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Optical Technology for Microwave Applications V
Editor(s): Shi-Kay Yao

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Volume Number: 1476
Date Published: 1 August 1991

Table of Contents
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Electronic/photonic inversion channel technology for optoelectronic ICs and photonic switching
Author(s): Geoffrey W. Taylor; Paul W. Cooke; Philip A. Kiely; Paul R. Claisse; Stephen K. Sargood; D. P. Doctor; Timothy A. Vang; Patrik A. Evaldsson; Sonu L. Daryanani
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Wideband NLO organic external modulators
Author(s): Talal K. Findakly; Chia-Chi Teng; Lak M. Walpita
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Broadband microwave and millimeter-wave EOMs with ultraflat frequency response
Author(s): Jing-Jong Pan; Yi Qiang Li
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Laser link performance improvements with wideband microwave impedance matching
Author(s): David L. Baldwin; Vladimir Sokolov; Paul E. Bauhahn
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Coherent optical modulation for antenna remoting
Author(s): Daniel J. Fitzmartin; Robert G. Gels; Edmund J. Balboni
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Semiconductor laser transmitters for millimeter-wave fiber-optic links
Author(s): Jing-Jong Pan
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Hybrid optical transmitter for microwave communication
Author(s): Joannes M. Costa; Benson C. Lam; Albert L. Kellner; David C. Campion; Paul K. L. Yu
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Novel high-speed communication system
Author(s): William Nicholas Dawber; Peter F. Hirst; Brian P. Condon; Arthur Maitland; Phillip Sutton
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Fiber optic link for millimeter-wave communication satellites
Author(s): David M. Polifko; Stephen A. Malone; Afshin S. Daryoush; Richard R. Kunath
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Direct optical phase shifter for phased-array systems
Author(s): G. Allen Vawter; Vincent M. Hietala; Stanley H. Kravitz; W. Jeffrey Meyer
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Variable time delay for RF/microwave signal processing
Author(s): Edward N. Toughlian; Henry Zmuda
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High on-off ratio, ultrafast optical switch for optically controlled phased array
Author(s): Jing-Jong Pan; Wei-Zhong Li
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Cost-effective optical switch matrix for microwave phased array
Author(s): Jing-Jong Pan; Seung Lam Chau; Wei-Zhong Li; Charles H. Grove
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Acousto-optic architectures for multidimensional phased-array antenna processing
Author(s): Nabeel A. Riza
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Adaptive semiconductor laser phased arrays for real-time multiple-access communications
Author(s): Jing-Jong Pan; D. Cordeiro
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Generalized phased-array Bragg interaction in anisotropic crystals
Author(s): Eddie H. Young; Huey C. Ho; Shi-Kay Yao; Jieping P. Xu
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Interferometric acousto-optic receiver results
Author(s): Edward T. Gill; James Y.B. Tsui
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Compact low-power acousto-optic range-Doppler-angle processor for a pulsed-Doppler radar
Author(s): Dennis R. Pape; Nickolas P. Vlannes; Dharmesh P. Patel; Sonlinh Phuvan
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Wideband bistatic radar signal processing using a coherent detection architecture
Author(s): Melvin L. Belcher Jr.; Jeff Powers Garmon
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Analog optical processing of radio frequency signals
Author(s): Daniel P. Sullivan; Charles L. Weber
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Acousto-optic estimation of autocorrelation and spectra using triple correlations and bispectra
Author(s): Brian M. Sadler; Georgios B. Giannakis; Dale J. Smith
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Wideband acousto-optic spectrometer
Author(s): I.-Chang Chang
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Ring resonators for microwave optoelectronics
Author(s): Ganesh K. Gopalakrishnan; Brock W. Fairchild; C. L. Yeh; C. S. Park; Kai Chang; Mark H. Weichold; Henry Fuller Taylor
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Optical techniques for microwave monolithic circuit characterization
Author(s): Hing-Loi A. Hung; Ming-Guang Li; Chi Hsiang Lee
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Broadband electromagnetic environment monitoring using semiconductor electroabsorption modulators
Author(s): Stephen A. Pappert; S. C. Lin; Richard Joseph Orazi; Matthew N. McLandrich; Paul K. L. Yu; Shing T. Li
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Bridge-type optoelectronic sample and hold circuit
Author(s): Chen Kuo Sun; Chao-Chia C. Wu; Ching Ten Chang; Paul K. L. Yu; William H. McKnight
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Data transmission at 1.3 um using silicon spatial light modulator
Author(s): Xiaodong Xiao; Kamal K. Goel; James C. Sturm; P. V. Schwartz
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Free-space optical TDM switch
Author(s): Kamal K. Goel; Paul R. Prucnal; John L. Stacy; Mark F. Krol; Steven T. Johns
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Microwave control using a high-gain bias-free optoelectronic switch
Author(s): James L. Freeman; Sankar Ray; David L. West; Alan G. Thompson; Michael J. LaGasse
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A/D conversion of microwave signals using a hybrid optical/electronic technique
Author(s): John A. Bell; Michael C. Hamilton; David A. Leep; Y.-H. Lee; Henry Fuller Taylor
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Optical cross-modulation method for diagnostic of powerful microwave radiation
Author(s): A. V. Kozar; S. A. Krupenko
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Analysis of evanescent coupling in waveguide modulators
Author(s): Joe C. Bradley; Albert L. Kellner
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Ultralinear electro-optic modulators for microwave fiber-optic communications
Author(s): Jing-Jong Pan; Wei-Zhong Li; Yi Qiang Li
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Phased-array antenna control by a monolithic photonic integrated circuit
Author(s): Vincent M. Hietala; G. Allen Vawter; W. Jeffrey Meyer; Stanley H. Kravitz
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TeO2 slow surface acoustic wave Bragg cell
Author(s): Shi-Kay Yao
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