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Printing Technologies for Images, Gray Scale, and Color
Editor(s): Derek B. Dove; Takao Abe; Joachim L. Heinzl

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Volume Number: 1458
Date Published: 1 August 1991

Table of Contents
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Physics and psychophysics of color reproduction
Author(s): Edward J. Giorgianni
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Color printing technologies
Author(s): Omesh Sahni
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Systems considerations in color printing
Author(s): Paul G. Roetling
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Trends in color hard copy
Author(s): Peter Testan
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Trends in color hard-copy technology in Japan
Author(s): Takao Abe
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Images: from a printer's perspective
Author(s): N. Ronnie Sarkar
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Eurosprint proofing system
Author(s): Helmut H. Froehlich
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Normal-contrast lith
Author(s): Yoel Netz; Arnold Hoffman
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3M's Dry Silver technology: an ideal media for electronic imaging
Author(s): David A. Morgan
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High-speed nonsilver lithographic system for laser direct imaging
Author(s): Thap DoMinh
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History and status of black and white photographic processing chemicals as effluents
Author(s): Richard R. Horn
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Chemistry of the Konica Dry Color System
Author(s): Yoshihiko Suda; Keiji Ohbayashi; Kaoru Onodera
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Laptop page printer realized by thermal transfer technology
Author(s): Friedrich-Wilhelm Drees; Wolfgang Pekruhn
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Bidirectional printing method for a thermal ink transfer printer
Author(s): Hitoshi Nagato; Tadayoshi Ohno
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Thermal dye transfer color hard-copy image stability
Author(s): Chris Newmiller
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Study of thermal dye diffusion
Author(s): Kunihiro Koshizuka; Takao Abe
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Thermal transfer printing with heat amplification
Author(s): Ari Aviram; Kwang Kuo Shih; Krishna Sachdev
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Color hard copy: a self-tuning color correction algorithm based on a colorimetric model
Author(s): Benno Petschik
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Electrostatic screen-through ink jet printing technique
Author(s): Akira Nakazawa; Michinori Kutami; Mitsuo Ozaki; Shigeharu Suzuki; Hideyuki Kikuchi
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Technology trends in electrophotographic printers
Author(s): Gary K. Starkweather
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Laser beam scanner for uniform halftones
Author(s): Toshinori Ando
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Gray scale and resolution enhancement capabilities of edge emitter imaging stations
Author(s): David Leksell; Zoltan K. Kun; Juris A. Asars; Earle N. Phillips; Gerald B. Brandt; J. T. Stringer; T. C. Matty; Joseph R. Gigante
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High-resolution high-speed laser recording and printing using low-speed polygons
Author(s): Mahmoud Razzaghi
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Advances in color laser printing
Author(s): Neal Tompkins
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Electrophotographic properties of thiophene derivatives as charge transport material
Author(s): Masami Kuroda; Kenji Kawate; Osamu Nabeta; N. Furusho
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Photoelectrographic printing with persistently conductive masters based on onium salt acid photogenerators
Author(s): Douglas E. Bugner; Gary G. Fulmer; Susan E. Riblett
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Multilayer OPC for one-shot two-color printer
Author(s): Katsuo Sakai
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Importance of proton transfer in contact charging
Author(s): Daphne Wollmann; Arthur F. Diaz
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Solubility, dispersion, and carbon adsorption of a chromium hydroxyazo complex in a toner
Author(s): Adolfo R. Gutierrez; Arthur F. Diaz
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