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Thermosense XIII
Editor(s): George S. Baird

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Volume Number: 1467
Date Published: 1 March 1991

Table of Contents
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Surveying the elements of successful infrared predictive maintenance programs
Author(s): John R. Snell Jr.; Robert W. Spring
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Buried-steam-line temperature and heat loss calculation
Author(s): Jacob H. MacDavid
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Infrared-thermography-based pipeline leak detection systems
Author(s): Gary J. Weil; Richard J. Graf
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Utility gains through infrared predictive maintenance
Author(s): James E. Black Jr.
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Thermographic monitoring of lubricated couplings
Author(s): Richard Norman Wurzbach
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Is it worth it?-- statistics of corporate-based IR program results
Author(s): Peter F. Johnson
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So now what?-- things to do if your IR program stops producing results
Author(s): Ronald D. Lucier
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Integrating thermography into the Palisades Nuclear Plant's electrical predictive maintenance program
Author(s): W. Craig Ridley
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Status report on thermographer certification
Author(s): George S. Baird; Russell T. Mack
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Field documentation and client presentation of IR inspections on new masonry structures
Author(s): Phillip C. McMullan
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Infrared detection of moist areas in monumental buildings based on thermal inertia analysis
Author(s): Ermanno G. Grinzato; Andrea Mazzoldi
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Discussion of the standard practice for the location of wet insulation in roofing systems using infrared imaging (ASTM C1153-90)
Author(s): Victor Sopko III
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Applications and development of IR techniques for building research in Finland
Author(s): Harri I. Kaasinen; Ari Kauppi; Esa Nykanen
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Thermal analysis of masonry block buildings during construction
Author(s): Lee R. Allen; Sharon A. Semanovich
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Thermography and complementary method: a tool for cost-effective measures in retrofitting buildings
Author(s): Mats D. Lyberg; Sven-Ake Ljungberg
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Thermal diagnostics for monitoring welding parameters in real time
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Fuchs; K. W. Mahin; A. R. Ortega; L. A. Bertram; Dean R. Williams; Alan R. Pomplun
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Using IR thermography as a manufacturing tool to analyze and repair defects in printed circuit boards
Author(s): Daniel K. Fike
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Predicting electronic component lifetime using thermography
Author(s): Richard Q. Moy; Raymund Vargas; Charles Eubanks
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Supervision of self-heating in peat stockpiles by aerial thermography
Author(s): Matti Tervo; Timo T. Kauppinen
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Surveying and damping heat loss from machines with high surface temperatures: thermography as a tool
Author(s): Thomas Perch-Nielsen; Otto Paulsen; Christian Drivsholm
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Real-time temperature measurement on PCB:s, hybrids, and microchips
Author(s): Bo Wallin
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Infrared thermographic analysis of snow ski tracks
Author(s): Charles C. Roberts Jr.
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Time-resolved videothermography at above-frame-rate frequencies
Author(s): Steven M. Shepard; David T. Sass; Thomas P. Imirowicz; A. Meng
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Applications of tridimensional heat calibration to a thermographic nondestructive evaluation station
Author(s): Xavier P. Maldague; Louis Fortin; J. Picard
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Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of moisture in thermal insulation by using thermography
Author(s): Vladimir P. Vavilov; A. I. Ivanov; A. A. Sengulye
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Flaw dynamics and vibrothermographic-thermoelastic nondestructive evaluation of advanced composite materials
Author(s): Lazarus H. Tenek; Edmund G. Henneke II
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Quantitative measurement of thermal parameters over large areas using pulse-video thermography
Author(s): Chris W.L. Hobbs; Damian Kenway-Jackson; James M. Milne
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Photoacoustic microscopy by photodeformation applied to the determination of thermal diffusivity
Author(s): Daniel L. Balageas; Daniel M. Boscher; Alain A. Deom; Francis Enguehard; Laurence Noirot
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Corrosion evaluation of coated sheet metal by means of thermography and image analysis
Author(s): Per Jernberg
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Thermographic analysis of the anisotropy in the thermal conductivity of composite materials
Author(s): Douglas D. Burleigh; William De La Torre
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Time-resolved infrared radiometry of multilayer organic coatings using surface and subsurface heating
Author(s): Jane W. Maclachlan Spicer; W. D. Kerns; Leonard C. Aamodt; John C. Murphy
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Infrared thermal-wave studies of coatings and composites
Author(s): Lawrence D. Favro; Tasdiq Ahmed; D. J. Crowther; Huijia J. Jin; Pao-Kuang Kuo; Robert L. Thomas; Xun Wang
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Images of turbulent, absorbing-emitting atmospheres and their application to windshear detection
Author(s): David W. Watt; Daniel A. Philbrick
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Behavioral observations in thermal imaging of the big brown bat: Eptesicus fuscus
Author(s): James J. Kirkwood; Anne Cartwright
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Quantitative thermal gradient imaging of biological surfaces
Author(s): Curtis J. Swanson; Christopher Jon Wingard
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Thermal sensing of fireball plumes
Author(s): Reza Toossi
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Detection of citrus freeze damage with natural color and color IR video systems
Author(s): Carlos H. Blazquez
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Numerical inversion method for determining aerodynamic effects on particulate exhaust plumes from onboard irradiance data
Author(s): Daniel Cousins
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Research on enhancing signal and SNR in laser/IR inspection of solder joints quality
Author(s): Zhengjun Xiong; Xuezhong Cheng; Xiande Liu
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Programmable command interpreter to automate image processing of IR thermography
Author(s): Paul Hughett
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Remote temperature sensing of a pulsed thermionic cathode
Author(s): J. Mark Del Grande
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High-performance IR thermography system based on Class II Thermal Imaging Common Modules
Author(s): Ian G. Bell
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Accurate temperature measurement in thermography: an overview of relevant features, parameters, and definitions
Author(s): Tjorbjohn Hamrelius
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Comparison of some algorithms commonly used in IR pyrometry: a computer simulation
Author(s): Gianni Barani; Alessandro Tofani
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Measurement of point spread function of thermal imager
Author(s): Zee Man Ryu
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Quantitative evaluation of cavities and inclusions in solids using IR thermography
Author(s): Angel Madrid
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Twenty-five years of aerodynamic research with IR imaging
Author(s): Ehud Gartenberg; A. Sidney Roberts Jr.
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Answer to the dynamic (fretting effect) and static (oxide) behavior of electric contact surfaces: based on a five-year infrared thermographic study
Author(s): Cristobal D. Paez-Leon; Antonio R. Patino; Luis Aguillon
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Thermal analysis of the bottle forming process
Author(s): Jeannie S. Wilson
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Introducing multiple-dynamic-windows in thermal imaging
Author(s): Maurice J. Bales; Herbert Boulton
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