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Superconductivity Applications for Infrared and Microwave Devices II
Editor(s): Vernon O. Heinen; Kul B. Bhasin

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Volume Number: 1477
Date Published: 1 July 1991

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Superconducting bolometers: high-Tc and low-Tc
Author(s): Paul L. Richards
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Growth of high-Tc superconducting thin films for microwave applications
Author(s): Xin Di Wu; Stephen R. Foltyn; Ross E. Muenchausen; Robert C. Dye; D. Wayne Cooke; A. D. Rollett; A. R. Garcia; Nicholas S. Nogar; Alberto Pique; R. Edwards
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Possible enhancement in bolometric response using free-standing film of YBa2Cu3Ox
Author(s): Hon Kie Ng; S. Kilibarda
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Anomalous optical response of YBa2Cu3O7-x thin films during superconducting transitions
Author(s): Xiaoxing Xi; T. Venkatesan; Shahab Etemad; D. Hemmick; Q. Li
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Aging and surface instability in high-Tc superconductors
Author(s): Grover L. Larkins Jr.; W. K. Jones; Q. Lu; C. Levay; D. Albaijes
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Epitaxial Tl2Ba2CaCu2O8 thin films on LaAlO3 and their microwave device properties
Author(s): George V. Negrete; Robert B. Hammond
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Characterization of high-Tc coplanar transmission lines and resonators
Author(s): Jochen Kessler; Roland Dill; Peter Russer
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Design aspects and comparison between high-Tc superconducting coplanar waveguide and microstrip line
Author(s): Keon-Shik Kong; Kul B. Bhasin; Tatsuo Itoh
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Performance of stripline resonators using sputtered YBCO films
Author(s): Derek S. Mallory; Alan M. Kadin; Paul H. Ballentine
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Status of high-temperature superconducting analog devices
Author(s): Salvador H. Talisa
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Comparative study for bolometric and nonbolometric switching elements for microwave phase shifters
Author(s): Massood Tabib-Azar; Kul B. Bhasin; Robert R. Romanofsky
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Coplanar waveguide microwave filter of YBa2Cu3O7
Author(s): Wilbert Chew; A. Lance Riley; Daniel L. Rascoe; Brian D. Hunt; Marc C. Foote; Thomas W. Cooley; Louis J. Bajuk
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Superconducting devices and system insertion
Author(s): Adam Rachlin; Richard Babbitt; Erik H. Lenzing; Roland Cadotte Jr.
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Interplay between photons and superconductors
Author(s): Alain Gilabert; Alain Azema; Jean-Claude Roustan; Jean-Paul Maneval
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Noise mechanisms of high-temperature superconducting infrared detectors
Author(s): Ali E. Khalil
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Infrared photodetector based on the photofluxonic effect in superconducting thin films
Author(s): Alan M. Kadin; Michael Leung; Andrew D. Smith; James M. Murduck
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High-Tc bolometer developments for planetary missions
Author(s): John C. Brasunas; Brook Lakew
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High-temperature superconductor junction technology
Author(s): Randy W. Simon
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High-temperature superconducting superconductor/normal metal/superconducting devices
Author(s): Marc C. Foote; Brian D. Hunt; Louis J. Bajuk
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Characteristics of thin-film-type Josephson junctions using Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox/Bi2Sr2CuOy/Bi2Sr2CaCu2Oz structure
Author(s): Koichi Mizuno; Hidetaka Higashino; Kentaro Setsune; Kiyotaka Wasa
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High-temperature superconducting Josephson mixers from deliberate grain boundaries in Tl2CaBa2Cu2O8
Author(s): Lincoln C. Bourne; A. H. Cardona; Tim W. James; J. S. Fleming; Roger J. Forse; Robert B. Hammond; J. P. Hong; T. W. Kim; Harold R. Fetterman
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Submillimeter receiver components using superconducting tunnel junctions
Author(s): Michael J. Wengler; A. Pance; B. Liu; N. Dubash; Gordana Pance; Ronald E. Miller
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Quantum-limited quasiparticle mixers at 100 GHz
Author(s): Carl A. Mears; Qing Hu; Paul L. Richards; A. Worsham; Daniel E. Prober; Antti V. Raisanen
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Performance characteristics of Y-Ba-Cu-O microwave superconducting detectors
Author(s): John Shewchun; P. F. Marsh
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Infrared detectors from YBaCuO thin films
Author(s): Fang Qiao Zhou; Han-Don Sun; Xing-Rong Zhao; Lingjie Wang; Xinjian Yi
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Infrared optical response of superconducting YBaCuO thin films
Author(s): Han-Don Sun; Fang Qiao Zhou; Xing-Rong Zhao; Lingjie Wang; Xinjian Yi
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Epitaxial films YBa2Cu3O7-delta(jc(78K)>106A/cm2) on sapphire and SrTiO3: peculiarities and differences in conditions of film growth and properties
Author(s): Mikhail R. Predtechensky; A. N. Smal'; Yury D. Varlamov
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