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Image Understanding and the Man-Machine Interface III
Editor(s): Eamon B. Barrett; James J. Pearson

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Volume Number: 1472
Date Published: 1 August 1991

Table of Contents
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Convergence of video and computing
Author(s): Curtis R. Carlson
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Real-time simulation of the retina allowing visualization of each processing stage
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Teeters; Frank S. Werblin
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Fusion of human vision system with mid-range IR image processing displays
Author(s): William B. Forsyth; H. Garton Lewis Jr.
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User interface development for semiautomated imagery exploitation
Author(s): R. Patrick O'Connor; Edward H. Bohling
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FLIPS: Friendly Lisp Image Processing System
Author(s): Shirley Jane Gee
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Image annotation under X Windows
Author(s): Steven Pothier
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SCORPIUS: final report
Author(s): Randall M. Onishi
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Focusing on targets through exclusion
Author(s): Walter J. Mueller; James A. Olson; Andrew Martin; John H. Hinchman
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Parallel rule inferencing for automatic target recognition
Author(s): Jean L. Pacelli; Steve L. Geyer; Timothy S. Ramsey
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Actively controlled multiple-sensor system for feature extraction
Author(s): Michael J. Daily; Teresa M. Silberberg
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Recognition of a moving planar shape in space from two perspective images
Author(s): Zhiyong Li; Zhongkang Sun; Zhenkang Shen
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Model-based morphology
Author(s): Robert M. Haralick; Edward R. Dougherty; Philip L. Katz
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Hierarchical neural net with pyramid data structures for region labeling of images
Author(s): David P. Rosten; Patrick Wingkee Yuen; Bobby R. Hunt
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Linear programming solutions to problems in logical inference and space-variant image restoration
Author(s): Ramji V. Digumarthi; Paul Max Payton; Eamon B. Barrett
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Automatic inspection of optical fibers
Author(s): Teresa M. Silberberg
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X-ray inspection utilizing knowledge-based feature isolation with a neural network classifier
Author(s): Adam R. Nolan; Yong-Lin Hu; William G. Wee
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Semiautomatic x-ray inspection system
Author(s): Nandan G. Amladi; Michael K. Finegan Jr.; William G. Wee
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Aircraft exterior scratch measurement system using machine vision
Author(s): Dennis P. Sarr
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Determination of flint wheel orientation for the automated assembly of lighters
Author(s): Reza Safabakhsh
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Interactive tools for extraction of cartographic calibration data from aerial photography
Author(s): Bobby R. Hunt; Thomas W. Ryan; Eric Gifford
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Automatic digitization of contour lines for digital map production
Author(s): Juha Yla-Jaaski; Xiaohan Yu
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Interactive tools for assisting the extraction of cartographic features
Author(s): Bobby R. Hunt; Thomas W. Ryan; Philip J. Sementilli; D. DeKruger
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Linear programming for learning in neural networks
Author(s): Raghu Raghavan
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