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Medical Imaging V: Image Capture, Formatting, and Display
Editor(s): Yongmin Kim

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Volume Number: 1444
Date Published: 1 May 1991

Table of Contents
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Solid models for CT/MR image display: accuracy and utility in surgical planning
Author(s): Nicholas J. Mankovich; Alvin Yue; Mario Ammirati; Farhad Kioumehr; Scott Turner
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New device for interactive image-guided surgery
Author(s): Robert L. Galloway Jr.; Charles A. Edwards II; Judith G. Thomas; Steven Schreiner; Robert J. Maciunas
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Application of a discrete-space representation to three-dimensional medical imaging
Author(s): Klaus D. Toennies; Uwe Tronnier
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Stereotactic multibeam radiation therapy system in a PACS environment
Author(s): Francoise Fresne; G. Le Gall; Christian Barillot; Bernard Gibaud; Jean-Pierre Manens; Christine Toumoulin; Didier Lemoine; C. Chenal; Jean-Marie Scarabin
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Simultaneous graphics and multislice raster image display for interactive image-guided surgery
Author(s): Charles A. Edwards II; Robert L. Galloway Jr.; Judith G. Thomas; Steven Schreiner; Robert J. Maciunas
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Surface definition technique for clinical imaging
Author(s): Wen-gen Liao; Ilya Simovsky; Andrew Li; David M. Kramer; Leon Kaufman; Michael L. Rhodes
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Image-display optimization using clinical history
Author(s): Calvin F. Nodine; Inna Brikman; Harold L. Kundel; A. Douglas; Sridhar B. Seshadri; Ronald L. Arenson
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Automatic adjustment of display window (gray level) for MR images using a neural network
Author(s): Akinami Ohhashi; Shinichi Yamada; Kazuhito Haruki; Hisaaki Hatano; Yumi Fujii; Koujiro Yamaguchi; Hakaru Ogata
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Need for quality assurance related to PACS
Author(s): Alan H. Rowberg
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Clinical aspects of quality assurance in PACS
Author(s): Stephen I. Marglin M.D.
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Automated techniques for quality assurance of radiological image modalities
Author(s): David J. Goodenough; Frank B. Atkins; Stephen M. Dyer
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Quality assurance of PACS systems with laser film digitizers
Author(s): Peter D. Esser; Ethan J. Halpern M.D.
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Improved phantom for quality control of laser scanner digitizers in PACS
Author(s): Ethan J. Halpern M.D.; Peter D. Esser
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Use of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers test pattern in picture archiving and communication systems (PACS)
Author(s): Joel E. Gray
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Quality assessment of video image capture systems
Author(s): Alan H. Rowberg; Jing Lian
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Quality assurance from a manufacturer's standpoint
Author(s): William J. Anderson
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Physical and psychophysical evaluation of CRT noise performance
Author(s): Tinglan Ji; Hans Roehrig; Hartwig R. Blume; George W. Seeley; Michael P. Browne
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Display systems for medical imaging
Author(s): Vahram V. Erdekian; Steven P. Trombetta
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Optimization and evaluation of an image intensifier TV system for digital chest imaging
Author(s): Jan-Erik Angelhed; Lars Gunnar Mansson; Susanne Kheddache
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Digital replication of chest radiographs without altering diagnostic observer performance
Author(s): Michael J. Flynn; Eric Davies; David Spizarny; Gordon H. Beute; Edward Peterson; William R. Eyler; Barry Gross; Ji Chen
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Potential usefulness of a video printer for producing secondary images from digitized chest radiographs
Author(s): Robert M. Nishikawa; Heber MacMahon; Kunio Doi; Eric Bosworth
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Interactive graphics system for locating plunge electrodes in cardiac MRI images
Author(s): Cary Laxer; G. Allan Johnson; Katherine M. Kavanagh M.D.; Edward V. Simpson; Raymond E. Ideker M.D.; William M. Smith
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Vascular parameters from angiographic images
Author(s): Robert A. Close; Gary R. Duckwiler M.D.; Fernando Vinuela; Jacques E. Dion
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Three-dimensional color Doppler imaging of the carotid artery
Author(s): Paul A. Picot; Daniel W. Rickey; Ross Mitchell; Richard N. Rankin M.D.; Aaron Fenster
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Multichannel fiber optic broadband video communication system for monitoring CT/MR examinations
Author(s): H. K. Huang; Hooshang Kangarloo; Raymond Harvey Tecotzky; Xin Cheng; Don Vanderweit
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Sampling system for in vivo ultrasound images
Author(s): Joergen Arendt Jensen; Jan Mathorne
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Adaptive coding method of x-ray mammograms
Author(s): Atilla M. Baskurt; Isabelle E. Magnin; Alain Bremond; Pierre Yves Charvet
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Visualization and volumetric compression
Author(s): Kelby K. Chan; Christina C. Lau; Keh-Shih Chuang; Craig A. Morioka
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Observer detection of image degradation caused by irreversible data compression processes
Author(s): Ji Chen; Michael J. Flynn; Barry Gross; David Spizarny
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Full-frame entropy coding for radiological image compression
Author(s): Shih-Chung Benedict Lo; Brian Krasner; Seong Ki Mun; Steven C. Horii M.D.
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Sunset: a hardware-oriented algorithm for lossless compression of gray-scale images
Author(s): Glen G. Langdon Jr.
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Reversible image data compression based on HINT (hierarchical interpolation) decorrelation and arithmetic coding
Author(s): Paul Roos; Max A. Viergever
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RadGSP: a medical image display and user interface for UWGSP3
Author(s): David K. Yee; Woobin Lee; Donglok Kim; Clark D. Haass; Alan H. Rowberg; Yongmin Kim
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Clinical experience with a stereoscopic image workstation
Author(s): Christopher J. Henri; D. Louis Collins; Gordon Pike; A. Olivier; Terence M. Peters
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Image computing requirements for the 1990s: from multimedia to medicine
Author(s): Robert John Gove; Woobin Lee; Yongmin Kim; Thomas Alexander
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Possibility of liquid crystal display panels for a space-saving PACS workstation
Author(s): Masaru Komori; Kotaro Minato; Takashi Takahashi; Yoshihisa Nakano M.D.; Tsunetaro Sakurai M.D.
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Medical diagnostic imaging support systems for military medicine
Author(s): Fred Goeringer
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Selection of image acquisition methods
Author(s): Joseph J. Donnelly
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MDIS (medical diagnostic imaging support) workstation issues: clinical perspective
Author(s): Donald V. Smith M.D.; Suzy Smith; Michael A. Cawthon M.D.
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You can't just plug it in: digital image networks/picture archiving and communication systems installation
Author(s): Anthony Gelish
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Discrete-cosine-transform-based image compression applied to dermatology
Author(s): John P. Cookson; Charles Sneiderman; Christopher Rivera
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Comparison of three-dimensional surface rendering techniques
Author(s): Judith G. Thomas; Robert L. Galloway Jr.; Charles A. Edwards II; Gerald L. Haden; Robert J. Maciunas
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Blink comparison techniques applied to medical images
Author(s): Eric R. Craine; Brian L. Craine M.D.
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Microcomputer-based image processing system for CT/MRI scans: hardware configuration and software capacity
Author(s): Andrew Y. S. Cheng; Wai-Chin Ho; John C. K. Kwok; Peter K. N. Yu
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Visualization of liver in 3-D
Author(s): Chin-Tu Chen; Jin-Shin Chou; Maryellen Lissak Giger; Charles E. Kahn Jr.; Kyongtae Ty Bae; Wei-Chung Lin
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Direct digital image transfer gateway
Author(s): In K. Mun; Yoon-Seok Kim; Seong Ki Mun
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Evaluation of medical image compression by Gabor elementary functions
Author(s): Mary S. Pastel; David G. Brown; Murray H. Loew
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Removing vertical lines generated when x-ray images are digitized
Author(s): Yoshiro Oyama; Yuichiro Tani; Naoshi Shigemura; Toshio Abe; Koyo Matsuda; Shigeto Kubota; Takashi Inami
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