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Measurement of Atmospheric Gases
Editor(s): Harold I. Schiff

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Volume Number: 1433
Date Published: 1 May 1991

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Long-pathlength DOAS (differential optical absorption spectrometer) system for the in situ measurement of xylene in indoor air
Author(s): Heinz W. Biermann; Martina Green; James N. Seiber
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Study of nighttime NO3 chemistry by differential optical absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): John M. C. Plane; Chia-Fu Nien
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Developing a long-path diode array spectrometer for tropospheric chemistry studies
Author(s): Thomas R. Lanni; Kenneth L. Demerjian
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DOAS (differential optical absorption spectroscopy) urban pollution measurements
Author(s): Robert K. Stevens; T. L. Vossler
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System for evaluation of trace gas concentration in the atmosphere based on the differential optical absorption spectroscopy technique
Author(s): Hans S. Hallstadius; Leif Uneus; Svante Wallin
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Measurements of nitrous acid, nitrate radicals, formaldehyde, and nitrogen dioxide for the Southern California Air Quality Study by differential optical absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Arthur M. Winer; Heinz W. Biermann
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Collisional effects in laser detection of tropospheric OH
Author(s): David R. Crosley
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VUV/photofragmentation laser-induced fluorescence sensor for the measurement of atmospheric ammonia
Author(s): Scott T. Sandholm; John D. Bradshaw
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2.9 micron laser source for use in the two-photon/laser-induced fluorescence detection of atmospheric OH
Author(s): John D. Bradshaw; Cornelius A. van Dijk
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Advances in tunable diode laser technology for atmospheric monitoring applications
Author(s): David L. Wall
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Tunable diode laser systems for trace gas monitoring
Author(s): Gervase I. Mackay; David R. Karecki; Harold I. Schiff
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Frequency modulation spectroscopy for chemical sensing of the environment
Author(s): David E. Cooper; Haris Riris; Jan E. Van der Laan
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Application of FM spectroscopy in atmospheric trace gas monitoring: a study of some factors influencing the instrument design
Author(s): Peter W. Werle; K. Josek; Franz Slemr
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Comparison of time and frequency multiplexing techniques in multicomponent FM spectroscopy
Author(s): Robert Josef Muecke; Peter W. Werle; Franz Slemr; Wilhelm Prettl
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Tunable diode laser spectrometer for high-precision concentration and ratio measurements of long-lived atmospheric gases
Author(s): Alan Fried; James R. Drummond; Bruce E. Henry; Jack Fox
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Airborne tunable diode laser sensor for high-precision concentration and flux measurements of carbon monoxide and methane
Author(s): Glen William Sachse; Jim E. Collins Jr.; G. F. Hill; L. O. Wade; Lewis G. Burney; John A. Ritter
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Open-path tunable diode laser absorption for eddy correlation flux measurements of atmospheric trace gases
Author(s): Stuart M. Anderson; Mark S. Zahniser
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Optics for tunable diode laser spectrometers
Author(s): Wolfgang J. Riedel
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Application of the NO/O3 chemiluminescence technique to measurements of reactive nitrogen species in the stratosphere
Author(s): David W. Fahey
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Use of chemiluminescence techniques in portable, lightweight, highly sensitive instruments for measuring NO2, NOx, and O3
Author(s): John W. Drummond; L. A. Topham; Gervase I. Mackay; Harold I. Schiff
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Compact measurement system for the simultaneous determination of NO, NO2, NOy, and O3 using a small aircraft
Author(s): James G. Walega; James E. Dye; Frank E. Grahek; Brian K. Ridley
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Measurement of peroxyacetyl nitrate, NO2, and NOx by using a gas chromatograph with a luminol-based detector
Author(s): John W. Drummond; Gervase I. Mackay; Harold I. Schiff
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Hydrogen peroxide and organic peroxides in the marine environment
Author(s): Brian G. Heikes; William L. Miller; Meehye Lee
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In-situ measurement of methyl bromide in indoor air using long-path FTIR spectroscopy
Author(s): Martina Green; James N. Seiber; Heinz W. Biermann
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Auto exhaust gas analysis by FTIR spectroscopy
Author(s): William F. Herget; Steven R. Lowry
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Analysis of exhaust from clean-fuel vehicles using FTIR spectroscopy
Author(s): Paul L. Rieger; Christine E. Maddox
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Aerodyne research mobile infrared methane monitor
Author(s): J. Barry McManus; Paul L. Kebabian; Charles E. Kolb
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Long-path intracavity laser for the measurement of atmospheric trace gases
Author(s): J. Barry McManus; Charles E. Kolb
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Determination of inhomogeneous trace absorption by using exponential expansion of the absorption Pade-approximant
Author(s): Kirill V. Dobrego
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Application of tunable diode laser spectroscopy to the real-time analysis of engine oil economy
Author(s): Keith R. Carduner; A. D. Colvin; D. Y. Leong; Dennis Schuetzle; Gervase I. Mackay
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Use of a Fourier transform spectrometer as a remote sensor at Superfund sites
Author(s): George M. Russwurm; Robert H. Kagann; Orman A. Simpson; William A. McClenny
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FTIR: fundamentals and applications in the analysis of dilute vehicle exhaust
Author(s): Christine A. Gierczak; J. M. Andino; James W. Butler; G. A. Heiser; Gerald Jesion; T. J. Korniski
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Applicability of open-path monitors at Superfund sites
Author(s): Joseph Padgett; Thomas H. Pritchett
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Chemical amplifier for peroxy radical measurements based on luminol chemiluminescence
Author(s): Chris A. Cantrell; Richard E. Shetter; John A. Lind; Curt A. Gilliland; Jack G. Calvert
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Diode laser spectroscopy of atmospheric pollutants
Author(s): Alexander I. Nadezhdinskii; Eugene V. Stepanov
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