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Electron-Beam, X-Ray, and Ion-Beam Submicrometer Lithographies for Manufacturing
Editor(s): Martin C. Peckerar

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Volume Number: 1465
Date Published: 1 August 1991

Table of Contents
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X-ray lithography system development at IBM: overview and status
Author(s): Juan R. Maldonado
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Design and fabrication of soft x-ray photolithography experimental beam line at Beijing National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory
Author(s): Changxin Zhou
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Recent developments of x-ray lithography in Canada
Author(s): Mohamed Chaker; Stephane Boily; A. Ginovker; Alain Jean; Jean-Claude Kieffer; P. P. Mercier; Henri Pepin; Pak Leung; John F. Currie; Hugues Lafontaine
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Focused ion beam induced deposition: a review
Author(s): John Melngailis
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Application and integration of a focused ion beam circuit repair system
Author(s): John A. Lange; Chris Allen
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Nanometer scale focused ion beam vacuum lithography using an ultrathin oxide resist
Author(s): Lloyd R. Harriott; Henryk Temkin; C. H. Chu; Yuh-Lin Wang; Y. F. Hsieh; Robert A. Hamm; Morton B. Panish; Harry H. Wade
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Defect repair for gold absorber/silicon membrane x-ray masks
Author(s): Diane K. Stewart; Jacob Fuchs; Robert Allen Grant; Irving Plotnik
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Multilayer optics for soft x-ray projection lithography: problems and prospects
Author(s): Daniel Gorman Stearns; Natale M. Ceglio; Andrew M. Hawryluk; Robert S. Rosen; Stephen P. Vernon
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System design considerations for a production-grade, ESR-based x-ray lithography beamline
Author(s): Stephen Kovacs; Dan Melore; Franco Cerrina; Richard K. Cole
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Video-based alignment system for x-ray lithography
Author(s): R. Emmett Hughlett; Keith A. Cooper
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Novel toroidal mirror enhances x-ray lithography beamline at the Center for X-ray Lithography
Author(s): Richard K. Cole; Franco Cerrina
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Parametric studies and characterization measurements of x-ray lithography mask membranes
Author(s): Gregory M. Wells; Hector T. H. Chen; Roxann L. Engelstad; Shane R. Palmer
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Simulation of low-energy x-ray lithography using a diamond membrane mask
Author(s): Shinya Hasegawa; Katsumi Suzuki
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Optimization of an x-ray mask design for use with horizontal and vertical kinematic mounts
Author(s): Daniel L. Laird; Roxann L. Engelstad; Shane R. Palmer
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Investigation on the effect of electron-beam acceleration voltage and electron-beam sharpness on 0.2-um patterns
Author(s): Akemi Moniwa; Shinji Okazaki
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Mix-and-match lithography for half-micrometer technology
Author(s): Warren W. Flack; David H. Dameron
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Hierarchical proximity effect correction for e-beam direct writing of 64-Mbit DRAM
Author(s): Akio Misaka; Kazuhiko Hashimoto; M. Kawamoto; H. Yamashita; Takahiro Matsuo; Toshihiko Sakashita; Kenji Harafuji; Noboru Nomura
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Multiple scattered electron-beam effect in electron-beam lithography
Author(s): Norio Saitou; Teruo Iwasaki; Fumio Murai
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Application of an electron-beam scattering parameter extraction method for proximity correction in direct-write electron-beam lithography
Author(s): Rudolf M. Weiss; Robert M. Sills
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Mushroom-shaped gates defined by e-beam lithography down to 80-nm gate lengths and fabrication of pseudomorphic HEMTs with a dry-etched gate recess
Author(s): Axel Huelsmann; G. Kaufel; Brian Raynor; Klaus Koehler; T. Schweizer; Juergen Braunstein; Michael Schlechtweg; Paul J. Tasker; Theo F. Jakobus
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Chemically amplified resists for x-ray and e-beam lithography
Author(s): Amanda K. Berry; Karen A. Graziano; Stephen D. Thompson; James Welch Taylor; Doowon Suh; Dean Plumb
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Resist patterning for sub-quarter-micrometer device fabrications
Author(s): Kaolin Grace Chiong; Fritz J. Hohn
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Process latitudes in projection printing
Author(s): Eytan Barouch; Uwe Hollerbach; Steven A. Orszag; Brian D. Bradie; Martin C. Peckerar
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Modeling of illumination effects on resist profiles in x-ray lithography
Author(s): Heinrich K. Oertel; M. Weiss; Hans L. Huber; Yuli Vladimirsky; Juan R. Maldonado
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Advanced lithographic methods for contact patterning on severe topography
Author(s): Ronfu Chu; James S. Greeneich; Barton A. Katz; Hwang-Kuen Lin; Dong-Tsair Huang
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Wet-developed, high-aspect-ratio resist patterns by 20-keV e-beam lithography
Author(s): Andre P. Weill; Gilles R. Amblard; Frederic P. Lalanne; Jean-Pierre Panabiere
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High-sensitivity and high-dry-etching durability positive-type electron-beam resist
Author(s): Akira Tamura; Masaji Yonezawa; Mitsuyoshi Sato; Yoshiaki Fujimoto
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DESIRE technology with electron-beam resists: fundamentals, experiments, and simulation
Author(s): Dan V. Nicolau; Florin Fulga; Mircea V. Dusa
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Cost-effective x-ray lithography
Author(s): Tom J. Roltsch
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Spherical pinch x-ray generator prototype for microlithography
Author(s): Kenji Kawai; Emilio Panarella; D. Mostacci
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EXCON: a graphics-based experiment-control manager
Author(s): Mumit Khan; Paul D. Anderson; Franco Cerrina
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Fine undercut control in bilayer PMMA-P(MMA-MAA) resist system for e-beam lithography with submicrometer resolution
Author(s): Alexei L. Bogdanov; Eva Karin Andersson
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Comparison of plasma source with synchrotron source in the Center for X-ray Lithography
Author(s): Jerry Z.Y. Guo; Franco Cerrina
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