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Optical Methods for Ultrasensitive Detection and Analysis: Techniques and Applications
Editor(s): Bryan L. Fearey

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Volume Number: 1435
Date Published: 1 July 1991

Table of Contents
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Multiphoton resonance ionization of molecules desorbed from surfaces by ion beams
Author(s): Nicholas Winograd; D. M. Hrubowchak; Matthew H. Ervin; M. C. Wood
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Resonant and nonresonant ionization in sputtered initiated laser ionization spectrometry
Author(s): George J. Havrilla; Mark Nicholas; Scott R. Bryan; J. Gary Pruett
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Depth profiling resonance ionization mass spectrometry of electronic materials
Author(s): Stephen W. Downey; A. B. Emerson
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Applications of resonance ionization spectroscopy for semiconductor, environmental and biomedical analysis, and for DNA sequencing
Author(s): Heinrich F. Arlinghaus; M. T. Spaar; N. Thonnard; A. W. McMahon; K. Bruce Jacobson
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New approaches to ultrasensitive magnetic resonance
Author(s): C. R. Bowers; Steve K. Buratto; Paul Carson; H. M. Cho; J. Y. Hwang; L. Mueller; P. J. Pizarro; David Shykind; Daniel P. Weitekamp
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Semiconductor lasers in analytical chemistry
Author(s): Gabor Patonay; Miquel D. Antoine; A. E. Boyer
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Frequency-modulation absorption spectroscopy for trace species detection: theoretical and experimental comparison among methods
Author(s): Joel A. Silver; David S. Bomse; Alan C. Stanton
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Remote Raman spectroscopy using diode lasers and fiber-optic probes
Author(s): S. Michael Angel; Michael L. Myrick; Thomas M. Vess
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Single-ion spectroscopy
Author(s): James C. Bergquist; David J. Wineland; Wayne M. Itano; F. Diedrich; M. G. Raizen; Frank Elsner
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Measurement of trace isotopes by photon burst mass spectrometry
Author(s): William M. Fairbank Jr.; Christopher S. Hansen; Robert D. LaBelle; X. J. Pan; E. P. Chamberlin; Bryan L. Fearey; R. E. Gritzo; Richard A. Keller; Charles M. Miller; Hank Oona
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Subattomole detection in the condensed phase by nonlinear laser spectroscopy based on degenerate four-wave mixing
Author(s): William M. Tong
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Scanning exciton microscopy and single-molecule resolution and detection
Author(s): Raoul Kopelman; Weihong Tan; Aaron Lewis; Klony S. Lieberman
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New approaches to signal-to-noise ratio optimization in background-limited photothermal measurements
Author(s): Patrick D. Rice; John B. Thorne; Donald R. Bobbitt
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Photothermal spectroscopy as a sensitive spectroscopic tool
Author(s): Andrew C. Tam
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Novel approach for the refractive index gradient measurement in microliter volumes using fiber-optic technology
Author(s): Robert E. Synovec; Curtiss N. Renn
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Frequency-domain fluorescence spectroscopy: instrumentation and applications to the biosciences
Author(s): Joseph R. Lakowicz; Ignacy Gryczynski; Henryk M. Malak; Michael L. Johnson; Gabor Laczko; Wieslaw M. Wiczk; Henryk Szmacinski; Jozef Kusba
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Single-color laser-induced fluorescence detection and capillary gel electrophoresis for DNA sequencing
Author(s): Da Yong Chen; Harold Swerdlow; Heather Harke; Jian Zhong Zhang; Norman J. Dovichi
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Rapid sequencing of DNA based on single-molecule detection
Author(s): Steven A. Soper; Lloyd M. Davis; Frederick R. Fairfield; Mark L. Hammond; Carol A. Harger; James H. Jett; Richard A. Keller; Babetta L. Marrone; John C. Martin; Harvey L. Nutter; E. Brooks Shera; Daniel J. Simpson
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Manipulation of single-DNA molecules and measurements of their elastic properties under an optical microscope
Author(s): Carlos J. Bustamante; Laura Finzi; Page E. Sebring; Steven B. Smith
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Biomedical applications of laser photoionization
Author(s): Xiaoxiong Xiong; Larry J. Moore; John R. Fassett; Thomas C. O'Haver
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Advanced approaches in luminescence and Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Tuan Vo-Dinh
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Fluorescence line-narrowing spectroscopy in the study of chemical carcinogenesis
Author(s): Ryszard Jankowiak; H. Jeong; Gerald J. Small
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Optical measurements of electrodynamically levitated microparticles
Author(s): E. James Davis
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Finding a single molecule in a haystack: laser spectroscopy of solids from (square root of)N to N=1
Author(s): William E. Moerner; W. Patrick Ambrose
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Detecting dilution-narrowed systems
Author(s): Steven M. Jaffe; William M. Yen
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Transient and persistent hole-burning of photosystem II preparations
Author(s): John M. Hayes; D. Tang; Ryszard Jankowiak; Gerald J. Small
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Hole-burning and picosecond time-resolved spectroscopy of isolated molecular clusters
Author(s): Stacey A. Wittmeyer; Andrew J. Kaziska; Maria I. Shchuka; Michael R. Topp
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Development of laser-induced fluorescence detection to assay DNA damage
Author(s): Minoti Sharma; Harold G. Freund
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High-efficiency resonance ionization mass spectrometric analysis by external laser cavity enhancement techniques
Author(s): Stephen G. Johnson; E. L. Rios; Charles M. Miller; Bryan L. Fearey
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Double-beam laser absorption spectroscopy: shot noise-limited performance at baseband with a novel electronic noise canceler
Author(s): Kurt L. Haller; Philip C. D. Hobbs
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Photo resonance excitation and ionization characteristics of atoms by pulsed laser irradiation
Author(s): Takeshi Tanazawa; Hajime A. Adachi; Katsuhiko Nakahara; Koichi Nittoh; Toshifumi Yoshida; Tadashi Yoshida; Yasuhiko Matsuda
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Double-mode CO2 laser with complex cavity for ultrasensitive sub-Doppler spectroscopy
Author(s): Vadim Yu. Kurochkin; Victor N. Petrovsky; Evgeniy D. Protsenko; Alexander N. Rurukin; Anotoly M. Golovchenko
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Pulsed photothermal spectroscopy applied to lanthanide and actinide speciation
Author(s): John M. Berg; David E. Morris; David A. Clark; C. D. Tait; William H. Woodruff; William G. Van Der Sluys
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Development of the water-window imaging x-ray microscope
Author(s): Richard B. Hoover; David L. Shealy; Phillip C. Baker; Troy W. Barbee Jr.; Arthur B. C. Walker II
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In-situ CARS detection of H2 in the CVD of Si3N4
Author(s): Stephen O. Hay; R. D. Veltri; W. Y. Lee; Ward C. Roman
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Investigation of hot electron emission in MOS structure under avalanche conditions
Author(s): Alexander G. Solonko
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