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Signal and Data Processing of Small Targets 1991
Editor(s): Oliver E. Drummond

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Volume Number: 1481
Date Published: 1 August 1991

Table of Contents
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Linear modeling algorithm for tracking time-varying signals
Author(s): Rafic A. Bachnak
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Optoelectronic Gabor detector for transient signals
Author(s): Yan Zhang; Yao Li; Richard Tolimieri; Emmanuel G. Kanterakis; Al Katz; X. J. Lu; Nicholas P. Caviris
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Phase-conjugate optical preprocessing filter for small-target tracking
Author(s): Kenneth L. Block; Ernest E. Whitworth Jr.; Joseph E. Bergin
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Point target detection, location, and track initiation: initial optical lab results
Author(s): Neil H. Carender; David P. Casasent
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Robust CFAR detection using order statistic processors for Weibull-distributed clutter
Author(s): Daniel T. Nagle; Jafar Saniie
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Small-target acquisition and typing by AASAP
Author(s): Robert L. Huguenin; Donald J. Tahmoush
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Detection of moving subpixel targets in infrared clutter with space-time filtering
Author(s): Dennis C. Braunreiter; Nam D. Banh
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Adaptive 4-D IR clutter suppression filtering technique
Author(s): Tom Aridgides; Manuel F. Fernandez; D. Randolph; David D. Ferris Jr.
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Model-based analysis of 3-D spatial-temporal IR clutter suppression filtering
Author(s): David S.K. Chan
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Bounds on the performance of optimal four-dimensional filters for detection of low-contrast IR point targets
Author(s): Martin Ronald Wohlers
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Algorithms and architectures for implementing large-velocity filter banks
Author(s): Alan D. Stocker; Preben D. Jensen
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Adaptive detection of subpixel targets using multiband frame sequences
Author(s): Alan D. Stocker; Xiaoli Yu; Edwin M. Winter; Lawrence E. Hoff
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Optimal subpixel-level IR frame-to-frame registration
Author(s): Manuel F. Fernandez; Tom Aridgides; D. Randolph; David D. Ferris Jr.
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System considerations for detection and tracking of small targets using passive sensors
Author(s): David A. DeBell
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Moving-point-target tracking in low SNR
Author(s): Zhenkang Shen; Xuguang Mao; Yiping Jin
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End-to-end scenario-generating model for IRST performance analysis
Author(s): Frank J. Iannarilli Jr.; Martin Ronald Wohlers
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Design and analysis of the closed-loop pointing system of a scientific satellite
Author(s): Gene A. Heyler; Dean S. Garlick; Steve M. Yionoulis
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Surveillance test bed for SDIO
Author(s): Michael Wesley; Robert Osterheld; Jeff Kyser; Michele Farr; Linda J. Vandergriff
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Detection and tracking of small targets in persistence
Author(s): Shawn S. Toumodge
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Incremental model for target maneuver estimation
Author(s): WenThong Chang; Shao-An Lin
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Synthesis of a maneuver detector and adaptive gain tracking filter
Author(s): Kenneth R. Gardner; Thomas J. Kasky
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Multiple-target tracking using the SME filter with polar coordinate measurements
Author(s): Chellury R. Sastry; Edward W. Kamen
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Angle-only tracking and prediction of boost vehicle position
Author(s): Ming-Jer Tsai; Fannie A. Rogal
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Implementation of an angle-only tracking filter
Author(s): Ross R. Allen; Samuel S. Blackman
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Global modeling approach for multisensor problems
Author(s): Yi-Nang Chung; Erol Emre; Donald L. Gustafson
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New track-to-track association logic for almost identical multiple sensors
Author(s): Kourken Malakian; Anthony Vidmar Jr.
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Passive-sensor data fusion
Author(s): Stephan E. Kolitz
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Cramer-Rao bound for multiple-target tracking
Author(s): Frederick E. Daum
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Multitarget tracking and multidimensional assignment problems
Author(s): Aubrey B. Poore; Nenad Rijavec
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Application of MHT to group-to-object tracking
Author(s): Michael A. Kovacich; Tom Casaletto; William E. Lutjens; David D. McIntyre; Ralph Ansell; Ed VanDyk
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Precision tracking of small target in IR systems
Author(s): Huanzhang Lu; Zhongkang Sun
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Neural data association
Author(s): Kwang H. Kim; Bahram Shafai
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Multiple target-to-track association and track estimation system using a neural network
Author(s): Mark L. Yee; David P. Casasent
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Local and remote track-file registration using minimum description length
Author(s): Richard J. Kenefic
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Statistical initial orbit determination
Author(s): Laurence G. Taff; Barry Belkin; G. A. Schweiter; K. Sommar
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Midcourse multitarget tracking using continuous representation
Author(s): Michail Zak; Nikzad Toomarian
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Hexagonal sampling and filtering for target detection with a scanning E-O sensor
Author(s): I. Sperling; Oliver E. Drummond; Irving S. Reed
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Performance evaluation methods for multiple-target-tracking algorithms
Author(s): Barry E. Fridling; Oliver E. Drummond
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Integrated processor architecture for multisensor signal processing
Author(s): Robert E. Nasburg; Steve M. Stillman; M. T. Nguyen
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Detection of targets in terrain clutter by using multispectral infrared image processing
Author(s): Lawrence E. Hoff; John R. Evans; Laura E. Bunney
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