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Large Screen Projection, Avionic, and Helmet-Mounted Displays
Editor(s): Harry M. Assenheim; Richard A. Flasck; Thomas M. Lippert; Jerry Bentz

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Volume Number: 1456
Date Published: 1 August 1991

Table of Contents
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Performance of NCAP projection displays
Author(s): Philip J. Jones; Akira Tomita; Mark Wartenberg
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Developments in projection lenses for HDTV
Author(s): John D. Rudolph
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High-resolution display using a laser-addressed ferroelectric liquid-crystal light valve
Author(s): Hajime Nakajima; Jyunko Kisaki; Shin Tahata; Tsuyoshi Horikawa; Kazuro Nishi
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Projection screens for high-definition television
Author(s): Michael D. Kirkpatrick; George M. Mihalakis
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High-definition projection television
Author(s): Iben Browning
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Development of a large-screen high-definition laser video projection system
Author(s): Tony J. Clynick
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Current HDTV overview in the United States, Japan, and Europe
Author(s): Dale E. Cripps
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Stacked STN LCDs for true-color projection systems
Author(s): Paul E. Gulick; Arlie R. Conner
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Survey of helmet tracking technologies
Author(s): Frank J. Ferrin
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Helmet-mounted sight and display testing
Author(s): Hans-Dieter Viktor Boehm; Herbert Schreyer; R. Schranner
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Ecological approach to partial binocular overlap
Author(s): James E. Melzer; Kirk W. Moffitt
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Visual field information in nap-of-the-earth flight by teleoperated helmet-mounted displays
Author(s): Arthur J. Grunwald; S. Kohn; S. J. Merhav
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Designing the right visor
Author(s): Pinhas Gilboa
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Design of an optimal single-reflective holographic helmet display element
Author(s): Patrice J.H. Twardowski; Patrick Meyrueis
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Display for advanced research and training: an inexpensive answer to tactical simulation
Author(s): Melvin L. Thomas; Gale Reining; George Kelly
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Human visual performance model for crewstation design
Author(s): James O. Larimer; Michael P. Prevost; Aries R. Arditi; Steven Azueta; James R. Bergen; Jeffrey Lubin
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Comparison of 2-D planar and 3-D perspective display formats in multidimensional data visualization
Author(s): David H. Merwin; Christopher D. Wickens
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Colorimetry, normal human vision, and visual display
Author(s): William A. Thornton
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Militarized infrared touch panels
Author(s): Stewart E. Hough; Pamela S. Stanley
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Disparity between combiners in a double-combiner head-up display
Author(s): Jonathan Cohen; Abraham Reichert
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Method and device that prevent target sensors from being radiation overexposed in the presence of a nuclear blast
Author(s): Kazimierz S. Holubowicz
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New thin-film transistor structure and its processing method for liquid-crystal displays
Author(s): Yue Kuo
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Visual characteristics of LED display pushbuttons for avionic applications
Author(s): Paolo Vanni; Felice Isoldi
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Thin-film technology in high-resolution, high-density AC plasma displays
Author(s): Nicholas C. Andreadakis
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Digital map databases in support of avionic display systems
Author(s): Michael E. Trenchard; Maura C. Lohrenz; Henry Rosche III; Perry B. Wischow
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Design of eye movement monitoring system for practical environment
Author(s): Hiroyuki Nakamura; Hitoshi Kobayashi; Katsuo Taya; Shigenobu Ishigami
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Analysis of the chromatic aberrations of imaging holographic optical elements
Author(s): Hans Dieter Tholl; Hubertus A. Luebbers; Christo G. Stojanoff
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Part-task training with a helmet-integrated display simulator system
Author(s): Curtis J. Casey; James E. Melzer
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Combat vehicle stereo HMD
Author(s): Richard D. Rallison; Scott R. Schicker
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