tracking for attitude control of an experimental system on tether-stabilized platform
Author(s): Francesco Angrilli; Pietro Baglioni; Gianandrea Bianchini; Roberto Da Forno; Giulio Fanti; Massimo Mozzi
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Sled tracking system
Author(s): George A. Downey Jr.; Hubert Wayne Fountain; Thomas J. Riding; James Eggleston; Michael Hopkins; Billy Adams
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Launch area theodolite system
Author(s): Lester M. Bradley; John P. Corriveau; Nan E. Tindal
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Laser Tracker II: Sandia National Laboratories second-generation laser tracking system
Author(s): Duane L. Patrick
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Optical correlator field demonstration
Author(s): James C. Kirsch; Don A. Gregory; Tracy Dean Hudson; Jeffrey A. Loudin; W. Michael Crowe
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Airborne seeker evaluation and test system
Author(s): William B. Jollie
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Optimization of a gimbal-scanned infrared seeker
Author(s): Elmer F. Williams; Robert H. Evans; Karl Brant; Larry A. Stockum
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Airborne electro-optical sensor: performance predictions and design considerations
Author(s): R. K. Mishra; A. M. G. Pillai; M. R. Sheshadri; C.G. Sadasiva Sarma
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New generation control system for ultra-low-jitter satellite tracking
Author(s): William R. Verbanets; David Greenwald
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Beam-tracker and point-ahead system for optical communications II: servo performance
Author(s): Paul V. LaSala; Chris McLaughlin
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Relay Mirror Experiment overview: a GBL pointing and tracking demonstration
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Dierks; Susan Elizabeth Ross; Aaron Brodsky; Paul W. Kervin; Richard W. Holm
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Augmented tracking and acquisition system for GBL satellite illumination
Author(s): Aaron Brodsky; Alan Goodrich; David G. Lawson; Richard W. Holm
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Effects of base motion on space-based precision laser tracking in the Relay Mirror Experiment
Author(s): Joel E. Anspach; Paul F. Sydney; Gregg Hendry
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Application results for an augmented video tracker
Author(s): Bill Pierce
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Relay Mirror Experiment scoring analysis and the effects of atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Paul F. Sydney; Michael A. Dillow; Joel E. Anspach; Paul W. Kervin; Terence B. K. Lee
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Observations of uplink and retroreflected scintillation in the Relay Mirror Experiment
Author(s): Paul A. Lightsey; Joel E. Anspach; Paul F. Sydney
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Sensor fusion approach to optimization for human perception: an observer-optimized tricolor IR target locating sensor
Author(s): Walter E. Miller Jr.
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Asynchronous data fusion for target tracking with a multitasking radar and optical sensor
Author(s): W. Dale Blair; Theodore R. Rice; Ali T. Alouani; P. Xia
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Target detection using co-occurrence matrix segmentation and its hardware implementation
Author(s): John Eric Auborn; James Martin Fuller Jr.; Howard M. McCauley
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Fluorescent imaging
Author(s): Jill C. Thompson
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Imaging autotracker technology for guided missile systems
Author(s): Ricky Keith Hammon; Monte Keith Helton
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Fuzzy logic approach to multitarget tracking in clutter
Author(s): Russell Priebe; Richard A. Jones
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Kalman-based computation of optical flow fields
Author(s): Harsha C. Viswanath; Richard A. Jones
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Multitarget adaptive gate tracker with linear prediction
Author(s): Zhili Liu
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Salient contour extraction for target recognition
Author(s): Kashi Rao; James H. Liou
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Multitarget detection and estimation parallel algorithm
Author(s): Argy Krikelis
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High-speed fine-motion tracking of some parts of a target
Author(s): Alicia Casals; Josep Amat; Jose L. Quesada; Luis Callol Sanchez
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High-accuracy target tracking algorithm based on deviation vector of the local window grey center
Author(s): Zhenkang Shen; Mingsheng Zhao
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High-accuracy tracking algorithm based on iterating tracking window center towards the target's center
Author(s): Zhenkang Shen; Zhenduo Han; Mingsheng Zhao
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State equalization and resonant control systems
Author(s): William J. Bigley
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Accelerometer-based platform stabilization
Author(s): Marcelo C. Algrain
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Modeling and simulation of friction
Author(s): David A. Haessig Jr.; Bernard Friedland
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Six degree-of-freedom magnetically suspended fine-steering mirror
Author(s): James D. Medbery; Lawrence M. Germann
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Deterministic errors in pointing and tracking systems I: identification and correction of static errors
Author(s): Scott A. Keitzer; James E. Kimbrell; David Greenwald
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Deterministic errors in pointing and tracking systems II: identification and correction of dynamic errors
Author(s): James E. Kimbrell; David Greenwald; Robert Smith; Keith Kidd
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Compact high-accuracy Inductosyn-based gimbal control system
Author(s): Brad Liebst; William R. Verbanets; James E. Kimbrell
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Low-drift fiber-optic gyro for earth-rate applications
Author(s): Richard B. Dyott; Yung Y. Huang; D. A. Jannush; Steve A. Morrison
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Numerical calculation of image motion and vibration modulation transfer function
Author(s): Ofer Hadar; Moshe Fisher; Norman S. Kopeika
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Control of night vision pilotage systems
Author(s): Mark W. Heaton; William S. Ewing
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Velocity profiling in linear and rotational systems
Author(s): Daniel L. Crabtree
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Intelligent variable-resolution laser scanner for the space vision system
Author(s): Francois Blais; Marc Rioux; Steve G. MacLean
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Low-cost real-time hardware in the loop FCS performance evaluation
Author(s): Salvatore Cifarelli; Sandro Magrini
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Predictive control for 4-D guidance
Author(s): Stiharu-Alexe Ilie
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